TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 511 - 'Sunset'


True Blood Episode 511
Written By: Angela Robinson
Directed By: Lesli Linka Glatter
Original Airdate: 19 August 2012

In This Episode...

Bill is having visions of a blood-soaked Lilith, telling him that she has chosen him - he will be the one to lead the vampires. However, as the episode progresses, we see that a number of the other chancellors have had the same message from Lilith, including Salome and Kibwe (who Bill delivers the true death to). Jessica is desperate to get in touch with Jason. Bill won’t let her use the phone. When she tells him she wants to make Jason a vampire, Bill agrees to let her go back to Bon Temps with a couple guards to make sure she changes Jason. 

Jessica tries to give Jason coded messages and meaningful looks, but this is Jason - they go right over his head. She leans in close, whispers for him to trust her, and bites. Her guards work on burying the two of them. After a few shovelfuls of dirt, Jess gives the sign and Jason jumps up, shooting both vamps. He is not real happy with Jess, but has other worries at the moment. Jessica, realizing the trouble she is in, goes to Fangtasia and begs Pam to hide her, in exchange for info on Eric’s whereabouts. Things are quiet until Rosalyn strolls in. Elijah was her progeny and she can smell his death at the club. Pam takes the fall for Tara, and she is arrested and led out immediately. On the way out, Rosalyn smells Jessica, realizes she has escaped, and brings her back to the compound. Bill is none too happy with her.

Sookie speaks to the Elder Fairy, a beautiful but crazy young woman whose eons of existence on countless planes has left her a bit ADD. She offers very little by way of information, other than to say that Sookie, Warlow, and the Elder’s fates are intertwined, and that Sookie must hold on to her light, for there is a war coming. They are interrupted when Jason - having just left Jessica - comes screaming. The fairies pull him into the club and he tells them that Russell is alive, which causes a panic among the fae. Sookie is determined to fight Russell, knowing that he won’t stop coming for her until one of them is dead. The fairies think it is a bad idea, but the Elder agrees with Sookie. They send Jason out to find Russell and Steve and get himself glamoured. He leads the vamps back to the clearing, where Russell can smell the fairies, but can’t see them - which drives him crazy. The Elder leaves fairy world and confronts Russell with her magic lightning shots. Russell is impressed with how powerful she is, but he is damned powerful, too - or at least damned fast. The lightning hits Steve and Jason, but Russell dodges every shot. He grabs the Elder and sucks her down until she is nothing but a husk. This is like the equivalent of a vampire 8-ball and he rushes around, manic. The fairies all watch from the confines of fairy world, but with all the fairy juice in his system, Russell can now see - and gain access to - fairy world.

Also: Sam and Luna discover puppy Emma in a kennel, beside other cells holding containing food. The guards catch the two of them and Sam volunteers himself as dinner in order to give Luna some time to plan an escape. Andy and Holly are blissfully happy, until Morella comes to visit and reveals that it is Andy’s bun in her oven. Apparently his promising to keep her light safe was like a blood oath. Jess wants to be friends with Tara, and thinks that Tara has a crush on Pam. And a human general comes to the Authority to meet with Roman. The general was their D.C. liaison, keeping things copacetic between vampires and humans. When he discovers that the Authority has been taken over by sanguinistas, he is furious and threatens to rain down genocide on vampires. Eric responds by snapping his neck.

Dig It or Bury It?

Totally dig it. Of course, the problem with True Blood has always been great penultimate episodes, with really disappointing finales. But tonight was filled with intrigue, drama, and a fair amount of true deaths. It also felt a lot less fragmented than other episodes this season. Everything is converging at the Authority.

Biting Humor

It’s like a revolving door of Bon Temps denizens at the Authority. Pam, Sam, and Jess all see each other, one at a time, as they are being dragged through the compound.

Ass Factor

Plenty of ass, very little sex. Lilith appears multiple times, wearing only blood. Sam and Luna shift a lot, so they are naked. There is a few seconds of sex between Nora and Eric that was quick and boring.


I am guessing that the season finale will bore me. Prove me wrong, True Blood. Prove me wrong.