TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 609 - 'Life Matters'



True Blood Episode 609
“Life Matters”
Directed By: Romeo Tirone
Original Airdate: 11 August 2013

In This Episode...

Despite the fact that Warlow is weak, Bill still wants him to come to save the vampires. Sookie tells him that Eric now has more of Warlow’s blood than Warlow does, so go find him. She expels him from fairy land and Bill does just that.

Eric slaughters his way through the guards until he gets into the vampire prison camp. He finds the doctor who injected Nora with hep V, rips his genitals off and leaves him to bleed out. He then releases all the vampires from gen pop and tells them to take revenge on their tormentors. And boy do they. Many are put through the same tortures that they put the vampires through (dental experiments, watching a human run naked on the hamster wheel) but most are just slaughtered brutally. For some reason, many of the vampires are acting like they are insane. Total lunatics. Eric finds the shrink, who is unapologetic when he brags to Eric that he fucked his progeny. So the shrink becomes a hostage as he continues on to find his friends and the white room.

During the chaos, Sarah hid beneath a corpse until the coast was clear. So she runs up to the top of the huge silo, praying as she goes, and cranks open the sunroof. Bill was faster than Sarah. Since he couldn’t find Eric and couldn’t bring Warlow, Bill laid himself out and let his friends drink his blood (er, Lilith’s blood) which grants them sun immunity. So the roof opens, and no one dies. Well, Steve Newlin dies. No one will let him have a sip, and Eric walks in and holds him in the sunlight. As he dies, he looks up, Sarah staring down at the chaos. “I love you.... Jason Stackhouse!” he declares before the true death hits him. Eric lets Pam have her way with the shrink and leads his new sun walkers on a celebratory stroll. Outside, they destroy the cases of Tru Blood. Jessica’s celebration is cut short when she is summoned by Bill, still in the white room. He is near death, the vampires draining him of nearly everything. Lilith’s blood minions are trying to summon him to the true death, but he refuses to go. James makes Bill drink of his blood, hoping the cure is reverse-compatible. It is and Bill leaves the camp. To celebrate, Jessica invites everyone back to their place. Pam is devastated when Eric nods a solemn goodbye from across the property and shoots up into the air. Jason, also released from the prison camp, escapes Violet long enough to chase down Sarah. He tackles her and holds a gun to her neck, promising to shoot her. At the last minute, he can’t do it. “I don’t need anymore blood on my hands.”

The rest of the town is at Terry’s funeral. Sam, Andy, Lafayette, and Sookie all eulogizes Terry, remembering when he came home from the war, how he was shell shocked and living in the woods; how Sam wasn’t so sure he would make it as a cook; how Lafayette taught him how to properly make fries. Sookie outs herself as a telepath so that she can tell Arlene that, on Terry’s first day, he fell in love with Arlene the minute he saw her. “She’s worth coming out of the woods for,” he thought.

Dig It or Bury It?

That was another genuinely good episode. I hate that it surprises me when True Blood is good. 

It is a pretty common format, to mix touching emotional scenes with bloody violence. But it is common because it works; tonight’s episode is no exception. And the blood and violence was truly epic. Even the emotional stuff was pretty moving - and I have no heart. But it was nice to see a “traditional” human death. There is rarely any human-on-human murder in True Blood; hell, there are scarcely any humans left on the show. (With Lafayette now a medium or something, I think Arlene and Jason are the only 100% humans.)

Blood Count

So... bloody... My favorite part is when Eric storms the castle. He carries the severed arms of several guards and waves them in front of doors until he finds one with an implanted RFID chip that will open all the doors.

Steve Newlin’s death was pretty good too: the sun gets him, then melts him into a puddle. Plus it was good to see him go.


Season finale time. Let’s see if, with Alan Ball off the show, we can get past that hump of “the second-to-last episode feels like the real season finale with the season finale feeling like cleanup and set up for next season.”