TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 314 - 'Dangerous Liaisons'

The Vampire Diaries Episode 314

"Dangerous Liaisons"

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Chris Grismer

Original Airdate: 9 February 2012

In This Episode...

The Originals are hosting a formal ball, and everyone is invited. Esther, the matriarch of the clan, invites Elena, which makes the Salvatores nervous. Elena, of course, goes. Esther will only meet her if she comes alone, so Elena enlists in Stefan's help to keep Damon distracted. Since Stefan "doesn't care" anymore, he won't get in the way (though later on, Stefan makes it painfully clear that he still loves Elena; he just has to turn off his emotions because the guilt of what he has done to Elena is too much for him to handle).

Elena meets Ether in an upstairs bedroom. She has burned sage so no one can overhear their conversation. Esther loves her children, but they are an abomination, and it is her fault. She has a spell that requires a drop of doppelganger blood, which Elena gives. This potion will be slipped into her children's champagne at toasting time and when completed, it will link all the children to one another. If one dies, they all die. It is the only way to kill Klaus. Once the children have had their drinks, Esther spills Finn's blood on a parchment with everyone's names written on it. The parchment then goes up in flames and the spell is active. When Elena rejoins the party, Damon is furious and wants to take her home. "I'm mad because I love you," he yells. "Maybe that's the problem," she fires back. Elena barely finishes the sentence before she realizes what she said and Damon storms off, hurt.

Klaus has invited Caroline to the ball. She goes begrudgingly, wearing the stunning ball gown he sent her. He spends the evening wooing her, finally admitting that "I fancy you." Caroline doesn't believe that his motives are pure, and tells him so. When she gets home, she finds another jewelry box on her bed. Thinking that he is trying to buy her with shiny baubles, Caroline opens the box and discovers that it is a drawing of her, done by Klaus, thanks her for telling him the truth.

Rebekah has invited Matt to the ball. Initially, she planned on killing him to make Elena suffer (the night before, Rebekah had tried to kill Elena but Elijah intervened and she was mad). Cole is eager to participate, and they make plans to kill him outside so as not to ruin mommy's party. Rebekah and Matt are walking outside, and the night is cool. Matt puts his coat around Rebekah's bare shoulders. She begins to explain that vampires don't feel the cold, but is so touched by this simple, human gesture that she steers Matt back inside. Cole is left blue-balled (blue-fanged?) and later lures Matt to an upstairs balcony. He greets Matt with a handshake and crushes his hand. Before it can go any further, Damon intervenes. He throws Cole off the balcony, jumps down after him, and snaps Cole's neck. The partygoers have gathered around to catch the commotion, and Elena decides that this is just Damon acting out. Rebekah later checks on Matt, having a drink at the Grill, and he angrily tells her to leave him alone. So Rebekah and Damon, both spurned, turn to each other and have crazy, violent vampire sex.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a very Twilight-y episode. There was an awful lot of soulful glances, "I love yous" exchanged, and general wooing. Very little action. I am fairly convinced that Esther's spell won't work as planned. It can't. Nothing ever goes the way it is supposed to. Maybe everyone at the ball drank the same concoction and they are all linked. It looked like Elijah didn't actually drink his champagne; maybe that's it. Overall, it was a boring episode that was obviously geared towards 13-year-old girls. It did, however, really make me want to attend a formal ball. 

Myths Revamped

Esther reveals that she was able to survive "on the other side" because her witch - Bonnie's ancestor - cast a spell to preserve her body.

Devilishly Charming

Damon: "I get it. I care too much. I'm a liability. How ironic is that?"


Bonnie and Abby bust out more witchery, and Elena feels betrayed that Damon slept with Rebekah.