TV Recap: 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 313 - 'Bringing Out the Dead'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 313

"Bringing Out the Dead"

Written By: Turi Meyer & Al Septien

Directed By: Jeffrey Hunt

Original Airdate: 2 February 2012

In This Episode...

Oh, where to begin. Klaus is surprised by Elijah's return. The two fight but eventually Elijah agrees to help destroy Stefan. The Originals have the Salvatore brothers over for a tense dinner. It is unclear whose side Elijah is on: his brother's, or his savior, Damon's. The Salvatore's offer a deal: Klaus gets his final coffin back, and he and his family leave town forever, and the two clans live their separate lives. Klaus counters by saying he wants the brothers to leave Elena, let her fall in love with a human, marry, and have lots of kids to carry on the Petrova bloodline. In exchange, he guarantees Elena's safety for the rest of her natural life. Stefan cockily turns it down, and Klaus starts burning him. He sends Damon and Elijah to go bring him his final coffin or he will burn Stefan alive. The guys return moments later, not with the coffin, but with "dessert:" the daggers removed from Originals Cole, Finn, and Rebecca. The three siblings enter, taking turns stabbing Klaus with the daggers. The Salvatores leave (this is a family matter, after all) and the Originals promise to shun Klaus for all eternity after they kill the doppelganger, making him roam the planet alone. Klaus goes on a mad power trip, vowing to hunt them down one by one. Elijah doesn't think he will once they get that coffin open (something Bonnie and her mom were able to do). In strolls mommy dearest, looking fresh for someone who has been dead for a thousand years. Klaus believes she is there to kill him, but she promises she is not. She is there to forgive him. She wants them to be a family again.

Sheriff Forbes comes to Elena with troubling news: the stake removed from the medical examiner came from Elena's lake house, and have her prints on it. Sheriff knows Elena wasn't involved, but she and Alaric start taking inventory of their weaponry. They find several pieces missing, including a dagger that later shows up in Caroline's father (more on that later). The two don't want to believe it, but Meredith seems to be the likeliest suspect. Elena goes out to spend time with Caroline. Matt walks her back home, and the discover the power is out - and blood everywhere. They follow the trail upstairs and find Ric stabbed but alive. He has lost a lot of blood and insists that Elena must kill him. She is tortured over the thought, but has no choice: he has lost too much blood, but is wearing his ring. If Elena kills him, he can return, fully healed. It works. Elena later hears back from Sheriff Forbes: Meredith has an airtight alibi. She is not the one knocking off council members.

Caroline's dad checked himself out of the hospital the night before, but Caroline hasn't seen or heard from him. She calls, and hears his phone ringing in the supply closet at the hospital. She and Elena find Bill stabbed and unconscious. Caroline freaks, but Elena reminds her that he died with vampire blood in his system. Sure enough, Bill wakes, but he refuses to drink blood to complete the transformation. Caroline takes him home, where she and her mom take turns saying their goodbyes until Bill dies. It is peaceful and emotional.

Dig It or Bury It?

And you thought your family was dysfunctional. This episode did a good job of balancing the dark and violent with the sad and (surprisingly) touching moments. I'm kind of over the Bonnie mama-drama, but am eager to see what kind of hell the Originals can cause now that they have been reunited. Klaus and Elijah's backstory with the doppelganger (see below) was silly and unnecessary. The scene with Elena and Matt creeping through the house in the dark felt like it was pulled straight out of Scream.

I'm kind of leaning towards Katherine being the one who is doing all the killing. Mainly because the sheriff said Elena's fingerprints were on the stake in the M.E., and who else would have the same prints?

Myths Revamped

Klaus and Elijah reveal the origins of the Petrova bloodline. It began with Tatia, the most beautiful woman in all the land, lusted after by all despite having had a child out of wedlock. Like Stefan and Damon, Klaus and Elijah were both madly in love with Tatia. She wouldn't choose between them, and it left them estranged for centuries. Tatia's mother was a powerful witch, and it was her blood that the boys drank when they became vampires.

Devilishly Charming

After Sheriff Forbes shares the news about the stake with Elena and Ric, they call Damon to give him an update. Damon is the first to suggest that Meredith is the killer, and that Ric really knows how to pick them. "You're on speakerphone, dick." Damon, of course, knows this.


Klaus and his family hold a formal ball, and everyone's invited!