TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 403 - 'The Rager'



The Vampire Diaries Episode 403
“The Rager”
Written By: Brian Young
Directed By: Lance Anderson
Original Airdate: 25 October 2012

In This Episode...

Connor breaks into Tyler’s room and steals his werewolf venom. When Damon finds out, he goes to Connor’s RV to teach him a lesson. He slips in easily - too easily. Sure enough, after less than a minute in the RV, Damon is shot through with arrows, each attached by wire to explosives. Since he and Stefan are still on the outs, he calls Meredith to come help cut him free.

At the school, Connor speaks to Jeremy. Only hunters - or potential hunters - can see the tattoos that he has. He wants to train Jeremy and tells him to bring a vampire to his RV. Jeremy agrees, but he shows up to the RV without a vampire. He does clue Connor in to Meredith, saying that she probably knows where some are. This is a trap by Damon, who has set up the storage room with the same exploding arrows that caught him. Klaus is there too, and Connor tries to stake him with one of his hand-carved stakes. Klaus notices the carving and realizes Connor is one of “The Five.” He doesn’t elaborate. Rather than allow himself to be a vampire plaything, Connor triggers the explosion.

Elena has decided to return to school and try to enjoy her senior year. She isn’t there for five minutes before she and Rebekah are at each other’s throats. Elena hates her like she has never hated anyone before. The town is under curfew after the church shooting, so Rebekah is holding an anti-curfew party at her house. Elena decides she is going to go to the party, but has to go home and change first (after all, during her scuffle with Rebekah, Rebekah stabbed Elena with a pencil, so now she is wearing a bloody dress and cardigan.) Instead of going home, Elena goes to the Salvatore home, where Damon catches her “looking for bourbon.” She is actually looking for the white ash stake.

At the party, Elena encounters Rebekah in the kitchen. Using sleight of hand, Rebekah steals Elena’s daylight ring. Elena cowers in a dark corner and Rebekah tosses it into the garbage disposal. She takes a deep breath and makes a run for it. She fishes out her ring and once it is safely on her finger, pulls out the white ash stake from her purse. Stefan stops her and explains that killing Rebekah might feel good for a few seconds, but then thousands of vampires around the world - any from Rebekah’s bloodline - would drop dead. Elena relents and agrees to go for a motorcycle ride with Stefan. On her way out, she does a wicked keg stand. Rebekah is seething with rage at how the keg stand made Elena popular. Then her vision blurs and she gets dizzy.

After their motorcycle ride, Elena and Stefan go back to his place for crazy sex. In the middle, she sees Damon humping her, and screams, throwing him off. It is a hallucination. Back home, Rebekah is growing sicker. Matt comes in and tells her off. In her rage, she rips his heart out of his chest and he drops to the floor. Rebekah just stares at the heart. But it was a hallucination of her own - she is in the room alone. Connor had dosed the party beer with werewolf venom. So Elena is dying. Rebekah will be fine - she’s just going to feel like shit for a while. Stefan calls Klaus and begs him to save Elena. Klaus agrees, but only because he has found a new use for her. Again, he won’t reveal what that use is.

With Elena healthy, she goes home, where Matt meets her for her evening feed. But Elena is too wound up from the day and takes too much. Matt begs her to stop, which only makes her throw him against the wall and suck harder. Damon flies in and separates the two. He has decided he is going to teach Elena how to be a “real” vampire.

Also: It turns out Connor didn’t die in the explosion - Klaus saved him. Connor has a secret use to Klaus. I am guessing that this mysterious “The Five” and dopplegangers come from the same hybrid-making line. Tyler’s werewolf friend, Haley, comes to visit, surprising Tyler and causing him to hide her from Caroline. Klaus has also sent some of his goons to protect Tyler since his ability to make hybrids seems to have dwindled. Stefan wants to let Elena go a little loose, but fears he will go full ripper, so he enlists Caroline to keep an eye on him.

Dig It or Bury It?

We are finally getting back to the vicious Vampire Diaries - although tonight’s episode did seem rather catty. I can see where this is going: Elena is going to have more fun with Damon because he knows how to enjoy his vampirism, and she is going to start fucking him. Stefan, meanwhile, will seek refuge with Caroline, who has split up with Tyler over jealousy about Hayley. 

I kind of wish that Rebekah had really killed Matt. I like Matt, and it is good to have a human on the show. But it was shocking and stunning and keeps the audience off-balance.


Damon takes Elena to a frat party and turns her loose on blood bags - I mean, douche bags. I mean, frat boys.