TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 324 - 'The Divine Move'


Teen Wolf  Episode 324
“The Divine Move”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 24 March 2014

In This Episode…

We don’t get much time to mourn Allison tonight because there is still the little problem of nogitsune-Stiles and his oni army to contend with.

Stiles and Kira are with her parents. Her dad suggests they need a “divine move,” a move in Go which is like a hail Mary - you need to think outside the box. Kira’s mom points out that it wasn’t so much that she captured the nogitsune fly in a glass jar - it was where she buried it. But the nemeton has been cut down. If anyone knows how to get around that, it is Deaton. He tells the kids that sometimes it was used to hold powerful objects. Lydia wonders if the box holding Talia Hale’s claws is made of the same wood. Deaton knows it is - he made the box.

The stories all split up here. Nogitsune-Stiles and a couple oni show up at the hospital, looking for Melissa. They cut a bloody swath through the hospital, killing dozens in a beautifully choreographed slo-mo action sequence. Melissa and Rafael are in the elevator, and the door opens on the madness. Melissa is cut, and Rafael shuts the door quickly and tends to Melissa. A similar scene is unfolding at the police station (but not as beautifully choreographed). Argent and Isaac are dealing with the loss of Allison together, when Isaac figures out that it was Allison’s silver-tipped arrow that destroyed the oni, theorizing that the silver acts as a poison to the oni. Lydia has Derek bring the box with his mother’s claws and meet them at the school. Derek brings the twins with him. They are still trying to find an “in” with Scott’s pack, and Derek reminds them that the way into Scott’s pack (and heart) is by helping him save his friends. Not to be left out, oni show up at Deaton’s office and fight him. (We seem to have an excess of oni, don’t we?) In each instance (except with Derek and the twins) the oni fight, but only as long as it takes to wound a handful of key people: the sheriff and deputy, Melissa and Deaton are among them. All have wounds that billow black smoke, and it quickly becomes clear that these wounds are meant to poison.

Scott, Lydia, Stiles, and Kira head to the school. They step through the front doors and enter Narnia. Well, not really, but instead of being in a school, they are in a snowy Japanese garden. The nogitsune appears, with a pair of oni, and explains the Japanese custom of seppuku and lays out this threat: that Stiles commit seppuku, with Scott landing the final, decapitating blow on his best friend, and the nogitsune will let all of their friends and family live. He swears it isn’t a trick, and an epic battle begins. Stiles is scared, and grabs a sword, preparing to commit seppuku.

Outside, Derek and the twins are entangled in a wicked battle. Isaac and Argent show up, and Isaac rushes the wooden box to Scott. Argent joins in the fight and discovers that Isaac’s theory was right - the silver is poisonous to the oni.

Scott begs Stiles not to kill himself, but Stiles doesn’t see another way. He raises the sword - and sees something in the reflection of the blade. A textbook. And a desk. He realizes he has one move left and tells his friends to stop fighting: this is all an illusion. The group move towards the door, ignoring the many cuts they receive from the still-battling oni. Through the door, they are back in the school, unscathed. Scott’s excitement is short-lived, as nogitsune-Stiles and his oni appear and knock him and Kira out. But Scott isn’t really out; instead he sneaks up on nogitsune-Stiles and bites him. He cannot be a wolf and fox at the same time, so he drops to the ground, frozen. He cracks and turns to black ash. The fly exits his body and flies through the air. Perfect timing: Isaac is there and captures the bug in the box.

Outside, Argent is down to one remaining oni, and one remaining arrow. He shoots but the oni chops the arrow in half. Aidan rushes in, grabs the pointy end, and stabs the oni with it. Unfortunately, the oni also stabs Aidan. He falls and dies in his brother’s arms.

Suddenly we are in the locker room, with Derek getting advice from Stiles. He remembers having the dream, in which that big thug and his crew come to him looking for the she-wolf. Stiles tells him that hands have too many fingers in dreams, and Derek looks. Six fingers. We flip back to Derek battling the thugs in his loft, and he thinks they are looking for Cora. But they don’t know who Cora is. A smoke bomb goes off, and the thugs are all killed by a mystery shooter. But the smoke clears and the shooter steps into view.

It is Kate Argent. When she was attacked, she didn’t die. She turned.

Dig It or Bury It?

Wow, all my predictions came true. One of the twins is dead (there is always a spare) and Kate Argent isn’t really dead. I’m not really sure if Derek is actually dead or not, but if he was stuck in a dream this whole season, that would explain why he hasn’t had much interaction with anyone else.