TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 317 - 'Silverfinger'


teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 317
Written By: Moira McMahon Leeper
Directed By: Jennifer Lynch
Original Airdate: 3 February 2014

In This Episode…

Argent has an idea of who the demon ninjas might be. When he was 18, Gerard took him on a trip to Japan. He ended up facing off with Yakuza, who were then set upon by the ninja demons. One of the few survivors was a Yakuza they called Silverfinger because of a silver prosthetic he had (and because Goldfinger was already taken). Argent shot one of the ninja demons in the face, shattering his mask. It didn’t kill it, but it dispersed it long enough for him to get away. He knows that Silverfinger is in the States, but he lives in paranoid seclusion and has not been able to get a meeting with him. Luckily Silverfinger is an avid collector of antique weapons, and Argent has a 1600s French pistol to sell.

Silverfinger won’t make the deal himself, which Argent was afraid of, so they go to plan B: send Isaac in as the seller to keep Silverfinger’s men distracted while Allison and Argent sneak in. Isaac is terrified, so Allison gives him a pep talk - well, really a pep kiss and an ass grab. But it does the trick and Isaac strolls in like he owns the place and makes the deal. The goon - also a werewolf - doesn’t take kindly to Isaac’s need to count all the money, and makes threats. Isaac reveals himself to be a werewolf as well. Rather than kill him, the goon takes Isaac to see Silverfinger. Argent is already in there - he killed another random goon then approached Silverfinger, swearing he just wanted to talk. Allison pulls up the rear and uses a chain to snap the gun out of Silverfinger’s hand.

As Argent describes the incident in Japan, and shows him the broken mask, Silverfinger remembers who Argent is. He owes Argent more than his life - he owes him his honor. Had Argent not fired that gun and scared off the demon ninjas, he would have run away. A major dishonor, cowardice would have required him to kill himself. So he is happy to help. The ninja demons are called oni, and they are like a force of nature. They cannot be destroyed; you can only hope to endure it. The marks they make on their “victims” means that they are still themselves. The oni are looking for a specific kitsune (or trickster spirit), called a nogitsune. These are dark kitsune, one who draws power from strife, chaos, and pain. Silverfinger insists that, no matter who the nogistune is - even if it is Argent’s own daughter - he must kill it.

Kira has already figured out that she is a kitsune, according to a children’s book of mythology. She just doesn’t know which. There are a dozen different kinds of kitsune - could she be the nogitsune? Either way, she shares her new-found identity with Scott, who has already told her that he and all of his friends are werewolves. He even wolfs out for her. Kira is intrigued; not scared. With night coming, Scott takes Kira to his house where he promises they will be safe. Scott doesn’t want to tell her that he thinks the oni are after her (this is before he knows what an oni is - all that info he gets halfway through the night, when Allison calls to tell him what they learned from Silverfinger) but Kira is smart - she knows.

Stiles is in bad shape and heads to the hospital. Melissa is worried about him and takes him to a room. He describes his symptoms: sleepwalking (something he used to do as a kid), panic attacks, blackouts, lack of focus, hallucinations, irritability, and eight hours of sleep - over the last three days. She knows what it is: sleep deprivation. She gives him a sedative and tucks him in to the hospital bed. He holds her hand for a moment, then murmurs “Thanks mom” before falling asleep. Melissa almost smiles, but hearing Stiles mention “mom” makes her worry. She highlights his symptoms in his file, then heads to the records room, where she pulls out his mom’s file. She had all the same symptoms, and mental illness is often genetic. It is very possible that Stiles has inherited Claudia’s bi-polar disorder.

Scott and Kira are waiting for Melissa to come home so she can “set the alarm” (something that Deaton set up - we later find out it is a jar of ash that, when broken across a doorway, creates a barrier that won’t allow a supernatural to cross it). They hear her come in but discover it is just Scott’s dad. He found a photo of the kids on his computer and confronts Scott about it. Scott is more pissed that his dad still has a key to the house and refuses to say anything about the photo. Melissa comes home as the sun goes down, and it isn’t long before the oni appears. It stabs Agent McCall through the shoulder. Melissa drags him out of the way while Scott sets about fighting the oni. Derek rolls through a door and joins the fight (he had been following Scott) followed by the twins (who had also been following Scott, hoping that if they act as bodyguards he will let them into his pack). The twins force the demons out the front door and Melissa throws the vial of powder at the threshold. The oni are contained - for now.

See, oni don’t take kindly to having their invitation revoked, and start slamming the barrier, looking for a weakness, a chink in the armor. It makes the whole house shake. Melissa is worried about Scott’s dad. She can only staunch the bleeding so much and she doesn’t think he will make it to sunrise. Agent McCall tells Melissa he needs to talk to Scott: “You know why I really came back, don’t you?” Melissa does, but I sure don’t! It’s killing me!

Anyway, Allison has called Scott with all the info they obtained on the oni. If you are not the nogitsune, you will be safe. Scott asks his pack to simply trust him. They do, and as the oni break through the barrier, they all stand down. Holding hands, Kira and Scott step forward, and let the two oni stare into their souls (or whatever). After a few moments, they let both drop to the ground. They are branded (at least, Scott is) and the oni disappear. Everyone is safe.

Melissa rushes Scott’s dad to the hospital, and Scott goes to check in on Stiles. Stiles has just woken up, and seems refreshed. He climbs out of bed and walks down the peculiarly empty hallway. In an abandoned operating room, three oni surround him. He faces off against one of them before calmly reaching into the oni’s “chest” and pulls out a firefly. The other two are absorbed into Stiles in a flash of green light. But when Scott finally finds him, Stiles is his old self.

Dig It or Bury It?

Lots of random thought-fragments after this episode:

It is killing me not to know what the deal is between Scott and his dad. Hurry up and get there!

Does this mean Stiles’ mom killed herself because she was possessed, or was it truly mental illness in her case? I guess this means that Allison is now the only kid on the show who is not supernatural. Though she is supernaturally bad-ass. Does that count?

I miss Lydia.


Stiles is missing and certainly in trouble.