TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 302 - 'The Sun'



True Blood Episode 602
“The Sun”
Written By: Angela Robinson
Directed By: Dan Attias
Original Airdate: 23 June 2013

In This Episode...

On a bridge, an inter-dimensional portal opens up, and something is struggling to exit. It succeeds.

Jason is now at the wheel of the old man’s car. The old man appears and slams Jason. He is not Warlow, as I originally thought; he is Niall, and he is Jason and Sookie’s fairy godfather. Niall has been watching Jason for years, and he doesn’t think Jason is “ready for what comes next.” Jason takes Niall back to Sookie’s house, where he examines the portal Warlow tried to come through. Niall goes into the portal, comes out a few minutes later: “It’s worse than I thought.”

Before the boys arrived, Sookie was hurrying to work (yes, apparently she still has a job) when she heard someone in pain on the side of the road. She finds an injured man named Ben, who communicates with her telepathically. No time is lost - he is a halfling, and was attacked by a vampire. Sookie takes pity on Ben and takes him home to fix him up. There is a flirtation between them, and a literal spark. Ben takes his leave but Sookie again feels the need to help, so she leads him to the fairy safehouse. Ben asks Sookie on a date, but she isn’t ready. He reads “Bill” from her thoughts, and Sookie beats a hasty retreat.

Sookie returns home that night and Jason introduces her to Niall. Over dinner, he gives them the broad strokes of their background. The Stackhouses are the original fae bloodline. They are royalty. Niall is the king of their tribe, which Jason astutely points out makes Sookie a fairy princess. (Jason is disappointed that, because the fairy genes skipped him, he is not a fairy prince.) Warlow massacred Niall’s village. His mom told Niall to hide, so he never saw Warlow, but he survived the slaughter of his entire village. Warlow showed himself to one of Niall’s sons, John, who promised Sookie to Warlow. Hundreds of years later, when Warlow showed up to collect Sookie and ended up killing her parents, Claudine managed to blast him into a dark realm, where he has been ever since. Niall promises that the power of their fae bloodline, that “light” passed down through generations, can defeat Warlow.

Okay, I think we are done with the fairy nonsense. Let’s turn to Bill and Jessica. She wakes to hear him screaming. He can see and feel all vampire pain: one is trapped; another is lit on fire; another is dragged behind a car. It is too much for him, and he slips into a vegetative state. While in this state, Bill finds Lilith (clothed, for the first time) in a forest. She explains that she is not a god, but many pray to her as such. There is only the one god, the one who created Adam and Eve and Lilith. She promises he will know what to do, he must trust what he sees. 

Jessica orders up a human feedbag for Bill, hoping it will bring him back to consciousness. The blood prostitute, Victoria, tries to seduce Bill into some blood-lovin’ but something in his eyes spooks her and she turns to leave. Bill grabs her telekinetically, and cracks and contorts her body into horrible, twisted, unnatural positions. She stops in front of him, and he sucks the blood through her mouth into his, all without touching her. Jessica is freaked out. She doesn’t know if Bill is a god or not, but she tries praying to him anyway. Nothing happens. It is Bill who snaps out of it on his own, and the TV clicks on by itself. This brings Jessica running. The two watch a news report of a vampire being dragged by a car. A statement from the governor says that since vampires no longer have any rights in the state of Louisiana, this is not a crime. This is the same scene Bill saw play out before his coma. He can see into the future. But there is one more vision: all of his vampire friends - Eric, Pam, Tara, Jessica, and more - are in a sterile white room. The roof opens, exposing them to sunlight, and lighting everyone on fire.

Eric has to use a broken beer bottle to dig the bullet out of Tara’s abdomen - it burns him when he touches it. It turns out to be a silver bullet the emits a UV light, essentially roasting a vampire from the inside out. Eric is infuriated, so he goes to see the governor, disguised as the wildlife commissioner. The two joke about how this vampire fight was a long time coming before Eric reveals himself. He glamours Governor Burrell, telling him he loves vampires and he must rescind his anti-vamp laws. Burrell laughs and calls for his guards. They figured out their “hypnotizing” trick and created contact lenses to combat the effect. Burrell had been waiting for the vampires to turn so he could pull out the new toys. He directs the guards to take Eric to “camp,” but once outside, Eric flies up into the sky, surprising the guards, who apparently did not  know they could fly. Eric then goes to Willa’s bedroom window. The governor’s 22-year-old daughter has just taken out her contacts for the night, so Eric glamours her into inviting him in. Does that count as “house rape?” The scene has a very classic Dracula / Hammer Horror feel to it.

A quartet of hippies from Los Angeles roll into Merlotte’s for lunch. One of the girls, Nicole, goes to speak to Sam. She knows he is a shifter and wants him to come out. He plays dumb at first, but eventually gives in and talks to her. She and her friends are part of the Vampire Unity Society, a civil rights-type movement for vampires and other supernaturals. She is idealistic and believes that change won’t come unless they follow in the footsteps of her grandparents, who kicked off the civil rights movement in the deep south in the 1960s. Sam goes home that night, bringing Lafayette and Emma some dinner. A car drives up, with Martha, Alcide and Danielle, who insist that, now that Luna is dead, Emma belongs with the pack. Sam refuses. Luna wanted her kid to stay with Sam, and Emma wants to stay with Sam. Things grow heated, waking Emma up. She runs outside, begging to stay with Sam, but Martha snatches her up. All the while, the hippies are watching and taking photos. 

Dig It or Bury It?

There is some stuff that I am really enjoying so far. Bill’s new powers are a lot of fun. I like the hippie idealists, because you  know shit is going to backfire on them. But then there are others that are not as pleasant. Warlow coming out of that portal felt like a cheap Syfy Channel series - it just seemed so out-of-place. I half-expect Warlow to look like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.  Then the fairy thing is starting to get out of hand. Sookie is a fairy princess for fuck’s sake. Did we really need to go there? I am also having a had time accepting Rutger Hauer as the good guy. I honestly cannot remember him ever playing a “good guy” role. I can’t help but wonder if he isn’t Warlow in disguise, pretending to be a fairy godfather to lure the Stackhouses into a false sense of security.

Fae Tales

Niall teaches Sookie that she can channel her light into a single ball of energy that, when released, will go supernova and kill any vampire it touches. It should be a last resort for Sookie, because as a halfling, she has only one shot. Once she expels her supernova, she is no longer a fairy. But Niall promises Sookie can practice manifesting her light without using it up - she can reabsorb it. Here’s the “fun” part: she has to pour in all of her love, pain, secrets, and dreams into her light ball.


Bill is Lilith’s prophet, and Niall promises Warlow is near. (That dude doesn’t waste any time, does he?)