TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 111 - 'Speak of the Devil'



under the domeUnder the Dome Episode 111
“Speak of the Devil”
Written By: Scott Gold
Directed By: David Barrett
Original Airdate: 2 September 2013

In This Episode...

There is some weird weather going on in the dome. It starts as cloud cover, but then gets more threatening as the episode goes on: lightning, strong winds, a funnel cloud threatening to touch down to earth.

The kids painted dots over the barn to represent where all the pink stars were aligned (I am trying not to think about how they painted while all four kept their hands on the mini-dome). They decide they all need to go touch the big dome together, but first, they all split up. Angie and Junior hang out in the barn until Angie makes it clear that she and Junior will never be together, in the dome or out of it. Junior says he is out. I don’t know what Norrie is up to during this time, but Joe goes looking for Julia (I guess they decided they needed an adult or something).

Julia wants Barbie to take her to her husband’s grave so they can move on - together. They’ve been together for a week, and already she seems to be planning their wedding. Anyway, while Barbie gets dressed, Julia answers the door. Max is there, and without so much as an introduction, she shoots Julia in the chest and leaves. Barbie finds her and calls Linda for a ride to the clinic. She is held up by a dry gas tank, so when Joe happens by, Barbie asks him to be their chauffeur. The clinic is virtually empty, but the lone nurse is called away almost immediately because a tree fell on her husband due to the worsening hurrinado. Barbie uses his combat medic skills to jury-rig Julia back to health - or at least, back to life. She was dead for a couple minutes. Joe thinks that Barbie is meant to be the monarch and that he calmed the weather when he saved Julia’s life.

Jim is certain that Max shot Julia, and he confronts her. She did it because Barbie didn’t want to be her arm candy. When Junior shows up, Max realizes that she can control Jim via his son. The Rennies go home and Jim gives strict instructions to Junior to stay at home and not open the door for anyone. Angie shows up, and he allows her to talk him out of the house. She is frantic about getting him back to the circle (in dialogue that is eerily similar to Britt Robertson’s last TV series, The Secret Circle). Junior doesn’t believe her when she lies to him and says they can be together, but when she storms away from the house, the storm winds hurl a bench at Angie, and Junior saves her. She insists that the dome is mad at them, and agrees with him that they belong together (even if it is all four of them) so they return to the barn and the weather settles down. Junior now believes that he is responsible for soothing the angry dome.

Jim and Barbie meet up outside the clinic and decide they have no other choice but to team up to stop Max. Barbie insists that they do it by his rules: Max must be taken in alive. The pair head to the cement factory, but Max and her muscle get the drop on them. Barbie has a contingency plan and sets a timer. After 10 minutes, the power goes out in the factory. Barbie lights a flare and uses the element of surprise to get Max and her muscle’s guns away. In cuffs, Barbie and Jim march them outside. Barbie walks away (to get the car, I think) and Jim wastes no time in shooting Max and her guy dead. Barbie confronts him, furious, and Jim is about to pull the trigger on him when his military training kicks in and Barbie gets the upper hand.

Barbie, standing over an injured Jim, with a gun in his hand and two dead bodies nearby is the scene that Linda walks in on. She had been at Julia’s house, saw the blood but no body and no Barbie and searched town until she found him. Jim cries foul on Barbie, blaming him for all the shootings. Barbie escapes, and Jim goes on the radio to announce a state of emergency in the dome, and pins the murders of Max, her muscle, her mom, and the attempted murder of Jim and Julia all on Barbie.

The four kids all gather at the dome’s edge, according to where the mini-dome placed four stars that don’t fit into any constellations. They touch the dome, and the four of them have the same vision: Jim is on the outside of the dome, smiling eerily, when a chest wound appears and starts spilling blood. A second appears on his stomach, and blood pours from his nose. The kids all realize they are holding bloody knives. Junior pulls away first, and the knives disappear, as does the bloody Jim vision. Junior runs off to warn his dad, and Angie decides that this vision means that, in order to lift the dome, the four of them must kill Big Jim.

Also: Dodee picks up a military frequency and hears them saying that “Dale Barbara is in there” and that he is “the one they are looking for.”

Dig It or Bury It?

I am bummed that they killed Max. Of course, it is for all the wrong reasons. She’s like a five-year-old who is three days late on her nap. I mean, she went from being a criminal kingpin to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction in mere seconds. I loved it. The show has moved away from the dome business, and turned towards the sordid details of the townsfolk. That would be fine except that most of the townspeople are dull or caricatures. And they keep killing off the cartooniest. 


Jim turns into a cartoon villain. All he needs is a handlebar mustache to twirl and maybe train tracks to tie a damsel to.