TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 319 - 'Letharia Vulpina'


teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 319
“Letharia Vulpina”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate 17 February 2014

In This Episode…

We open in Japan, where a high-strung businessman is pacing, yelling at his yes men while waiting impatiently for the vet to arrive to care for his beloved sick wolf, Yuki. That vet is Deaton. After a quick exam of Yuki, Deaton suspects the wolf was poisoned by lichen, a moss-like growth that can be very poisonous. But before he can confirm, he must know what strain of lichen it is. None of the yes men will show him, so the businessman himself takes Deaton to the garden. Behind a locked gate we are in the courtyard where Argent fought the Yakuza years ago, and where the nogitsune was killed. The fountain he died in is where the lichen is growing, and this is exactly what Deaton needs to kill the fox hiding inside a teenage boy. He had given both Yuki and his owner a paralytic which allows him to escape.

Okay, back to the hospital, where we left off last week. Kira was about to fall victim to the live wire. She dodges, but an ambulance careens off the road trying to avoid it. A water line breaks and floods the lot. The live wire comes to rest in the water. The ambulance driver gets out - and is instantly electrocuted. Isaac tries to help the guy but he soon succumbs to the electric volts. Next Lydia gives it a go; she drops too. Kira does an awesome backflip over a car that nearly runs her over, and lands in the water. The electricity has no effect on her. In fact, she is able to grab the wire and absorb all the electricity shooting out of it. Her eyes glow orange, and Scott is suitably impressed. Derek checks on Isaac - he’s not breathing. No one checks on Lydia, but apparently she is fine. It is only Isaac who is admitted to the hospital, and he is on ventilators. When Scott goes to visit the next day, he is surprised that Isaac hasn’t begun to heal. He can’t kick start the healing, but he can absorb some of the pain.

Scott is with the twins in the locker room when they all hear something: one of Argent’s emitters. They follow it into the basement and find Stiles there. The twins drop fang and attack, but Scott pulls alpha on them and breaks up the fight. Stiles insists that it is just him, not demon Stiles. He shows them blueprints to the hospital’s electrical system, then shows a bag of tools with more maps, one of them the cross country map. The four of them race to the track, where Coach is putting his gym class through the route. Ethan tackles Danny, who is in second place, and starts kissing him, while Scott grabs Kira, who has pulled way ahead with newly discovered supersonic speed. Stiles and Aidan bring up the rear, but are ahead of the class enough to get them to stop running. Stiles finds a huge length of chain buried beneath the leaves. Coach, annoyed that his class was interrupted for what seems like nothing, starts stomping around - and sets off a tripwire that shoots an arrow into his chest. He freaks out while the kids try to keep him calm until the ambulance gets there. In the meantime, Scott tries to abate the pain and reminds Coach that he is going to survive. I guess the arrow, while it looked like it was in a bad spot, missed all the important organs.

The ambulance collects Coach. While Stiles reunites with his dad (he has been missing for at least 48hrs), one of the twins shows Scott some stuff he found in the back of Stiles’ car, which includes the wrapping paper from Coach’s “gift” and some bomb building stuff. Scott ties this in with Barrow’s bomb, and sends word to evacuate the school buses. Kira’s dad is on site to facilitate. When the kids are all a safe distance away, he boards the bus and finds a lone, terrified kid named Jared sitting in the back. A gift, wrapped in that paper, sits on his lap. The cops arrive, and while the sheriff wants to wait for the bomb squad to arrive, the young deputy disarmed bombs while in the army so he has a go at it. There is no bomb in the gift, but there is something else: Sheriff Stilinski’s name plate. This was all a diversion; the bomb was delivered to the office earlier in the day. When the call comes in, everyone panics (in a way that is very unbecoming for law enforcement). Derek and Argent are cuffed in the station. Agent McCall arrested them after vague evidence turned up that would indicate Argent in the murder of Silverfinger. At the station, Derek senses the imminent explosion and breaks free from his cuffs so he can protect Argent from the blast. Scott and Stiles show up with the sheriff to help. Stiles urges Scott to suck pain from an injured deputy. He does, or at least he tries - the deputy dies. The sheriff sends the boys away, and Kira warns that more oni are coming. So the three of them head to the vet clinic, at least until they can come up with a plan.

Sure enough, three oni show up when the kids arrive. Scott tells Stiles to hide inside while he fights the oni. He wants Kira to go inside, too, but Kira chooses to fight. She is awkward and timid at first, but it is like an awakening and she quickly discovers her power and kicks ass. But then Scott gets stabbed with a sword. Kira kicks the last oni away, and she and Stiles rush Scott inside the clinic. Kira is trying to pull the sword out when evil Stiles comes out to play, and knocks her unconscious. He plays with the sword as he plays with Scott, explaining that kitsune feed off strife and chaos. When Scott took that strife (pain) from Isaac, Coach, and the deputy, it was all thanks to manipulation from evil Stiles. Now he wants it (rather, nogitsune wants it) and lays hands on Scott to suck the chaos out of him. Deaton shows up in the nick o’ time and injects Stiles with some of the lichen serum. The fox is poisoned, but it’s not dead. Yet.

Meanwhile, Lydia brings Allison as backup when she visits Peter at the loft. She doesn’t like or trust him, but she needs some help with her banshee power. He agrees to help, but in return, he wants Lydia to use Talia’s claws to discover what memory she wiped from him. Lydia agrees, and Peter tries to help Lydia learn to focus her thoughts. They are both getting frustrated and Allison worries that Peter might get violent, so she stops him with her electrified prod. The two bicker, and Lydia screams. The claws fly across the room and impale into the wall. Lydia is now distracted by the claws. She focuses… she hears something… apparently the memory that Talia took from her brother was the fact that he is a father. Lydia claims that is all she knows, and the girls leave. But that is not all that Lydia knows. The claws told her that Peter’s child is Malia.

Also: Mr. Yukimura is eager for his wife to tell Kira about the kitsune power, but she is more concerned with fighting the nogitsune. She keeps her fox tails in a “safe place” (a hollowed-out book in her husband’s classroom, of all places). Each one she breaks calls forth an oni. But she is running out of tails.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a wonderfully cohesive episode. In the past, I have complained about episodes feeling unevenly paced, but tonight, everything flowed nicely. We finally found out the deal with Talia’s claws; Kira is learning her powers on her own; evil Stiles is turning extra-evil; now if we could just find out what is going with with Agent McCall, we’d be golden.


Can they kill the nogitsune while leaving Stiles intact?