TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 502 - 'Authority Always Wins'


True Blood Episode 502
"Authority Always Wins"

Written By: Mark Hudis
Directed By: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 17 June 2012
In This Episode...

Tara is not handling her new "lifestyle" very well. Pam pulls her off Sookie and puts her in the house. Tara is tearing the place apart. As sunrise approaches, Lafayette feeds Tara, distracting her long enough for Sookie to wrap silver chain around her neck and drag her into Eric's cubby. She then outfits the house with silver misters in the hopes of keeping Tara in. It doesn't work: come sundown, Tara tells Lafayette and Sookie that she will never forgive them, then races from the house, burning herself pretty badly in the process.

Bill, Nora, and Eric are taken to lockup within the Authority. Each are interrogated separately, trying to get them to turn on one another and expose the others as Sanguinistas - vampires who do not believe in assimilation. The Authority are hardliners when it comes to assimilation, and believe that living in peace with the humans is the only way to continue the vampire race. IVs of silver did nothing to break their spirits. Eric and Bill are brought before the Authority and Roman, and he decrees that they deserve the true death. The boys offer them a deal: their lives, in exchange for Russell Edgington. The entire council believed Nan when she said he was dead, but Eric and Bill assure them that the consigned Russell to the ground, but found that the truth death was too good for him. 

With Pam being a maker, and missing her own, she starts to flash back. San Francisco, 1905. Pam is the madam at a brothel whose girls are occasionally vampire meals (much to Pam's chagrin). Walking home through a dark alley one night, she is attacked by a man with a knife. Eric appears out of nowhere, and kills the man with ease. Pam is instantly taken with him.

Arlene is growing worried about Terry. She wakes one night to find him standing over her, a victim of sleepwalking. When she confronts him about it at work, he loses his temper. At the end of her rope, she goes to see Patrick, who can't tell her anything. Terry shows up to talk to Patrick, and Arlene leaves. Terry reveals that one of their platoon members wasn't dead; he was just off the grid. Terry agrees to go with Patrick to find him and confront him about the fires.

Martha visits Luna, trying to make amends so she can be involved in her granddaughter's life - Emma is the only family she has left, and she believes the girl will be wolf, not shifter. Luna throws her out, and when Sam kinda-sorta backs up Martha, he and Luna get into a huge fight. Later, Luna goes to Emma's room to put her to bed - and discovers she is a wolf: a tiny baby wolf is sitting in her room, in her pajamas.

Dig It or Bury It?

Another episode that wasn't very action-packed, but it was still intriguing. They are setting up, building to upcoming episodes. It could be slow or tedious - and some of the stuff with the Authority feels repetitive and dragged out - but on the whole, it keeps my attention - even upon second viewing.

Blood Count

Russell is back, in the final minutes of the episode. A trail of corpses lead to Russell, in a hospital bed, desperately trying to regenerate. His skin is cracked like desert mud, and blood is everywhere.

Myths Revamped

We discover a lot of vampire theology tonight. Before the New and Old Testaments, there was the original testament, the vampire bible. It states that God created Lilith before Adam and Eve, and made her in his image: vampire. God was a vampire. Adam and Eve were created purely as a food source for vampires.


Tara is still rampaging through town, and Sookie can't find her. Hoyt takes on a creepy new persona, and Jessica smells "someone delicious."