TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 603 - 'You're No Good'



True Blood Episode 603
“You’re No Good”
Written By: Mark Hudis
Directed By: Howard Geotch
Original Airdate: 30 June 2013

In This Episode...

Eric is threatening to rape Willa to death. He has her glamoured, and lowers his head to drink her dry. The moment his eyes leave hers, she offers to tell him about the experiments in exchange for her life. With her father’s guards storming up the stairs, Eric takes Willa back to Fangtasia. Pam and Tara are not pleased to see her. Willa tells him that the money from last year’s ballot measures did not go to roadwork or schools, but it went into building a “camp” for vampires - more concentration than summer. Part of the camp is a prison; part is a research facility, where they are experimenting on vampires, doing some “sick shit.” Eric and his girls move out, and he seduces his way into Ginger’s house so the vamps can go to ground. He takes Willa into Ginger’s double-sized coffin while Tara and Pam go to a cramped underground cubby. While in the coffin together, Willa makes a half-assed attempt to seduce Eric; it fails miserably. As night falls, the governor calls Eric’s cell phone, looking for his daughter. Eric is unconcerned about the call being traced because his phone is scrambled, but Burrell has fancy toys and computer geniuses that are able to get past Eric’s scramble. Eric taunts Burrell and swears to kill her, until he hears the tech say he’s found them. Then Eric promises to get Willa, hands the phone over to Ginger to stall, and takes off with the girls again.

On the fairy side, Jason is suffering horrible headaches, which have Sookie worried about him. Niall senses Warlow and rushes outside to fight him. Jason follows, and when he is knocked over, Sookie goes out to help. Niall whisks them both back inside and goes out to bring the fight to Warlow. He heads to the fairy safehouse, and discovers it empty. He reads the aura of the room and the puddles of blood and sees a bloodbath at the hands of Warlow. As he leaves the safehouse he sees Ben, and they read each other to know they are “friendlies.” With the safehouse no longer safe, Niall suggests Ben go back with him to Sookie’s house. Ben is hesitant, and Sookie isn’t happy to see him, but Niall insists on her being kind. She cleans up in the kitchen, and Ben helps. Sookie wonders why she can feel Ben reading her mind; he is the only one she has ever felt. He feels some kind of connection, too.

Jessica has convinced Bill to let her help in his “errands.” He allows her to go to the university to collect an organic biology professor who is said to have invented Tru Blood. She goes for him, dressed as a very sexy schoolgirl, and succeeds. In the meantime, Bill visits Sookie. She does not  want to talk to him, but he doesn’t need an invitation any more. So he enters. He is there to take some of her blood so that the professor can synthesis a copy. Sookie flat-out refuses. Very calmly, Bill tells her he is dead to him. He leaves. Andy finds him walking in the cemetery and offers him a ride while reminding him about the curfew. In the front seat, Bill spies a stuffed toy, belonging to one of Andy’s fairy daughters. He smiles.

Also: Nicole and her friends roll into the werewolf camp, where they are not welcomed. In fact, the pack shifts and most set out to attack and kill. Alcide calms them down, but during the ruckus, Sam manages to shift from owl to human and collects Emma.

Dig It or Bury It?

I still hate all this fairy nonsense. It just sounds stupid. Preconceived notions I suppose, but the balls of light from their fingertips and their ambrosia blood is just not getting any less stupid. 

However, the vampires have a good storyline this season. I love that Eric is a badass again, and having the entire government go Gestapo finally raises the stakes to an interesting level. I think that next year should be the last season, and it should turn into a vampire Holocaust across the country.


The romance between Sookie and Ben heats up; Nora reveals that only way to kill Lilith is by using Bill - after all, Lilith is the God’s progeny.