TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 311 - 'Our Town'

The Vampire Diaries Episode 311

"Our Town"

Written By: Rebecca Sonnenshine

Directed By: Wendey Stanzler

Original Airdate: 12 January 2012

In This Episode...

Stefan has decided enough is enough. He wants Klaus's hybrids out of Mystic Falls. Klaus wants his family back. Both are stubborn; neither will back down. So Stefan decides to up the ante and starts killing hybrids. Klaus responds by sending Tyler to bite Caroline - something he refuses to do. So Klaus starts cozying up to the mayor and "embedding" himself in the town. Damon doesn't take kindly to that, but Klaus won't leave until he has his family and Stefan stops killing his "friends." Damon blows him off until he catches Stefan about to decapitate a hybrid in the middle of a Founders' Fundraiser.

Meanwhile, Bonnie, Elena, and Matt are celebrating Caroline's birthday - or at least trying to. Caroline is depressed because she no longer ages, so birthdays have become meaningless. So instead, Elena decides to throw her a funeral. It's basically the same thing as a birthday party, but they eat their cake and tequila in a crypt. The four of them get drunk and things get nasty. Bonnie is mad that Elena is tricking Jeremy out of town and she leaves. Tyler shows up to talk to Caroline, and they head out into the woods. He apologizes to her and has decided that he is not going to allow his sire link to Klaus to take hold of him. She accepts his apology, they kiss, but the kissing gets heated and Tyler accidentally-on-purpose bites her. He truly didn't mean to, but Caroline doesn't care and sends him away. Matt and Elena stumble drunkenly through the forest looking for her. Instead they find Stefan, who knocks out Matt and abducts Elena.

Elena is terrified as Stefan speeds them through town. She is confident that he wouldn't kill her, and he relents - but he would turn her into a vampire. He calls up Klaus and makes him listen as he force-feeds his blood to Elena. If she becomes a vampire, she is no longer the doppelganger and cannot make more hybrids. He speeds up, faster and faster, Elena utterly terrified. Klaus finally relents and agrees to send his hybrids away. When Stefan finally stops the car, Elena can't get away fast enough. They are on the same bridge where her parents died, which just adds to Elena's anger and hatred. Stefan explains that all he had left was destroying Klaus - he lost Elena the moment he left town with him. Damon later arrives to take Elena home, and she is frustrated when Damon defends Stefan - sort of. In this case the end justified the means, and it was an important win in the battle against Klaus.

Back in the woods, Matt has found Caroline, dying a slow death and rushes her home. Klaus shows up shortly thereafter, offering a cure. Matt doesn't trust him, but all he wants is the sheriff's support, so she lets him in. Caroline thinks he is there to kill her, which actually seems to sadden him. "You must think very low of me to think I would kill you on your birthday." In fact, she does. She is depressed about her birthday, and he tells her that he can let her die if she truly believes her life is meaningless, but there is so much beauty to see in the world. He essentially talks her down off the ledge and she admits she doesn't want to die. He cradles her as she feeds and heals up. It is a surprisingly touching scene, one so genuine that you can't even read any ulterior motives into it. Plus, when Caroline wakes the next morning, Klaus has left her a gift, a beautiful diamond bracelet that puts the simple silver charm bracelet Tyler gave her to shame.

Also: Alaric sees his pretty doctor, Meredith, at the Founders thingie. She is on the council, so she knows all about the little vampire problem the town has. At the party, she gets into a yelling match with her boyfriend (?) Brian, who is also on the council and is the town's medical examiner. Ric steps in and breaks things up, with Brian screaming that Ric is welcome to Meredith - that she is crazy. As the episode draws to a close, the sheriff calls Damon to meet her at a crime scene in the woods. Brian is dead, stabbed through the heart with a wooden stake. But Brian is a human - and this is muuuuurder.

Dig It or Bury It?

Meh. It started out kind of talky, but picked up about halfway through. I am intrigued that the episode cliffhanger was (apparently) a normal, human-on-human murder. They are obviously trying to set up Meredith as the killer, but I think it is going to be a red herring. She is too obvious. What would be really intriguing is if it was Klaus or even Stefan who killed Brian, staging it as human-on-human violence just to fuck with everyone's minds.

Blood Lust

Damon had a quick n' easy hybrid de-hearting, and Stefan had a swift, clean beheading but this wasn't a particularly violent episode. Though the scene where Stefan threatens to kill Elena was pretty intense.

Wisdom of the Vampire

Damon voices his concerns over Stefan and what he might do to Elena to, of all people, Klaus. Klaus isn't worried, though. "Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies." Kind of sweet.


Caroline's dad is back, capturing and torturing people - this time it is Tyler. Bonnie decides that she needs her mom's help to open that coffin (interesting because, up until this point, Bonnie never mentioned her mom).