TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 508 - 'Somebody That I Used to Know'


True Blood Episode 508
“Somebody That I Used to Know”
Written By: Mark Hudis
Directed By: Stephen Moyer
Original Airdate: 29 July 2012

In This Episode...

Andy arrests Ryder at the hospital and takes him back to the police station to get the details on the rest of his gang. Luna is furious that Sam won’t let her go with them to the station to beat the hell out of him. As soon as she is alone, she rips out her IV and shifts... into Sam. I don’t think it was on purpose but she isn’t going to waste it. She heads to the police station, which leads to confusion on almost everyone’s part - but not Sam. He knows. Luna is unable to shift back into herself until the end of the episode. She is ill and in pain and thinks she will die. Sam holds her, kisses her on the forehead, and she returns to herself. Then vomits. Ah, true love.

Hoyt’s klan has a little present for him. They have kidnapped Jessica, wrapped her in silver, and hid her in a house in the middle of nowhere. Hoyt and Jessica are locked in a room together. Hoyt cannot leave until he has killed Jessica. Despite the fact that she made hamburger of his heart, Hoyt still can’t kill her. They fake it, and when the hillbilly leader comes in to check on Hoyt’s progress, Jess snaps his neck. Since by now it is day, Hoyt leaves her there and goes for help. He gets hopelessly lost. He eventually flags down a car, driven by someone he knows (we don’t know who) - and is abducted at gunpoint. Jessica is eventually rescued by Andy and Sam, who got the location out of Ryder.

Jason catches Sookie trying to de-fairy herself and begs her to stop. She agrees to meet with Claude and his sisters, who might have a way of figuring out who killed her parents. They meet on the bridge where the Stackhouses were killed. Some nonsense about how matter is frozen energy and fairy power can help see through the ripples allows Sookie to connect with her mom on that night. But something weird happens during her vision: she suddenly sees everything from the vampire’s POV. As such, she could not see who it was, but Claudine was there, saying “Leave the girl alone.” She seemed to call the vampire “Warlow.”

The Authority return from their carousing and sober up, slowly. First on the agenda when they do is figure out the best way to take out the mainstreamers. It is Bill who has the brilliant (and obvious) solution: bomb the True Blood plants. If there is no True Blood available, even mainstreamers will have to drink from live victims. Eric thinks the whole human/vampire war is absurd (remember when he was “the bad guy?”) and tries to sway Nora and Bill back to his side. It doesn’t take.

Alcide is ready to compete against JD for the pack master title. Traditionally, such matters are decided with a hunt. As either human or wolf, the two competitors must track, capture, and kill an animal - usually a deer or  boar. JD has decided on the deadliest game: man. Alcide forfeits to save the kid’s life, but JD decides he still wants to hunt the kid. So Alcide chases them out into the forest and battles with JD, allowing the kid to run away. JD is about to bash Alcide’s skull in with a rock when the rest of the pack shows up. Martha asserts herself and demands JD leave Alcide alone. He does.

Arlene and Holly hatch a plan to essentially scare Terry straight. He knows Lafayette is a medium, so Arlene wants Lafayette to hold a seance, contact the woman Terry killed in Afghanistan, and get her to call off the curse. Arlene doesn’t care if he actually succeeds; she just needs Terry to believe it worked. Lafayette does, in fact, reach the dead woman, Zafira, who will lift the curse if Terry kills Patrick. Or Patrick can kill Terry; she doesn’t care. But one of them has to die.

Dig It or Bury It?

Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode. All the stories felt like they went somewhere. There was some action (Alcide and JD) and some sex (Alcide and his girlfriend - Alcide had a busy evening).

I have to assume that the vampire who killed Sookie’s parents was either Bill or Eric. Claude made some off-hand reference to her being able to see from the vampire’s POV because Sookie “bonded” with a vampire. So unless I am forgetting about some other vampire she fucked, it just makes sense. 

I think that Martha should be pack master. It seems pretty obvious. 

Ass Factor

We finally got a sex scene. It was kind of fun - Alcide and his werewolf girlfriend going at it with some growls and some pouncing, but it wasn’t anything outlandish.

Biting Humor

Tracy, a stuck-up, racist girl who knew Tara in school stops into Fangtasia for a drink and is pleased to see that Tara has a full-time job. Instantly annoyed with her, Tara flashes her fangs. “Look at that,” she says. “Now you’re part of two minorities!”


Bill promises Eric that he is truly on the side of Salome and her sanguinistas. Russell gets his fingers into JD’s pack - and into Steve Newlin’s pants.