TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 108 - 'Thicker Than Water'



Under the Dome Episode 108
“Thicker Than Water”
Written By: Adam Stein
Directed By: Jack Bender
Original Airdate: 12 August 2013

In This Episode...

Inexplicably, Ollie seems preoccupied with taking over Jim’s seat as councilman. I guess it is less about the title and more because he could take control of the town. He is essentially holding the town’s water for ransom. Jim tries to take it back under the theory of eminent domain, but when he and the tiny police force show up at Ollie’s farm, he has a much bigger battalion of good ol’ boys and they stand down. Jim had kicked Junior out of the house for the whole kidnapping thing, so Junior joins Ollie’s team. Ollie fills in Junior on the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death. He believed it was a car accident, and it was - but it was a suicide. Junior decides he wants to kill his dad.

Barbie looks into the other artisanal wells and reservoirs within the dome limits. Linda informs him that when Ollie’s family tapped the well, it caused the others to run dry. Barbie wants to sneak in and blow up Ollie’s well, thereby returning water to the other sources and no longer making it a monopoly. Jim is against this, claiming it would run the risk of contaminating all the water and decides he wants to storm the castle again, with a bigger show of force, and puts together his own militia. While Jim’s militia storms Ollie’s farm, Barbie sneaks in to try to blow up the well. He gets into a fight with one of Ollie’s men, but grabs the detonator and blows it up. With the well gone, the fighters disband. Several of Ollie’s men inform him that they weren’t fighting for Ollie; they were fighting for the water. Ollie brings Jim into the house as a prisoner of war, but keeps his promise and turns the man over to Junior so he can kill him. Junior is all ready to pull the trigger, but wants the truth about his mom first. Jim admits it was a suicide and didn’t tell him because he didn’t want his son to know that his mom chose to leave him. Junior no longer wants to kill his dad, but Ollie was promised a dead Jim, so he grabs his shotgun and aims. Junior drops him to protect his dad. 

Also: Norrie is not handling the death of her mom well. She begs the dome to bring her back. She also blames Joe for her death. Julia hears the kids talking about the black egg in the mini-dome and asks to see it. Joe takes her, and is surprised to find the black egg now glowing pink. Julia touces the mini-dome and sees an apparition of Joe - standing next to the real Joe. “The monarch will be crowned,” the doppelganger says before disappearing.

Dig It or Bury It?

Okay, finally caught up (thanks Time Warner). I was all excited because last week’s episode finally moved the story forward, with the discovery of the egg in the mini-dome. This week was back to “normal” in that the dome inhabitants were fighting amongst themselves and what is going on with the dome was almost an afterthought.


Even if they didn’t cut right to a shot of Angie’s tattoo after Julia tells Barbie about the phrase “The monarch will be crowned,” it is pretty obvious that they are referring to a butterfly, not someone of royal lineage. I am going to stick with the alien theory, though it may be a race of insect-like aliens who is looking for a new home to birth babies in. That dome does seem to be a high-tech cocoon. 

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