TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 321 - 'Before Sunset'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 321

"Before Sunset"

Story By: Charlie Charbonneau & Daphne Miles

Teleplay By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Chris Grismer

Original Airdate: 3 May 2012

In This Episode...

Alaric is hanging out in his (old) classroom. Without a daylight ring, he doesn't have a lot of options. Rebekah and Caroline are there to clean up for the dance. Partially out of boredom, Alaric attacks Rebekah. Caroline comes to her rescue,  and the girls escape outside. Ric braves the sun and charges after them, only managing to catch Caroline. With his skin blistering, he snaps her neck and drags her back inside to keep as his prisoner and lure Elena over. Rebekah reports home to Klaus and insist they leave town at once. Klaus won't leave without his doppelganger. He goes to the Gilbert home and launches an attack, trying to lure Elena out. Damon and Stefan are there with Jeremy, and they quickly realize that Elena is gone. The three vampires reluctantly agree that they must join forces against a more immediate threat: Alaric.

Ric can't be killed, but Bonnie enlists in her mothers help to recreate the desiccation spell she cast on Michael. It will require Stefan, Klaus, and Damon to drink a small amount of her blood so they will all be connected, then link with Alaric via blood so she can channel the spell through them and into Ric. Unfortunately, it also requires a human heart to be stopped. Jeremy will help with that (he's got the ring and all).Inside the school, Elena has distracted Alaric long enough to free Caroline, but this just angers Ric. He beats her up... but he can't kill her. The Salvatores attack, and he breaks their necks. This allows Klaus the chance to plunge his hand into Ric's chest, opening up that blood connection and allowing Bonnie to start the spell. But it doesn't last long. Ric breaks Klaus's hand, severing the connection. Elena appears with a knife to her throat, threatening to kill herself. She has realized that he is tied to her life. If she dies, Ric dies. Klaus comes to and steals her away.

Klaus takes Elena home, ties her to a chair, and has a nurse set about draining her of every last drop of blood. It's not ideal, but at this point it is Klaus's best option. That way he can still build his hybrid army - albeit a smaller one - and rid himself of Alaric. At this point, Alaric doesn't have much choice - he needs the Salvatores to save Elena to ensure his own survival. Stefan and Damon break into Klaus's mansion. They are joined by Tyler, who is there pretending to be sire-bound but in actuality trying to save Elena. The boys scuffle, and Elena, weak from blood loss, hits her head on a table and collapses. Since they couldn't do it to Alaric, Stefan activates the desiccation spell on Klaus. It works.

With Klaus out of commission, and Alaric only a threat a few hours out of the day, the gang does something they haven't done in a long time: party. Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, Jeremy, and Tyler are all waiting for Elena when she gets home, with food and tequila shooters. Danger still awaits, but for tonight, they enjoy themselves. They finally got rid of Klaus! Damon and Stefan drive Klaus out to the coast to toss him in the Atlantic ocean. Alaric, of course, isn't done. He calls an emergency meeting of the Founder's Council, and outs Sheriff Forbes's daughter and Mayor Lockwood's son as a vampire and a vamp/werewolf hybrid. The Council is shocked - but they are more shocked when Alaric reveals himself to be a vampire. As the partying at the Gilbert household comes to an end, Elena bids Jeremy good-night, does a little more painting in Alaric's old room - and collapses.

Dig It or Bury It?

I literally had to stop and catch my breath after this episode. So much fighting. So much backstabbing. So much awesomeness. I think that we are supposed to think that Elena's collapse at the end of the episode is something supernatural, but it actually isn't. Think about it: she lost a lot of blood, got a head injury, drank tequila, and inhaled paint fumes. I'm surprised she could still stand.

Sibling Rivalry

Stefan and Damon have a nice bonding moment when are disposing of Klaus (because body dumps always bring people closer). For all of Klaus's attempts to tear the Salvatores apart, it has actually brought them closer together, finally allowing them to be brothers after over a century. But then there is the nasty business of what happens when Elena chooses a Salvatore. They each agree that whoever she doesn't choose will leave town and allow the couple to live happily ever after. They can be brothers again in 60 years or so.

Blood Lust

And we are back to the torture! When Alaric holds Caroline hostage, he does so by tying her to a classroom chair/desk combo, and impales her hands with number two pencils, keeping her lashed to the desk. He also gags her with a cloth soaked in vervain so that "every breath is like inhaling razor blades."


TVD always does great season finales, and I suspect next week's won't disappoint. Elena flashes back to a simpler time, before vampires, and before her parents' death, and all the characters seem to make "heartbreaking" and "life changing" decisions.