TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 405 - 'The Killer'



The Vampire Diaries Episode 405
“The Killer”
Written By: Michael Narducci
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 8 November 2012

In This Episode...

Connor takes Jeremy, April, and Matt hostage in Mystic Grill. The plan is that he will lure the vampires in town to the Grill to rescue the mortals, then Connor can kill them all. He has one, simple goal: kill as many vampires as he possibly can. He wants to unveil the rest of the mark and find out what his true purpose is.

When Damon and Elena get the text message from Connor, they both see red. Stefan begs them both to trust him, that he and Klaus (who is still in Italy, digging up the sword) have a plan. Naturally, Damon is suspicious that Stefan has a plan with Klaus. He may even be a little jealous. Damon concedes to giving Stefan one hour to do recon, then he is going in, guns blazing, and killing Connor. Stefan vervains his brother, takes his ring, and leaves.

The plan is simple. Stefan will go in via the tunnels and rescue the hostages. Dean, one of Klaus’s hybrids, will be in charge of getting Connor out alive. Dean kind of sucks at his job - he sets off a booby-trapped bomb of werewolf venom. He’s dead. Stefan gets April and Matt out, then goes in to get Jeremy away from Connor. He does the whole hostage negotiation thing, but it has no effect on Connor. Elena has gotten tired of waiting and heads to the Grill. She comes in through the front door, playing the sobbing sister, and offering herself in exchange for Jeremy. Jeremy is already on one of the booby-trapped pressure pads. Connor threatens to kill Jeremy in front of Elena, so Stefan comes out of hiding. Elena attacks Connor; Connor gets the upper hand; Stefan attacks Connor; and somehow during all this, Connor’s gun goes off and hits Jeremy in the stomach. Elena picks herself up and discovers Stefan and Connor gone, and Jeremy bleeding to death. She heals him up.

Stefan has Connor and they are escaping through the tunnels. Damon shows up, intent on killing Connor. He is suspicious when Stefan won’t let him, and downright furious when Stefan lets Connor go and tells him to run. The brothers face off, and Damon throws Stefan against the wall, reaches into his chest, and threatens to remove his heart if he doesn’t fess up. Stefan finally admits what Klaus told him about the cure - this changes everything. Damon lets Stefan go, heart intact, and agrees to help.

While running through the tunnels, Connor runs into Elena. She takes a big bite out of him and warns him to stay away from her brother. Connor stabs her with a wooden stake. “You missed,” she hisses - and snaps his neck without a second thought. When the Salvatores find her, she is topside, in the woods. Blood is still caked on her mouth, and she is frantically digging a grave for Connor. Stefan tries to comfort her, but she wants no part of it. By now she is just this side of batshit crazy, so the boys wisely decide not to tell her about the cure that Connor may have possessed. Later that night, Damon asks Stefan if the cure is really for Elena, or if it is because he prefers Elena as a human. Stefan doesn’t want this life for her. Damon agrees to help, but he informs Stefan that he likes Elena either way, so his help will be purely for his brother’s benefit. Elena, meanwhile, wants to be left alone. While alone, she starts having hallucinations about blood covering every surface, and seeing the word “Killer” written in the blood. See? Batshit crazy.

Also: The professor wants Connor to make sure “the witch” stays out of harm’s way. He will not guarantee her safety, so the professor “keeps her busy” with “witch therapy.” Caroline learns that Hayley has been crashing with Tyler but her jealousy fades after he explains that Klaus thinks they hooked up to prevent him from finding out that she helped him break his sire-bond. Jeremy discovers that a day spent with Connor was compelled out of his head. By the episode’s end, the hunter’s mark appears on his hand.

Dig It or Bury It?

Now this is the Vampire Diaries I know and love. Just crazy, non-stop action and violence. We’ve got the “Dear Diary” crap back, but it goes down a lot better with a big shot of blood.

I’m trying to figure out who it was that Jeremy killed in order to get his first hunter’s mark. Is it retroactive? Dean, the hybrid, didn’t die at Jeremy’s hand. Is it that when Connor died, he got a “starter mark” passed on to him?

Dear Diary

We had a couple good years without this nonsense. Now it’s back. Elena reveals to her diary that she hates being a vampire. She is angry, scared, and depressed all the time. Jeremy is the only thing that keeps her from killing herself.

Blood Lust

Dean’s death was awesome. So the werewolf venom bomb goes off, and he is knocked back. When he stands, he is COATED in glass and wood shards that stick out all over him like a coat of porcupine quills. Then Connor blows a hole clean through his chest, one that you can see through.


Elena goes mad as a hatter.