TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 406 - 'We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes'



The Vampire Diaries Episode 406
“We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”
Written By: Evan Bleiweiss & Julie Plec
Directed By: Wendy Stanzler
Original Airdate: 15 November 2012

In This Episode...

Elena is being haunted by Connor. He is harassing her, and she insists he is not real. Connor tries to prove he is real by grabbing Elena. She retaliates with a kitchen knife to his neck. She realizes too late that this is a hallucination - she just stabbed Jeremy.

Jeremy was wearing his death-proof ring, so he’ll be okay. But Elena is losing her mind. Klaus stops by and explains to Stefan what is happening. The Brotherhood of Five’s power was “granted” to them by witchcraft. A hunter must fulfill his hunt one way or another. So if a hunter is killed by his target, the target will be plagued by madness until driven to suicide. Klaus actually wants to help Elena, even if for his own selfish means (he is still hellbent on getting his hybrid army.) Elena runs from her house when she thinks Damon is Connor, and Klaus snatches her up. He takes her back to his house where he sets her up in a posh but windowless bedroom (so that she can’t take off her daylight ring and burn herself to death.) In a rare moment of humanity, Klaus empathizes with Elena. He had killed five hunters, and it left him in the same state of madness that she is in, for over 50 years. He tried to kill himself, but that pesky immortality got in the way. And one day, it just vanished. Klaus wants to keep Elena locked up until she kicks the hallucinations.

Tyler isn’t the only one Hayley helped to break the sire bond. Chris, Klaus’s current lead goon, has kept his sire status secret. Stefan’s plan is to send Caroline to the Grill to keep Klaus distracted while Chris sends the guards away from Elena’s room. Stefan then enters to rescue Elena. But Elena sees him as Connor, stabs him with whatever is laying around, and runs. With the new knowledge that Elena is, essentially, under a witch’s spell, Damon goes to Bonnie, who takes him to see Professor Shane, who just “happens” to be setting up an occult exhibit at the high school. Shane explains that the hallucinations will go away when the next hunter (the one “called up” to replace the dead hunter) kills his first vampire, thereby continuing the circle of vampire death. So the plan changes, and Klaus returns to Tyler’s home and threatens Chris for doing a piss-poor job of protecting Elena. At the last minute he is merciful and does not kill Chris; Jeremy is there and takes care of it.

By this point, Elena is walking with madness. Literally. Connor and Katherine each flank her and she ends up on the bridge. She is very upset and starting to toy with suicide - then it all stops. They vanish, and all is quiet. Elena’s mother appears and calmly, sweetly explains to her daughter why she is better off killing herself. Even when Elena worries about leaving Jeremy alone, mom has help for that: “You are better off helping him as a ghost than hurting him as a monster.” Elena throws her daylight ring into the river and waits for sun up.

Damon has gone looking for Elena, and the bridge is the first place he looks. Whereas Stefan appeared to Elena as Connor, Damon appears as Damon. Jeremy kills Chris, knocking the hallucinations from Elena’s mind. But Elena has already thrown her daylight ring into the river, and the sun is coming up. Damon looks around wildly, desperate to get Elena indoors. There is nowhere nearby, so he tackles Elena into the river.

Dig It or Bury It?

I feel as though Elena’s madness could have been more fun. For us, the viewer, I mean. Doesn’t have to be crazy, but some camera tricks and/or some visual effects could have gone a long way in showing Elena as less whiny and more crazy.

In the “So Pointless It Has to Have a Point” Category...

During his occult presentation, Shane talks about what historians believe is the first tombstone. The story that accompanies the tombstone is that it belonged to a witch named Silas. Another witch, Ketsia, was in love with him and helped make him immortal. She wanted to be made immortal too, but Silas had is eye on immortalizing another woman. In a jealous rage, Ketsia buried Silas alive. It is said that Silas is seething and will rise from the grave to wreak havoc. So, obviously, Shane is Silas.

Dear Diary

In case you want to skip over the mushy-gushy stuff, skip this section. Stefan finally grows a pair and sees that Elena has more trust in Damon. Elena cannot deny that her feelings for him have grown stronger, and Stefan dumps her (he does it nicer than I am describing it, but I have no soul.) Also, Tyler and Caroline fake break-up in front of Klaus to keep up the charade that Hayley is an old girlfriend, and not there to help other hybrids break their sire bond. But it backfires when Caroline agrees to go on a date with Klaus (in exchange for allowing Jeremy to kill one of his hybrids) and Tyler gets really, really jealous.


Get ready for another mushy episode as Elena admits her feelings to Damon.