TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 318 - 'The Murder of One'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 318

"The Murder of One"

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: J. Miller Tobin

Original Airdate: 30 March 2012

In This Episode...

Damon and Stefan convene a meeting in the woods with Elena, Caroline, and Matt. They reveal that they have a dozen stakes carved from the remaining white oak. Everyone takes a stake so that if they see an Original, they can kill an Original. Just in case, they practice every conceivable situation. The plan is to try for Rebekah first, until they find out that Finn is back in town (dragged there by Klaus and Rebekah, and staying there because of Sage).

But Rebekah has her own plan. She kidnaps Damon and strings him up in the marble ballroom of Klaus's mansion. The plain is to bleed the vervain out of him so that he can be compelled to kill Stefan and / or Elena. Klaus has Bonnie in the next room, trying to figure out how to undo Esther's binding spell.

At the Grill, Stefan works in concert with Matt to serve Finn and Sage vervain-spiked tequila. He winks at them as they flee the Grill, then he accosts them in the stairway outside. While Stefan wrestles with Sage, Elena and Matt pop out through a service entrance and uses a crossbow to stake Finn. Sage is distracted long enough by her dying sire that Stefan gets away. Unfortunately,  as Finn gets staked, Bonnie has completed the unbinding spell, so it is only Finn that meets his true death. Sage and a vamp she turned named Troy bust into the Salvatore home with vengeance in mind. Before they can cause any damage, they both double over in pain, bleeding and choking until they shrivel up and die. Stefan, Elena, and Caroline are puzzled as to why. Bonnie calls Elena, explaining why she was MIA, why Klaus isn't dead, and where Damon is. She doesn't talk long - she is overwrought after the whole ordeal. They finally figure out that the reason only Sage and Troy died was because they came from Finn's bloodline. Apparently killing one Original kills everyone in their bloodline.

While Elena and Caroline try to put together a vampire family tree, Stefan visits Klaus and offers a trade: the remaining eight stakes in exchange for Damon. Klaus doesn't believe that these are the last of the white oak stakes, so he compels the truth out of Damon: there should be three more. Klaus and Rebekah let Stefan and Damon go on the condition that they collect the remaining stakes and return or they will be hunted. Damon visits Ric at home to get his stake, and they discover it is gone. Ric thinks his psychotic alter-ego took it.

Dig It or Bury It?

A strong showing from The Vampire Diaries tonight. This episode was all plots, schemes, and torture, without too much jibber-jabber or boring "stuff we have to get through so we can arrive at the good stuff." I think Rebekah's support for Klaus is waning again. Klaus said that Finn was better off dead, and this offended her. She is jealous of Stefan and Damon's bond. They may fight, but they would die for one another. It also looks like Elena could use an account or something so they can properly map out which Originals they can kill without losing any of their friends. Elena gets a little lost when she goes back as far as Katherine, but she and Caroline figure out pretty fast that if they kill Klaus, that is signing Tyler's death warrant (unless, of course, the same rules of bloodline don't apply to a hybrid).

Blood Lust

You know how I loves me some sexy vampire torture. Sadly, we don't get a whole lot of crazy Damon-torture. It is mostly Rebekah slashing his chest with a knife while she whines about how mean he was to her. Klaus, however, knows how to dole out the torture. See, Damon is suspended by the wrists from two miniature bear traps. Klaus compels Damon to leave, and of course, he has no choice. So he starts pulling. And pulling. The bear trap teeth are sunk deep into Damon's flesh, but still he pulls, skin shredded, muscle minced, tendons snapped. Finally Klaus takes pity on him and tells him to stop pulling.

Devilishly Charming

As Klaus is walking Bonnie out of the mansion, they pass by Rebekah's torture room, Damon near unconscious and soaked in blood. "Excuse the mess," Klaus apologizes. "Apparently Damon hurt her feelings."


Tyler returns, and Damon and Elena visit Jeremy in hopes that he can talk to some dead vampires (that is redundant - extra-dead vampires?) and figure out Damon and Stefan's bloodline.