TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 601 - 'Who Are You, Really?'



true bloodTrue Blood Episode 601
“Who Are You, Really?”
Written By: Raelle Tucker
Directed By: Stephen Moyer
Original Airdate: 16 June 2013

In This Episode...

We pick up precisely where season five ended: the Authority collapsing and Bill resurrecting from Lilith’s blood. Eric and Sookie are trying to escape up the elevator, while Jason leads Nora, Pam, Tara, and Jessica out from the boiler room. They all meet topside, with Eric driving a getaway car. From a safe distance, they watch the Authority blow up... then they watch a bloody, naked Bill march out of the flames. Wisely, Eric peels away, and Bill shoots straight up into the air like Superman. As they drive, they listen to Governor Burrell’s statement. While he claims to have nothing against vampires, there have been 246 human lives lost since the Tru Blood factories were destroyed, and he was elected to protect humans, not vampires. He announces a statewide vampire curfew which effectively makes the vampires shut-ins; and seizes all vampire-run businesses. Jason, currently on the side against vampires, is all for the new rules, which annoys Nora.  Pam is equally annoyed by Nora, but it seems to be mostly jealousy that Eric never told her about his sister. Annoyed by the “children” squabbling, Eric pulls over by the beach so they can take a breather. He asks Nora what Bill’s resurrection means, but despite having read the Book of Lilith backwards and forwards, there is no mention. She is upset that Jason keeps uttering the name “Warlow,” which is a name Eric has never heard. Jason won’t share his knowledge of Warlow with her, mainly because he doesn’t know anything beyond that being the vampire who killed his parents. Nora tries to “brain rape” the info out of him, but there is nothing there. Jason pulls a gun on Nora, and Sookie steps between them to calm everyone down. Jason gets pissy because Sookie is taking “their” side and stomps off. All Nora knows of Warlow is that he is Lilith’s progeny.

All of this is set aside when Jessica feels Bill “pull” her to him. But this is unlike the usual pull - this knocks the wind out of her and has her vomiting blood. Eric prevents her from going, and screams in agony. “It feels like Bill’s fist is squeezing my heart,” she gasps. Worried that this will literally kill her, Sookie volunteers to take Jessica to Bill. Upon arrival at Bill’s mansion, Sookie arms herself with a broken shovel handle. they follow bloody footsteps through the house and find Bill, clean and dressed, on the veranda. He wants to talk, but Eric jumps out of nowhere and attacks. Bill pins Eric, and Sookie stakes Bill, but this has absolutely no effect on him - other than dropping Eric. Bill insists that he is still Bill Compton, but “something more,” and brought them all here to prove that. Sookie wants him to leave Bon Temps, but Jessica jumps to his defense. The fangs come out and she demands they leave. So they do.

Bill tucks Jessica into bed and brings her a Tru Blood as a peace offering. She sets it on the bedside table, but misses and falls. Bill uses telepathy to return it to the table, liquid and all. “Did you know you could do that?” Bill did not. She is scared; so is he. But that is why he needs her more than ever. He needs her to keep him honest.

Eric takes Sookie home and offers her enough money to leave Bon Temps and start a new life anywhere she wants. She says there is no point, so he signs her house back over to her. She thanks him... and rescinds his invite. He understands. Outside, Nora is waiting for him. Eric is very stern when he tells her to leave Sookie out of it, and she is surprised. “You are in love with her.”

Tara takes Pam back to Fangtasia. Pam is feeling sorry for herself because it seems like Eric’s attentions have waned. Tara doesn’t have the patience for this “woe is me” crap. The club is stormed by Burrell’s gestapo, so are there to take control of Fangtasia. They shoot Tara with some fancy laser-guided vamp weapon and it takes her out.

Jason had been hoofing it back to Bon Temps when an elderly, mysterious man picks him up. As they drive, Jason opens up to him and starts running at the mouth about his sister’s “evil vampire god monster” ex-boyfriend, and about his parents. The old stranger brings up Warlow all by himself, and Jason spooked. Things get worse when the old man turns into smoke and flies away, leaving Jason to scramble for control of the vehicle.

As for the non-vampers... Luna is dead. She could not survive shifting into Steve Newlin, and she begged Sam to take Emma. Sam discovers Lafayette at the bar and begs him to forget he saw them. Lafayette agrees - if he forgets he saw him drinking all of Sam’s tequila.

Arlene and Terry are fed up with caring for Andy’s litter of infants. He finally admits he is scared, and they are a little more patient with him, showing him how to change a diaper. Andy appears to be giving in to fatherhood... until the next morning and he is greeted by his four daughters, now about three years old, walking and calling him “daddy.”

The governor secretly meets with one of the Tru Blood execs and offers her a closed production plant to start churning out fresh bottles of Tru Blood as soon as possible. Don’t think for a second there isn’t an ulterior motive here.

As for the werewolves, Alcide is now the leader of the pack. Not a whole lot going on there.

Dig It or Bury It?

I have been underwhelmed by the last two seasons of True Blood. Season four, with the witches, was an abomination; it was so bad that I don’t entirely trust my opinions on season five. (Was it good because season four was so bad? Was it bad because I was so bitter over season four? Who knows.) But I have to say I enjoyed several aspects of the season premiere.

For one, I like that it just picked up in the middle of a firefight. I appreciate that True Blood doesn’t waste time in that regard. I also appreciated that they didn’t waste any time bringing in Warlow. There was plenty of blood in tonight’s episode, though a lot of it was residual from last season (i.e. people who died at the Authority compound last year ended up on the living people this year). And of course, yay nudity.

Maybe it was just the way it was presented in tonight’s episode, but the werewolf story felt like it was just there to add sex to the episode. Alcide is officially, unequivocally the pack master, and Ricki is officially, unequivocally Alcide’s “number one bitch.” So unless they are setting Alcide up for a V-addicted storyline, I am bored of the werewolves.

Ass Factor

One of the new werewolf girls, Danielle, shifts from a wolf and offers herself, naked, to Alcide, in “any way that he needs.” She then drops to her knees and Alcide grins like an idiot. The pack all shift into wolves and go for a run. After the run, Alcide and Danielle shift back into humans and start fooling around in the forest. Ricki shows up, also naked, and Alcide apologizes weakly. She pushes her way between the two and kisses Alcide. Danielle starts to leave, but Ricki grabs her, kisses her roughly, and pushes her to her knees. “Remember that I’m your number one bitch,” she tells him and she gets a three-way going.


Sookie meets a new fairy; Jason learns more about the mysterious stranger who picked him up; Eric makes a move against the governor; the werewolves try to claim Emma as their own; and Sam meets an overzealous supernatural-rights activist.

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