TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 315 - 'All My Children'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 315

"All My Children"

Written By: Evan Bleiweiss & Michael Narducci

Directed By: Pascal Verschooris

Original Airdate: 16 February 2012

In This Episode...

Tonight is the full moon. Esther plans on doing her ritual tonight, when the magic will be most potent. She needs Bonnie and Abby there to draw upon their power, which taps into the Bennett bloodline. Because she is the one who first cast the spell (with the help of Bonnie's ancestor Ayana), Esther can also remove the spell. Her plan is to turn her children human and kill them (or maybe the simple act of turning them human will automatically kill them - after all, they are thousands of years old). Elijah knows that Elena isn't telling him the whole truth about her meeting with Esther, and when he finally gets it out of her, he is understandably pissed. After all, he's been pretty good to her. He traps her in the underground caves and leaves Rebekah there to guard her.

Elijah visits with the Salvatores and gives them an ultimatum: stop Esther's ritual, or Elena dies. The only way to stop the ritual at this point would be to stop the Bennett bloodline. Bonnie or her mom has to die in order to save Elena. The boys have one last-ditch plan: if they dagger one of the Originals, they will all fall to the same fate. So Alaric takes the dagger to Cole, who is hanging out at the Grill while Klaus is outside chatting up Caroline. Cole falls. Finn falls, temporarily stopping the ritual. Rebekah falls, allowing Elena a window of escape. Klaus and Elijah do not fall, but are certainly feeling the effects (I guess because Klaus is a hybrid and Elijah is the eldest...?). They undagger Cole, returning all the Originals to what they were doing - and moving up the Salvatore's timeline considerably.

The Salvatores have no choice but to sever the Bennett bloodline. They are conflicted over who will do the severing. Damon reasons that Elena only has to hate one of them and flips a coin. Even though Stefan later admits he knew he drew the short straw, Damon is the one who attacks Abby while Stefan distracts Bonnie. Damon doesn't kill Abby exactly - he turns her into a vampire, and apparently a witch cannot also be a vampire.

With Rebekah back on Elena's tail, Elena hides out in the little anti-vampire alcove of the caves. Rebekah tries to smoke her out - literally - by dousing her and the alcove with gasoline. She lights up the ground first, but threatens that Elena will be next. But with Esther's ritual successfully thwarted, Rebekah has no choice but to let Elena go. Back home, most of the family has scattered. Rebekah finds Klaus burning his sketches of Caroline, and apologizes for wanting to kill him after she learned about their mom. She realizes now that he is truly the only one who stood by her. While in the caves, Rebekah took pictures of the cave painting that tells of their origins, and she thinks that they reveal another white ash tree survived.

Also: Stefan admits he hasn't touched human blood since the night he almost drove Elena off the bridge. He doesn't want to admit it, but he still loves her. Damon has no problem admitting that he loves her, too, but she didn't want him. He is willing to be the bad guy again and back off. Meanwhile, Alaric gets knocked out during the vampire scuffle, so Meredith takes him back to her place to care for him. He wakes in the night and goes to the kitchen for a drink. He notices Caroline's father's medical file on the table, and the ceremonial dagger that killed him. Meredith is awake now, and confronts him with a gun. "You weren't supposed to see that," she says before firing.

Dig It or Bury It?

So I wonder if Alaric is dead-dead now. I don't think a sociopath counts as a non-human entity, so his ring won't protect him. She could have missed. One of the vampires that hangs around town could save him. Goodness knows that Elena might have to kill herself if she loses any more family. But with this show, anyone is really fair game. The Vampire Diaries doesn't just kill off recurring guest stars; they will kill off anyone. Vicky in season one; Jenna in season two. This is season three and no regular characters have been killed off yet.... Also, doesn't it seem like Katherine is due to pop up at any minute? I keep expecting her to appear any time now.

Devilishly Charming

Damon to Elena: "Why do you look like someone shot a panda bear?"

Rebekah does the walk of shame and comes home to her brothers teasing her about being a "strumpet." Klaus takes Cole off to the bar, and Rebekah says, "Good. This house has enough men rolling around in it." Cole's response: "Just like you, Rebekah."

Myths Revamped

Elijah takes Elena on a journey a thousand years in the past, telling her what the town was like back then. The high school was built on an indian village (so, a step up from a burial ground?) and nearby was a field where wild horses grazed. The caves beneath the city were there back then, and Elijah used to play in them as a child.


When the show returns on March 15th, we take a stroll back in time to meet Sage, the vixen who taught Damon how to be a libertine.