TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 321 - 'The Fox and the Wolf'


Teen Wolf Episode 321
“The Fox and the Wolf”
Written By: Ian Stokes
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 3 March 2014

In This Episode…

Kira’s mother, Noshiko, finally reveals the whole truth about the nogitsune. First, she is about 900 years old. There was an internment camp at Oak Creek, but it was covered up and evidence and records from the camp destroyed. All because of Noshiko.

It was 1943, and Noshiko (as a young woman) is in the Oak Creek internment camp. She steals supplies, which is covered up by MP Reese - her secret boyfriend. Things seem to be going okay until a pneumonia outbreak ravages the camp. Noshiko saw three boxes of medicine in the supply barracks, but the camp doctor insists that they only received one. He has been selling supplies on the black market with the help of another MP, Hayes. Unrest among the interned becomes a full-on riot when a young boy dies and the missing medicine comes to light. They take the riots to the streets of the camp, where the camp doctor is trying desperately to get out of there. Hayes, his driver, gets out to try to calm the group, but they are too riled up. Reese, as an MP, has to jump into the fray - and he jumps into the path of a molotov cocktail. An older woman, one who always focuses on remaining calm and level-headed, finally reveals her true self: she is a werewolf, and she starts attacking. All hell breaks loose and the MPs start shooting. Those that aren’t shot run for cover. 

When the dust settles, dozens of the interned are dead. Noshiko has been shot nearly dead. Her kitsune side fights desperately to heal itself, but in doing so makes her extremely weak, with a pulse that has slowed to being virtually undetectable. As such, she is tossed in with the dead bodies, who are transported out to the desert to be burned. Reese, who died in slow agony from his burns (the doctor also sold all the morphine) was tossed into the truck, right beside Noshiko. Despite the fact that he is heavily bandaged, she knows it is him and clutches his bandaged hand on the drive.

Noshiko is getting scared. She is still weak, but she can’t bear the thought of these men getting away with all that went on at Oak Creek. She knows they are nearly done with the coverup, but all she can think about is comeuppance. She knows it is a bad idea, but she is heartbroken and desperate, so she summons forth a nogitsune to possess her and give her the strength to take vengeance. But calling a trickster demon is dangerous, and sure enough, it possessed Reese, not her. So when they arrived at the would-be funeral pyre, Reese - now the nogitsune - leaps from the truck and starts killing the MPs. Noshiko is finally regaining her strength, but by the time she makes it to her feet, she is too late - the nogitsune has taken the truck and driven off.

Noshiko starts on the long walk back to Oak Creek. When she arrives, she finds nearly everyone dead. A handful of prisoners are still hoping to escape, but the nogitsune takes care of them pretty fast. Now it is just Noshiko and the nogitsune. She grabs a special katana from under her bed and battles the nogitsune. They are pretty evenly matched, until the werewolf woman shows up, impales the nogitsune on her claws, and holds him in place while Noshiko kills him with the sword. The sword breaks into a million pieces, and a single fly rises from the corpse. Noshiko collects it in a jar and leaves.

She heads to Beacon Hills, and where she buries the jar deep within the roots of the nemeton. As she explains to Scott and Kira, to whom she is telling this story, it is the kids’ fault. Their sacrifice for the nemeton was what released the nogitsune. Way to pass the blame, mom. Anyway, she insists that her sword (which she pieced back together and fused with Kira’s lightning power) is the only way to defeat the nogitsune - but it will also kill Stiles. Scott is not ready to give up on Stiles.

Sheriff Stilinsky has some kind of plan. He enlists Argent, Derek, and Allison to help. When their search for Stiles leads them back to his bedroom, they discover his chessboard set up (the same one he first used to explain all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills), with names assigned to different pieces. Sheriff is a bit concerned that Derek is listed as the king - and is only one one move away from checkmate. The sheriff points out that they are dealing with someone who lacks motive. He is not a killer; the killing is just a byproduct of being a trickster. It wants irony, a joke. “All we need to do is come up with a new punchline.” Sheriff finds Stiles waiting for him in Derek’s loft. It might be a trap, but he has to try.

Dig It or Bury It?

I love that we finally have the history of the nogitsune, but what a bitch Noshiko is for trying to blame Stiles, Allison, and Scott for resurrecting it. Also, that internment camp seemed awfully nice for what I learned in history class. Sure, they weren’t quite Auschwitz, but in this version, all the prisoners were clean, well groomed, and they had basic comforts. I forget, though: this is MTV. Everything has to be sexed up.


Stiles is still evil. His dad and Scott still think he can be saved; Argent and Melissa are losing hope.