TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 109 - 'The Fourth Hand'



Under The Dome Episode 109
“The Fourth Hand”
Written By: Daniel Truly
Directed By: Roxann Dawson
Original Airdate: 19 August 2013

In This Episode...

Shots have been fired in town. Ted Huntley was trying to shoot an insane intruder, and got his neighbor - just a flesh wound. Linda and Barbie find the intruder spazzing about how the dome was talking to him. He is high on a drug that he bought from the reverend called Rapture. This inspires Jim to institute a voluntary gun turn-in program. Those who give over their guns get extra supplies. It is a surprising success. But Ted, who is still mourning the loss of his wife and child, doesn’t want to give up his considerable arsenal. Jim goes to talk to him, with Barbie as backup outside. Barbie aims a sniper rifle at Jim’s head - a fact which is not lost on Jim. Regardless, he manages to take Ted into custody without incident.

An old friend of Jim’s, Max, has returned to town. She showed up on the day the dome came down, but has spent the last eight days holed up in an empty house. She is extremely shady and has been involved with Jim’s mysterious “arrangements” for the town. She also has something to do with the Rapture supply - I am guessing she helped create the concoction, whose secret ingredient is liquid propane. The gun recall program was Max’s idea. She is proud to see it work so well, and shocks Jim when she goes straight up to Barbie and gives him a big kiss. She knows Barbie, and both men are involved in different aspects of her various criminal activities. Max wants to start a black market in Chester’s Mill. She warns the men that she will reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. Oh, and she has an insurance policy: if anything happens to her, their secrets will be revealed anyway. She knows that Barbie killed Julia’s husband. She has Jim load up the guns onto trucks destined for the cement factory. Jim does keep a stockpile for himself: Ted’s.

Angie decides she wants the deed to the diner. Jim promises he will think about it. Junior comes in, and Angie goes into seizures, repeating the phrase “The pink stars are falling.” Junior takes Angie back to his home, but not to the bomb shelter - to his mom’s art studio, a shed in their yard. Clearly, no one had entered the studio in the nine years since she died. A few months before  her death, she painted a dream she had, of Junior standing on a hill, staring up at the sky. Pink stars are falling on him. 

Julia wants to show Barbie the mini-dome, but it is gone. She alerts the kids, who use Truman to try to sniff out the mini-dome. After a full day, they have had no luck and return home. At home, Truman rushes to the barn and barks wildly. Inside is the mini-dome, with the egg still inside. Angie pops in and mentions that the night before she saw Joe sleepwalking around three AM - it must have been to bring the mini-dome home. Angie touches the mini-dome, then Joe, then Norrie. The mini-dome emits a bright blue light, while the egg glows pink. Angie thinks this is something only for them and should not tell Julia they found it. a fourth blue handprint glows against the mini-dome, and they realize that they are the key to unlock it - they just need a fourth.

Dig It or Bury It?

I literally have no opinion one way or the other about this episode. It wasn’t particularly great or engrossing, but it certainly wasn’t terrible. I’m getting a little impatient though. Give us some answers - just a few!


Max brings fight club to Chester's Mill.