TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 112 - 'Exigent Circumstances'



under the domeUnder the Dome Episode 112
“Exigent Circumstances”
Written By: Adam Stein & Caitlin Parrish
Directed By: Peter Leto
Original Airdate: 9 September 2013

In This Episode...

With Barbie now a fugitive, Jim essentially issues martial law in the dome and decides that he and his goons need to go house to house looking for him. Jim puts Junior in charge of “guarding” Julia in case Barbie come back to finish her off. In reality, he just wants to be notified if she wakes up and starts talking about who really shot her. Caroline, having seen the egg, warns the kids, and they hide the egg at Ben’s house (his house had already been checked). It seemed like the safer bet would have been to hide the egg in Junior’s bomb shelter.

Dodee rushes to Jim, urging him to come listen to the military chatter she was picking up. It talked about the egg and that Barbie was the only one inside who could “handle” it. Dodee leaves him alone with the equipment for a moment and the chatter continues. The military seems to be able to track the egg as it is moved around the dome. They have identified Jim as being in charge, but he is not a viable liaison because they saw him kill the reverend. Jim yanks the wires out of the radio but it is too late: Dodee returned in time to hear it. He makes a half-assed attempt at defending himself, but Dodee has put the whole story together. Realizing that Jim is dangerous, she offers to get the egg for him, saying that it might be the key in taking the dome down. Jim doesn’t want the dome down, at least not now. He shoots her dead, destroys the radio equipment, then burns the entire station to the ground. He calls it in to Linda and of course, blames Barbie.

Jim next heads over to the barn. Caroline plays the lawyer card to keep the out, but Jim’s goons physically remove her from his way. Joe and Norrie show up, but there are enough goons to keep them all restrained. Jim throws open the barn - and is shocked to find it empty. He arrests the kids for obstruction.

Barbie finds Angie, but doesn’t need to convince her of his innocence - she knows Jim is behind it all. He fears for Julia’s life, so the two devise a plan: using her candy striper badge, Angie will sneak into the hospital and get Julia into a hot wired ambulance. They face the hurdle of Junior, standing guard at Julia’s bedside. Angie puts on a candy striper uniform and seduces Junior away. It all goes well until he tastes cigarettes on her breath. Cigarettes mean Barbie to him, and Junior realizes he has been had. Barbie has already gotten Julia into the ambulance, and Angie  drives off. Junior spots Barbie outside, phones it in to Linda, and the boys fight. Barbie wins, but his victory is short-lived. Linda rolls up and arrests Barbie. He goes without incident. Angie and Julia eventually end up back at the clinic, locked in a storage room, because the clinic is the last place anyone would expect them to be. It doesn’t take long for Julia to wake up, and she immediately identifies her shooter as a woman she didn’t know - but it wasn’t Big Jim.

At the jail, Jim offers Barbie a deal. If he confesses publicly to all the murders and attempted murders (Maxine and her mom and goons, Julia, Julia’s husband, Dodee) he will let the kids go and not pursue charges against Julia for accessory to murder. Barbie agrees, and Joe and Norrie are released (though Jim insists Linda put a tail on them). Barbie is brought out to the town square to confess, but he enters a “not guilty” plea. Meanwhile, Junior is becoming suspicious of his dad when Jim’s first priority is guarding Julia even though Barbie is in custody.

The egg starts to emit a very loud, high pitched tone and glows red. It freaks out Ben and he waits on the curb for Norrie and Joe to return. Caroline is with them and they all run inside to examine the egg. The chrysalis is starting to hatch. Linda had been following them, and she comes in to view the “birth.”

Dig It or Bury It?

At this point I’m just kind of biding time until the finale. This was an ultimately bland penultimate episode, just setting up all the characters in place for the finale. It has kind of left me making my own fun. For example, every time Joe (or anyone) talks about the monarch, I instantly think of The Venture Brothers and start giggling. Then my husband planted the idea of a tiny animated Monarch from the cartoon crawling out of the chrysalis, and well, it just devolves from there.

Favorite part of tonight’s episode is when Barbie puts Julia in the back of the ambulance. He holds her, says “I love you,” and kisses the comatose woman deeply on the lips. Remember, they have only known each other for 12 days. Less than two weeks. 


The season finale is next week, and I can’t help but wonder if they did any reshoots after the show - which was supposed to be a finite, 13-episode series - was picked up for another season.