TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 504 - 'We'll Meet Again'


True Blood Episode 504
“We’ll Meet Again”
Written By: Alexander Woo
Directed By: Romeo Tirone
Original Airdate: 1 July 2012

In This Episode...

Pam rescues Tara from the tanning bed and commands her “as her maker” to never do that again. She takes her back to Fangtasia and discovers Eric is back, on his throne, in the empty club. Bill mentors Tara in the back office while Eric demands the truth from Pam about Russell. Pam swears she would never go against Eric. Bill goes home, and Tara goes to ground at Fangtasia. Pam and Eric can’t sleep. Taking a much kinder approach with Pam, Eric explains that regardless of what happens with the Russell situation, he and Bill will likely be put to death for treason. He wants to release Pam, his only progeny, so that she may live and flourish if and when the Authority should kill him. She agrees, and he releases her in a touching, tender scene.

Lafayette is pissed that Sookie told Alcide about Debbie. Sookie isn’t handling it well, either. She tries to turn herself in to Jason, who refuses to arrest her and tells her to just act like nothing happened until he figures out what to do. She goes to work, but doesn’t last long when she hears the thoughts of her customers and coworkers, all blaming her for poor Tara. She drives away, but Lafayette’s brujo had cursed Sookie’s car. The breaks go out and she bails before the car wraps itself around a pole. She goes home and gets really, really, really drunk.

Alcide went to the Pelts to tell them that Debbie was dead, but he left Sookie out of it. Instead he told them that Marcus killed Debbie, and he killed Marcus. He then goes to Sookie’s house, gets really, really, really drunk with her, and the two start fooling around.

Terry and Patrick are on the road to find their former squadmate, Eller. Terry falls asleep and has nightmares about what happened in Iraq. Their squad decided to take a break from patrol in a seemingly abandoned city square. Eller is left to patrol on the ground while the rest of the group goes up into a bell tower to drink and pop pills. Eller is confronted by an angry - but unarmed - Iraqi man. He misconstrues his platoon’s shouts of “Get rid of him” to mean that he should shoot him. So he does. Out of the woodwork comes a dozen more Iraqis, most mourning their fallen friend, all angry, and at least one is armed. Eller’s unit runs to aid him, and when the dust settles, one of their unit, and all the Iraqis, are dead. When Terry and Patrick finally arrive at what must be Eller’s bunker. The walls are coated with the paintings and ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic. Eller is there, he is alive, and he pulls a gun on his visitors.

Andy fixed the speeding ticket of a sitting judge’s son. As a thank you, the judge wants to take Andy and Jason to party. A trio of sexy girls pick them up in a limo and put bags over their heads. The boys don’t know it, but they are going to a fairy club. The girls get them in through a hidden magical door in the middle of a field. Once safely inside the club, the hoods are removed and the fun can being. The club is a candy-coated wonderland of burlesque. Andy is greeted by his mystery girl from last season, Morella. Jason is about to be treated to a lap dance when his cousin Hadley recognizes him across the club. Hadley thinks that Jason is there as a refugee from the vampires. This is a safehouse, and she wants him and Sookie to come here. She lets slip that his parents were killed by vampires, not the floods. When she realizes she said the wrong thing, she tries to duck away, but Jason pursues, knocking fairies over to get to Hadley. This results in Jason and Andy being forcibly ejected from the club. While sitting dazed in the field, a couple bouncers shoot balls of light at them.

Also: Sam’s shifter friends come by to get him to run again. He agrees, and meets them that night, only to find them killed with a bullet to the head. Bill and Jessica sweep the house for bugs, and Bill is proud of what a grown-up she has become. Nora accepts her true death to save Bill and Eric, but Salome thinks she knows more. She finally admits that there is a traitor among the Authority. Roman conducts searches on everyone’s rooms, and discovers a video of young Drew feeding on a screaming woman. He then sent the video to Sanguinistas around the world, with the message, “In sympathy and solidarity.” Roman gives him the true death.

Dig It or Bury It?

Eric and Pam’s “breakup” was so sweet that it cracked even my icy heart. I guess the whole episode was rather emotional, but that scene actually touched me. I am kind of bored by the Vampire Authority. They seem to be haunted by their own paranoia. Never has it been more obvious than in this episode that everyone in Bon Temps goes out of their way to protect Sookie. I mean, put their neck on the line, lie, cheat, and kill to protect her.

Blood Count

Chancellor Drew’s death was certainly the bloodiest - he exploded in a fountain of blood - but what was more “shocking” is that it was a kid who got iced. I love it when TV shows have the balls to kill young’uns. It is considered such a taboo that you can come to rely on kids making it to the bitter end. I like mixing it up.

Also, Tara’s crispy fried vampire look was pretty icky.

Biting Humor

The Authority is watching Nora on surveillance monitors as she prays. Dieter laughs. “It’s just a book! I knew the guy who wrote it - he was high the entire time!”


Bill and Eric finally begin the hunt for Russell, and Hoyt hooks up with Tara - or tries to.