TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 104 - 'Outbreak'



under the domeUnder the Dome Episode 104
Written By: Peter Calloway
Directed By: Kari Skogland
Original Airdate: 15 July 2013

In This Episode...

The dome people are falling sick, and there is a shortage of doctors. Two are outside of the dome and one, Peter, is “missing.” Luckily Alice is a psychiatrist, so she has some medical training and she steps up to the challenge. Dozens of townspeople are brought in, all with fevers, headaches, and hallucinations. With no definitive way to diagnose the problem, Alice assumes this has to me meningitis and starts treating patients accordingly. There are not enough antibiotics at the clinic, so Jim and Barbie make a run to the pharmacy. While they are gone, Jim leaves Junior in charge with a shotgun and instructions that no one is to leave. He approaches his new job by letting everyone know that if they try to leave he will shoot them. The sick become angry, so Junior fires a warning shot, then changes his tone and tells everyone to pull together and look out for one another. He leaves his post, and his shotgun, and the patients sit quietly.

Jim and Barbie arrive at the pharmacy and discover the place has been completely ransacked. Everything is gone. Jim (somehow) decides that this has to be Lester’s doing, so they go straight to him and interrupt him dumping drugs into a bonfire. Lester claims that those people are supposed to die, it is god’s will, yadda yadda yadda. Jim and Barbie save most of the drugs, bring them back to the hospital, and everyone is saved.

Julia goes to the spot marked on the map she found in Barbie’s bag. It leads her to Phil’s trailer, and her husband’s car parked out front. Phil is very ill and insists that Peter sold it to him - then he passes out. Julia takes him to the clinic and starts digging around, trying to figure out what happened to Peter. In his hallucinatory state, Phil thinks Julia is Peter and says he can’t meet him at the cabin. When Junior is asked about the cabin, he thinks it is the one he found Barbie at. Julia uses Peter’s hospital access card to sneak out the back and go to this cabin. She finds some paperwork, but the illness takes over and causes her to collapse. Barbie, meanwhile, hasn’t seen Julia in awhile and starts asking around about her. When he finds out Junior told her about the cabin, he heads straight there, under the auspices of saving a gravely ill woman. And when he gets there, Julia has already passed out.

Barbie sits at Julia’s bedside. When she wakes, she reveals what she found in the cabin: that they were broke. Peter cleared out their bank accounts and the house was being foreclosed upon. Julia wants to know what Peter,  Barbie and Phil were mixed up in. Barbie admits that after he left the military, he got involved with a bookie and became an enforcer. Peter owed a lot of money. He stops short of admitting to killing Peter, and instead suggests he skipped town. Either way, Julia kicks Barbie out of her house.

Angie makes an ill-advised attempt to stab Junior when he brings her a change of clothes. He is mad and leaves her again. Restless, she spies a vent near the ceiling and climbs up the bunk beds to try to shout out it. She hoists herself up on a water pipe, which breaks, sending her tumbling to the floor and knocking herself unconscious. She wakes when the water from the pipe starts lapping at her cheeks and nose. She sits, shivering, for hours as the water level rises. When it approaches the bottom bunk, she again scales it and tries screaming, but this time she screams out the pipe. The pipe is connected to the pipes in Jim’s house, and Jim just happens to be home. He goes out to investigate the strange noises, and finds Angie in the flooding bomb shelter. At this point, I was practically yelling at my TV, begging Jim to shut the door. Because how awesomely horrible would that be?

Joe and Nori record a test of them touching hands, to see if it brings on another seizure. It does, but when they watch the recording, they see Joe sit up menacingly during his seizure, make a “shh” motion with his finger, then lay down and continue to seize. The kids start to think that the dome doesn’t want them to tell anyone. Do they think the dome is actually “speaking” through them? Later, Joe invites Nori and her moms to come stay in his empty farmhouse (he seems only mildly concerned that he hasn’t seen his sister in three days).

Also: After his take-charge attitude at the clinic, Linda names Junior her deputy. Clearly she missed the part about how he started the panic in the first place. The ominous music stings suggest that Junior is going to be a bad cop. Gee, I’m shocked. And Lester shows up at Jim’s house with a duffel bag full of money. This is the money from the “propane deal” and he thinks by giving away his ill-gotten gains, he will be washing his hands of whatever sins he has been involved with. If this whole dome thing ends up being some cash trade-out with the oil and gas companies, I will be pissed.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a pretty good episode... but in the wrong way. Under the Dome would have made an awesome two hour disaster flick. And when I saw “awesome disaster flick,” I mean awesomely horrible Roland Emmerich-style flick. This week alone, we have an infectious outbreak, a crazed religious zealot, and a near-drowning.

I am also enjoying watching the dominoes of stupidity fall. For example, Angie tries to stab Jr. But if she kills him, who will unlock her chains? How will she eat? Then Junior is given a gun and asked to keep all the infected in the clinic. So rather than just chilling, Junior creates a panic by telling people that no one can leave - when no one was trying to! 


Next week’s “disaster” is that the military is planning on launching a missile at the dome. Also, the dome people become zoo animals, and it is “visiting day.” I don’t know why they have to have a special day set aside for people on the other side of the dome to come visit.