TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 507 - 'In the Beginning'


True Blood Episode 507
“In the Beginning”
Written By: Brian Buckner
Directed By: Michael Ruscio
Original Airdate: 22 July 2012

In This Episode...

Holy hell, where to begin? How about with the Authority - they are all kinds of fucked up. Salome admits that she was the one who unearthed Russell (while I marveled at Eric’s “der” face); Nora was little more than her disturbed lackey. She kind of reminds me of Renfield. Salome claims that she wants to share the power that Roman had, the power of Lilith, with all of vampire-kind. Basically she is a sanguinista hiding behind some jacked-up religious ideology. The rest of the Authority seems to be with Salome, except for Dieter, who is swiftly beheaded. During some sort of weird ritual, Salome passes around the bottle of Lilith’s blood. This is like acid to vampires, and soon they are all tripping their balls off down Bourbon Street - Bill and Eric included. The gang ends up at some white bread karaoke party, where they eat everyone there. They have a shared delusion that Lilith is reborn from a single drop of blood, but then Eric has his own vision, that of Godric, trying to guide Eric to do what is right.

While in fairy world, Sookie learns that because she is a half-breed, her powers are finite. When she uses them up, she is gone. So she goes home and starts shooting fireballs into the sky, trying to decharge herself. Jason, meanwhile, visits Jessica to tell her about his parents. He is determined to find out who killed them. Jessica kisses him tenderly, and he tastes blood on her lips - she had been feeding. Jason flips out, things are said that can never be unsaid, Jessica bites him, Jason shoots her in the head. Her guards scare him off.

Alcide is in training to go up against JD, the new pack master. Martha begs him to let it go, saying that JD earned his place after he took Marcus under his wing when his dad dies. Of course, Martha changes her mind when she walks in on JD, Charlie Manson-style luring his pack into doping on V - Emma included. Martha whisks her away just in time.

Enough is enough with Lafayette, and he goes down to Jesus’s grandpa’s farm in Mexico. Grandpa is furious with Lafayette, thinking he used Jesus to steal his family’s brujo. So he ties Lafayette up, sews his mouth shut, bleeds him from the forehead, and prepares to stab him. The plan is to feed his pregnant wife Lafayette’s blood, thereby passing the brujo into his unborn son. But wifey has had enough and stabs grandpa repeatedly before he can use it on Lafayette. Wifey looks a little insane, but she frees Lafayette.

Hoyt has gotten mixed up with the Obama Gang, a bunch of rednecks who call themselves a hate group and actively seek to destroy supernaturals. He admits his hatred for Jessica, so surely the boys are going to go kill her.

Terry and Patrick are in a field, just waiting for the ifrit to come and kill them. It does show up, but only to mock the guys and disappear. Terry had been all set to die and relieve himself of this torture, but the ifrit would rather play with them. Terry grabs Patrick’s gun and threatens to shoot himself. It’s not until Patrick lists off his kids’s names that Terry relinquishes the gun.

Tara has taken to the pole, which is where her mom finds her when she comes in to say goodbye - she is disowning her vampire daughter. Even though Tara hates her mom, this depresses her, and leads to a very touching moment between her and her new mom, Pam. Tara even hugs her.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’ll give tonight’s episode this: it was certainly content-rich. However, I think there are simply too many stories going on. For example, we only get one scene with Terry (not counting Arlene watching their wedding video - which, by the way, was a sweet scene, but way lengthier than it needed to be. And I fear they are setting Holly up to get back into witchcraft, and nobody wants that). It was near the end of the episode, and it felt unbalanced - like, “Oh yeah, we almost forgot about this guy.” It’s like a pity scene. It was a good, necessary scene, but it just seemed crammed into the episode.

I am extremely glad to have Russell back - he is just such a delight.

Biting Humor

It’s easy to miss, but while the vampires are tripping, Bill rides Eric piggyback.

Hoyt to his new human supremacist friends: “I feel more love and acceptance from this hate group than I ever felt in church.”

Ass Factor

This episode had more nudity than most of the others this season: Lilith, coming from the blood, fully nude. It was uninteresting except that it looked like she was wearing a merkin (for the uninformed, a merkin is a pubic wig).


It seems fairly obvious: this season will end with war.