TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 510 - 'Gone, Gone, Gone'


True Blood Episode 510
“Gone, Gone, Gone”
Written By: Alexander Woo
Directed By: Scott Winant
Original Airdate: 12 August 2012

In This Episode...

Mike, the coroner, visits Sookie, but it is just to eat her. Luckily she just ordered some Chinese food, and was able to grab a pair of chopsticks and stake him. (I think my priorities are a little jacked up - all I could think was, “That’s not realistic. There is no way Sookie could muster enough strength to stab a man - through clothing, skin, muscle, and bones - with a pair of cheap takeout chopsticks.”) Anyway, this prompts Sookie to go stay with Jason. While she is packing, he comes over and looks under her bed. Beneath a loose floorboard he discovers a scroll, covered with some sort of ancient glyphs written on it. They bring it to Claude, who recognizes many of the glyphs as being fairy, but can’t read it - it is in ye olde faerie. They find a 500 year old fairy who can translate. It turns out to be a contract, drawn up in 1702 by a Stackhouse ancestor. In it, he promises to Warlow the first female to birth a fae heir. And Sookie was the first fairy born since 1702. I guess it skips a lot of generations.

Business is bad at Fangtasia, which pisses off Elijah, the new sheriff. He also has a few decrees for Pam: the Authority has put into effect a procreation mandate. Each vampire is expect to make 30 new baby vampires. If they don’t, Elijah is entitled to seize all assets - including Pam’s progeny. Pam suggests to Tara that, if need be, they can just leave Bon Temps. Tara refuses to run, so she and Ginger tag team Elijah and behead him. Pam can’t be mad - she is proud of her little hellraiser.

Eric is given one last chance to accept Lilith as his lord and savior. She is forced to ingest some of Lilith’s blood. Nora takes it too, and the two trip their minds off. Their shared hallucination is that of Godric having his throat ripped out by Lilith. While it is not clear if Eric is a true believer or not, he says he is, and escapes the true death.

Hoyt has decided to go work on an oil drill in Alaska. Before he leaves, he wants Jessica to glamour him to forget both her and Jason. With much sadness, she does as he requests. Before she can get too sad about truly losing Hoyt forever, Bill’s guards come to collect Jessica. She arrives at the Authority and is warmly welcomed by Bill. Bill wants Jessica to learn the word of the vampire bible, which reminds Jess of the bible study her parents used to push on her. Still, she is intrigued and pleased to be somewhere safe. Things change when, during an Authority meeting, Russell flies off the handle (as he tends to do). Russell wants to go out on a hunting rampage, while Salome believes they should take a more mainstream approach to proving vampire superiority over humans. Russell reminds her (by throwing her across the room) that he is 3,000 years old and far more powerful than all of them combined.

Luna is desperate to get Emma back. When Sam tells her that Steve is in the area for a TV appearance, they go down to the TV studio and sneak in, disguised as mice. They search his dressing room - no Emma. When Steve comes back unexpectedly, the two shift back into mice and hide in his briefcase, thereby being taken straight to the Authority.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really dug this episode. It was extremely well-paced with engrossing storylines. More than any other episode this season, it also ran the gamut of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I hurled. Okay, I did none of those things, but if I had a heart (instead of an ashy black hole in my chest) I would feel those things.

Ass Factor

There was a fair amount of nudity tonight: Lilith, Luna, Sam. But there was no sex.


With only two episodes left, I am intrigued to see what exactly is going on with Bill. I don’t get the sense that he is a true believer, yet I don’t think he is just going along with Salome to save his own ass.