TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 307 - 'Ghost World'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 307

"Ghost World"

Written By: Rebecca Sonnenshine

Directed By: David Jackson

Original Airdate: 27 October 2011

In This Episode...

Damon wakes up, chained, speared, and ringless. He assumes Stefan did this to him because Mason is a ghost. While Stefan finds it amusing, he didn't. He even helps his brother out of the restraints. It is not until he is having a drink at the Grill with a reluctant Alaric that Mason is suddenly very visible, and very real. At the same time, other ghosts are making themselves very visible. Elena walks in on Anna and Jeremy kissing. Lexie kidnaps Stefan in order to break the Ripper in him. Grams appears to Bonnie in the witch house.

Let's start with Bonnie. Bonnie discovers that when she brought Jeremy back, she nudged open the door between our world and "the other side." Sending Vicki back allowed the elder witch to kick the door wide open and let ghosts with unresolved business enter our world. She needs the necklace back in order to shut the door and send all the ghosts back for good. Later, when Caroline spills the beans about Jeremy cheating on her with his ghost ex-girlfriend, Bonnie essentially breaks up with him.

Caroline raids the Salvatore home looking for the necklace, but can't find it. She and Elena blame Anna for stealing it. After some denial - and some pointed criticism from Elena ("Jeremy is just starting his life. He can't devote it to a ghost") - Anna finally produces the necklace, allowing Bonnie to cast the sealing spell. The necklace is destroyed in the process. I still don't recall Katherine giving the necklace back to anyone in Mystic Falls, but whatever.

Before the sealing spell takes effect, the ghosts have some unfinished business to take care of. Despite his entrance, Mason is not looking for revenge; he is looking for redemption. He knows his nephew is a hybrid and Lockwood family rumors insist that there is some kind of weapon that can kill an original. He and Damon journey into some underground caverns in search of this weapon. For whatever reason, as they come to the end of the caverns, Damon is blocked, like he hasn't been invited to go any further. Mason is sent back to the other side before he can tell Damon what he found, so Damon finally makes up with Ric ("You and Elena are the only non-vampires I trust") and has Ric investigate. He finds cave drawings, and has no idea what they mean.

Lexie shows Elena how to detox the Ripper from Stefan. She has done it many times in the past. First, Stefan is locked up in the same chamber that Caroline's father locked her in (apparently it is an ancient jail cell). With just a look, Lexie seems to be able to compel the blood from Stefan, forcing him into years of blood starvation. Stefan begs Elena to make Lexie stop, while Lexie implores her not to listen. Stefan tries a different tact, and tells Elena that every moment he spent with her was a waste. When he is weak enough, Lexie introduces physical pain to the mix, starting with stabbing him in the torso with wood. The goal is to make Stefan see past the blood, to make him feel something. Before Lexie is sent back to the other side, she assures Elena that the old Stefan is still in there, she just needs to find him. Elena leaves Stefan there to stew for a while - she has other stuff to deal with. She too believes Stefan can be saved, but won't waste her life waiting for him to believe it, too.

Some tomb vamps also got out when the door was opened; they are now gone. Mason is gone. Lexie is gone. Anna really only came back to find her mom. She agrees that Jeremy needs to move on from her. She finds her mom, and the two embrace joyfully as they are sent back. Grams helps Bonnie shut the spiritual door, exploding the necklace in the process, then she leaves. After Bonnie breaks up with Jeremy and sends him on his way, the fire in the witch house sparks. Bonnie investigates and finds that the necklace has returned, in one piece.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a really strong episode. It was an emotional and engrossing episode, but not sentimental or sappy. There was a pervasive darkness throughout. Structurally it was impressive: four distinct, parallel storylines that can gracefully weave in and out of one another. Not once did any of the stories feel like it lost its way. This was probably the best episode of the season so far.

Devilishly Charming

After Stefan helps free his brother at the beginning of the episode, Damon drives out until he finds Caroline and Bonnie. "Blondie. Witchy. I am pretty sure I was just spit roasted by Mason Lockwood. When I kill someone, they are supposed to stay dead. Whatever you screwed up, fix it."

Blood Lust

Damon's opening scene torture wasn't that impressive, especially considering that he ripped out Mason's heart with his bare hand. Damon was chained up, had an iron rod jammed through his torso, and shed a little sunlight on him - with his ring off. A better injury would be when Damon activates a booby trap in the caverns and is kebabed on several wooden pikes. None hit his heart, but it is painful and immobilizes him. "I'm having a bad day," he groans.

But the kill o' the week is that of Tobias Fell, a member of the historical society and one of the founding families. The tomb vamps who made it over slaughtered him, disemboweled him, and left his bleeding corpse hanging in a tree during yet another Mystic Falls town festival.


It looks like the cave drawings name the original vampires - and presumably tell how to destroy them. That would explain why an anti-vampire force field was constructed around it.