TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 607 - 'In the Evening'



true bloodTrue Blood Episode 607
“In The Evening”
Written By: Kate Barnow
Directed By: Scott Winant
Original Airdate: 28 July 2013

In This Episode...

Eric leaves Willa in the vampire prison so she can warn Pam, Tara, and Jessica about the tainted Tru Blood. He promises to return for her, and takes Nora to Bill. He flat-out begs Bill to give Nora his blood, but Nora doesn’t want it and Bill doesn’t want to force it on her. As Nora becomes sicker, Bill finally forces some of his blood into her, but it doesn’t help. Eric begs again, and says that he believes Bill is divine. He tells Eric of Warlow and how his blood allows him to walk in daylight, and promises to bring back some more Warlow blood. (Wouldn’t any fairy blood do?) Bill doesn’t make it back on time, and Nora dies in Eric’s arms. Eric now blames Bill.

There is plenty going on at the vampire camp. Jason has one of the guards bring Jessica into a conference room. She is grateful to see him, but warns him that he can’t be there to save her in every situation - that is not the world they live in. She wants to thanks James for not raping her, so Jason brings him in and gives them some privacy (at Jessica’s request, of course). She thanks him for his selflessness, for his humanity. She knows that they are going to die imminently, and wants to have sex with him. He thinks she is doing it out of guilt; she just wants to have sex with a vampire before she dies. So they have sex.

Sarah has gone to find the governor and instead just finds his head. She mourns for him in a scene that is reminiscent of Dellamorte Dellamore, then calls the senator. She doesn’t want the lieutenant governor to succeed Burrell, so she needs the senator’s help in pretending Burrell is alive and well. The official story will be that the governor’s mansion was attacked. Burrell got out okay and is governing from an “undisclosed location,” then the senator will cover for him legislatively while Sarah handles things at home. She hopes that, with the tainted Tru Blood hitting stores soon, the vampire plague will work quickly and vindicate Burrell. Now that Burrell is dead, she finds Jason at the camp and sets her guards upon him. They slit his wrist and throw him into one of the female general population rooms. The vamps descend on Jason, but Tara jumps in to defend him. This works, until that queen bee vampire speaks up from the back - “He’s mine.”

Sookie and Warlow’s post-coital afterglow is interrupted when Sookie hears Arlene crying up above. She dresses and blips out of the fairy space to comfort her friend. Arlene is beside herself and is dreading telling the kids. Sookie takes her home and Andy offers to help tell the kids. Sookie  and Lafayette go to check what Terry left in a safe deposit box. It is a life insurance policy for $2 million, taken out just days before his death. They return to Arlene and discover she is high on booze and pills to numb away the pain, and decide not to mention this to her just yet. Bill strolls in, taking everyone by surprise. He first offers his condolences to Arlene (who thinks this is a dream) then offers condolences to Andy for his daughters and tries to speak to him father-to-father in hopes of currying his favor her Jessica. Finally, he takes Sookie aside and asks her for Warlow. She won’t give him up, so Bill tells her about his vision and asks that she not let her anger with Bill affect her friends. 

When Sam hears about Terry’s death, he decides he needs to return to Bon Temps and tells Nicole to have her mom pick her up from the motel. They have sex one more time (in a scene that seemed weirdly obligatory) then part ways. Alcide, meanwhile, returns to his pack and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead, and Emma has been returned to her grandmother. Unfortunately, Rikki knows this is a lie - because the pack has Nicole and her mom bound and gagged. The pack starts to turn on Alcide.

Dig It or Bury It?

Sentimental. Surprisingly, not nauseatingly sentimental... but also kind of slow. A basic, generic middle episode. Nora’s death was pretty epic, though. I was surprised to learn that this season is only going to be ten episodes instead of the usual twelve. Not sure what that is about. Did Alan Ball’s departure cause that? Was it a cost issue? Scheduling issue? Weird.

At least the wolves finally have a purpose. Kind of.

Flashback to the Future

Eric and Nora met in 1665 in London, during the height of the bubonic plague. She is the king’s bedfellow, but she insists on helping the stricken. The king sends Eric to collect her, but when he finds her, she is already plague-ridden and near death. Eric offers to take her to his father, who will heal her and give her eternal life.  It always comes full circle.

Blood Count

Nora’s death was beautiful. As the hep V reaches its apex, Eric holds her tightly, and she literally melts in his arms. Her skin cracks and blood seeps through, then her scalp slides off, and her face just melts until she is a pile of gelatinous goo in Eric’s lap.


Sookie has tied Warlow up again, and he seems to have an ultimatum for her. Jason is being used as a bloody sex toy by the female prisoners. Eric blames Bill for Nora’s death.