TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 608 - 'Dead Meat'



true bloodTrue Blood Episode 608
“Dead Meat”
Written By: Robin Veith
Directed By: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 4 August 2013

In This Episode...

Let’s start in the vampire camp. Jessica is blissful with James - until guards find them and take them back to their respective cells. On the way, they run into Pam, who is buttoning up after screwing the shrink. (“It was oozy but productive.”) Jason is still in the female cell block, under Violet’s “protection.” She vows that he is hers forever. This makes Jason nervous. She takes him into a coroner’s drawer to feed in private. Jason’s one request is that she not rape him. Violet promises that he will beg her to fuck him.

The tainted Tru Blood is filtering into the prison camp. Jessica tells James not to drink it; he takes pity on Steve and tells him not to drink it either. The prison overlords start to realize that some of the vampires aren’t drinking the Tru Blood. Sarah hears that Steve is one of them, and breaks him easily with some time on the hamster wheel and the threat of UV lights. Steve and James are sent to the white circular room. The girls are brought in as well, and Jessica immediately recognizes the room as “where they will meet the sun.”

Sarah has other problems. Ms. Suzuki storms the Tru Blood plant, demanding to see Burrell. Sarah intercepts and tries desperately to calm her down, but it doesn’t work. Suzuki sees that her product is being tainted and is horrified. She tries to call the FDA, and Sarah panics. She tries to snap Suzuki’s neck but finds it much more difficult than it appears on television. The women struggle awkwardly, and Suzuki escapes. She runs through the prison camp and slowly begins to realize the house of horrors she has gotten herself mixed up in. Suzuki finds herself on the catwalk above mens gen pop, and her stiletto catches in the grate. She breaks her ankle and falls, allowing Sarah to pounce. She bashes Suzuki’s head against the grate over and over, causing blood to drip to the cell below. Finding that she doesn’t have the strength to pound her face into hamburger, Sarah grabs Suzuki’s stiletto and hits her with it until the heel punctures her neck. Sarah thanks Jesus. (For the strength to physically kill her?)

Alcide demands that Rikki release Nicole and her mother. Rikki decides to challenge Alcide as the pack master. Danielle and a beefy blonde trans woman back her up. Alcide fights Rikki and gets the better of her, but declines to kill her. He leaves the pack - for good - and delivers Nicole and her mom to Sam. The women stay at Sam’s place while Sam plans to sleep in his office. He hugs Nicole goodnight and gets a whiff of something. Nicole is pregnant. Mom arranges a flight home for them the next day, but before they leave, Sam has made his decision: he wants Nicole to stay. He tells her he is in love with her, and with the dreamy eyes of a starstruck teenager, Nicole says she is in love with him, too.

Eric is grief-stricken by Nora’s death, and he is mad that Bill couldn’t (or wouldn’t) save her, and his distinct lack of sympathy. Eric heads out to find Sookie and Warlow himself. He sees Sookie exit fairy land, but can’t get in. But he finds another way. Adilyn sneaked out with Holly’s sons to drink in the cemetery. One of the boys passes out, so Adilyn and the other kid start going at it. Eric interrupts, glamours the boys away, and takes a bite of Adilyn. Just a bite - Andy later finds her, and Adilyn is consumed with fear and guilt. He is very understanding.

Sookie is trying to broker a deal between Bill and Warlow. Bill wants Warlow’s blood; in exchange, Warlow wants Sookie to be his fairy vampire bride. Sookie spends most of the episode debating her options. She goes to Sam (as he is professing his love for Nicole) and admits that she always thought they would end up together. Sam is pissed off (after all, she left him hanging for years) and explains that Nicole is knocked up - but she doesn’t even know it yet. Sookie visits her parents’s graves, and this seems to make her decision for her. “Fuck you mom and dad. I’m going to become the thing you hated so much you wanted to kill me for. I’ll be damned if I will lay beside you for eternity.” She calls Bill and tells him to pick her up. They head to the cemetery and hold hands while Sookie zaps them to fairy land. When they get there, it is dark - and Warlow has had his throat slashed. He is alive, but barely.

Dig It or Bury It?

It is surprising and exciting to me to be able to say that I am enjoying this season. Tonight’s episode was great. I like that Sookie has finally just given in to the whole “fate wants me to be a vampire” thing. Way to be a team player! Is rebelling against your dead parents the most slack-ass way to rebel? Or the most enduring? Either way, I’m ready for a change, and if Sookie is immortal, she will no longer be the damsel in distress. Dear jeebus I hope not. When Tara became a vampire, she had a significantly diminished role - you think about that, Sookie Stackhouse.

Ass Factor

Frankly, I was a little uncomfortable with Adilyn getting naked. It was only for a minute, and I know she is of age, but she looks so much younger... it felt a little dirty.


In true True Blood style, the penultimate episode promises lots and lots and lots of killing.