TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 323 - 'Insatiable'


Teen Wolf Episode 323
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 17 March 2014

In This Episode…

Deaton forcefully removes the demon flies from Isaac and the twins, while Scott heads up the “is it Stiles or is it not?” brigade. Noshiko is there with her oni footmen. They inspect Stiles, then disappear. This Stiles is more Stiles than nogitsune. So now the search begins for nogitsune-Stiles, and Lydia.

The sheriff is relieved to see Stiles and Scott come to the station, but that relief is short-lived, because there is still an evil clone out there. Stiles makes a link in his brain. He remembers Meredith from Echo House and thinks she is the key to finding Lydia. Though no one draws the conclusion that Meredith is also a banshee, it seems fairly obvious from the start. Anyway, the sheriff goes to Echo House and finds out that Meredith had been put in what amounts to solitary confinement because she wouldn’t stop screaming. When they get down there, they find the orderly knocked out with sedatives and Meredith gone. So now there are two banshees they need to find.

Allison and Isaac find Lydia’s car and search it for clues. She remembers their breathe-on-the-glass-to-reveal-a-message trick and finds one from Lydia: “Don’t find me.” Meanwhile, Danny of all people finds Meredith, albeit unintentionally. In Coach’s class, Danny realizes they have an uninvited visitor: Meredith. The orderlies are on their way, but Kira begs Coach not to let them take her. Luckily Meredith is a wily one, so when the orderlies arrive, she has escaped from Coach’s office, and made her way into the music room. Her head is in the piano, flicking the strings and desperately trying to listen to what “they” have to say. She can hear them but she can’t understand them. The head orderly, a creepy sonofabitch, finds her and threatens her with a taser. She begs for a few more minutes, but the orderly is not feeling lenient. Coach saves the day, coming and tasing the orderly while Scott and Stiles get Meredith out of the school. Coach has history with the orderly, who teased him mercilessly. Coach is only too happy to return the “favor.” So Scott and Stiles put Meredith in the back of his Jeep and ask where Lydia is. “Who’s Lydia?” Good job guys. They take her back to Scott’s house, and Stiles and Isaac take her upstairs while Scott’s dad needs to talk to him. (We’ll get to that in a minute.) It is around this point that Isaac figures out that Meredith is likely a banshee. When she asks if someone is going to answer the non-ringing phone, Stiles plays along and tells her the phone call is for her. Meredith takes the call and says something in French. Scott, now there, recognizes it (from the story that Noshiko told about her time in the internment camp) and knows where Lydia is. Oak Creek.

Nogitsune-Stiles has Lydia at Oak Creek, but he is tormenting her, not actually hurting her. He wants to “feed on what she feels.” She promises that they are coming to save her, to kill him, and that is what nogitsune-Stiles is counting on. He is keeping her close so he will know when “they” are close.

Isaac, Scott and Stiles arrive. Stiles is not in good shape - clearly, he is dying. He and Scott head into the building to find Lydia. Kira is there to confront her mom, who is there with the oni. Previously, Noshiko had been teaching Kira how to play Go, insisting that if Stiles was playing it with the nogitsune, it was important for her to understand. So she played as Stiles, and mom played as the nogitsune. But her dad recognized the “nogitsune’s” style as her mothers. “Are you sure who you were playing against?” So Kira confronts her mom about that, but we don’t get anything more because fighting breaks out.

Allison arrives from important daddy-daughter time. He wants her to “graduate” and make her own silver bullets with the Argent symbol. Allison is touched, but she wants to use her own molds. A crossbow is her weapon of choice, so an arrowhead is what she once to mold. Daddy is so proud. So Allison arrives with her super-special new silver arrows. And the fighting begins.

The oni bail out early and magically appear in the small cell he is holding Lydia in. They must be very close for this to work: he snaps the kitsune tail he stole from Noshiko, and he and the oni disappear. Outside, the fly in Noshiko’s hand turns to ash and Isaac asks what that means. Nogitsue-Stiles appears, backed up by the oni. “It means there has been a change in leadership.” The oni are on nogitsune-Stiles’ side now. The fighting goes crazy, with all attention turned toward the oni.

Scott and Stiles find Lydia and let her out. She is furious that they are there - “didn’t you get my message?” - and demands to know who else is with them. Scott rushes back out to join the fight, but Stiles is in bad shape and stumbles. Lydia stays back to help him.

Outside, the battle is nuts. Noshiko just stands back and watch, insisting that there is no way to stop the nogitsune without killing it. Kira just thinks mom is avoiding the inevitable; if there is a way, it means that Noshiko could have stopped the nogitsune and saved Reese. Allison land a true shot with her silver arrow, and the oni explodes in a flash of green light. This shocks everyone, but none more than the nogitsune. But Allison turns around - and is impaled through on an oni’s blade. The nogitsune slinks off with his remaining oni. Lydia screams for her best friend. And Scott cradles her in his arms, with Allison comforting him as much as he comforts her. “It’s ok. It’s perfect. I am in the arms of my first love, the person I will always love. I love you.” And with that… she is dead. For real. Dead.

A few other things happened this episode that I should mention. McCall finally tells Scott that, the night before he left, he and Melissa were having a fight, and young Scott came out of his room. McCall grabbed him, and he slipped and tumbled down the stairs. He was out for about 20 seconds, and had no memories of what happened. McCall left the next day, and hasn’t had a drink since. Scott is unimpressed and unmoved by his tale. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were. That can’t be the whole story.

Also, the twins are trying to track Lydia when someone opens fire on them. The rounds are stuffed full of wolfsbane, so the twins have been poisoned. Derek finds them and hides them in the coyote den while he… I don’t know, goes for help? What purpose does Derek serve anymore? 

Dig It or Bury It?

Daaaaaammmn. So tonight, in the span of four hours, I watched Bates Motel, The Following, and Teen Wolf. Add that to last night’s viewing of The Walking Dead and I am fucking tapped. This has been the most exhausting week of television - and it is only Monday! I almost feel like, by the time I got to Teen Wolf, I had nothing left. I couldn’t even work up any emotion for Allison’s death. And why Allison? Why not one of the twins? We have a spare. Or Derek? He has been essentially useless this season.

But aside from that… what was up with the twins getting attacked in the forest? That came out of nowhere, had nothing to do with our nogitsune problem, and seemed pointless. But you know what? I bet Kate isn’t really dead - and that was her trying to kill the twins. Allison was haunted by visions of Kate at the beginning of this season (or the back half of this season, whatever), and she is hosting the after show. Plus, now the show is down to zero Argent women.  

And I am waiting for them to reveal that deputy Parrish is someone evil. Because we spent like a full two minutes on him this week, learning that he transferred here, blah blah blah. There has to be a reason behind it. Plus, he looks kinda creepy in that clean-cut way.


The season finale. Allison is dead. Can Stiles be saved?