TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 409 - 'O Come, All Ye Faithful'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 409
“O Come, All Ye Faithful”
Written By: Michael J. Cinquemani & Julie Plec
Directed By: Pascal Verschooris
Original Airdate: 13 December 2012

In This Episode...

Elena and Damon head out to the Gilbert lake house. Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane are holed up there, and Bonnie thinks she has a way to get Jeremy past the whole “I need to kill my sister” thing. As Shane explains, Jeremy’s is a conditioned response. He sees a vampire, he must kill it (funny - his reaction isn’t as strong with any other vampire in town. Just Elena.) Shane’s idea is to recondition him to protect Elena, and to realize that he doesn’t need to act on his first instinct. He needs to stop, think, and realize he has a choice in the matter. Elena shares a warm and fuzzy memory about the Gilberts in the lake house. Jeremy counters by saying that Elena isn’t his real sister, she means nothing to him, she is the reason everyone he loves is dead, and he will kill her if he has to die trying. Elena is shaken, but Bonnie believes it was a bad idea to use Elena in the first place. What Jeremy needs is an emotional touchstone. Someone he feels close to, but doesn’t have the urge to kill. That person is Bonnie. The details on all this are very sketchy, but Jeremy and Bonnie work on this alone for a bit, then Elena goes back inside. Jeremy enters the room, wooden stake in hand. He calmly hands it over to Damon (again, why is he only interested in killing Elena?) then embraces his sister. So, he’s cured. I guess. But Damon, who has been lying all day to his brother (Stefan doesn’t know they are spending the day together), knows that it is time to use the sire bond to send Elena away. She knows it is coming, but she doesn’t want it. Damon tells her to go, that he will stay and protect Jeremy, but Elena must go far from him, he doesn’t want to see her. It is what will make him happy. As Elena gets in the car with Bonnie to leave, she admits she was ready to fight Damon on this, but suddenly feels the right thing to do is leave. So apparently, this sire bond turns Elena into a mindless Stepford Wife.

In Mystic Falls, the town is celebrating their Winter Wonderland event (seriously - is there ever not an event?) Tyler, with Hayley’s “help” has developed a plan to complete the hybrid sire bond. Since Klaus can’t be killed, the plan is to do the body-jump thing that Klaus did at the beginning of the season. Tyler will take on Klaus in his body and seal himself up in cement until the hybrids can get far, far away. Caroline doesn’t like this idea at all. Neither does Stefan, but largely because he still needs Klaus. Though Klaus showed him the sword and revealed that the hilt was a cipher for the map, Klaus has since hidden the sword. If Klaus is going to be “unavailable” for a period of time, Stefan needs that sword first. When Tyler finds out that Caroline told Stefan, he is furious and instructs the hybrids to lock up Caroline and Stefan in the catacombs until the spell is done. Damon calls - it seems Shane knows where this so-called cure is, and can lead them to it (more on that in a moment.) Now that they don’t need the sword, there is no reason for Stefan and Caroline to remain locked up. What’s more, Caroline has a plan so that Tyler doesn’t have entomb himself with Klaus’s soul: put Klaus’s soul into Rebekah’s body. The stake will still work, and as Caroline puts it, you get two Originals with one stone. Tyler loves this idea, and Bonnie says it will work, but Hayley doesn’t like it - it wrecks her and Shane’s plan. She texts the change of plans to Shane, who insists she fixes it. She breaks Caroline’s neck. April finds Caroline’s “body” and calls for help. Caroline snaps out of it, scaring the bejesus out of April. She leaves a hasty voicemail for Tyler, outlining literally every bit of the plan, and compels April to forget everything. Good plan, until Matt informs her that she is wearing Jeremy’s vervain bracelet - she can’t be compelled. April is a little stunned by what she hears, and goes to the catacombs, where she finds Rebekah in her coffin, exactly as Caroline described. So April is a little freaked out.

Hayley finally admits to Tyler that there is no witch coming to put Klaus in his body. It was all a ruse. Still not super-clear on what the hybrids are needed for, but she admits Shane needed twelve of them for a “sacrifice” so she could get info on her real parents. Tyler is horrified, more so when Hayley tells him that if he runs he might be able to save himself. Meanwhile, the hybrids have collected in the woods, where Klaus goes about slaughtering each and every one. The last one, Kim, he corners in the catacombs. Klaus is looking for Tyler. She doesn’t know where he is, and he kills her, too. Now, I have to imagine that Klaus was not part of the plan. He must have overheard all this, and felt he had to kill his hybrids before Shane got a chance to use them for whatever he had planned. Klaus seems depressed as he kills his offspring - many by beheading them with the sword. He finds Carol Lockwood later, and asks about Tyler. She doesn’t know where her son is; she is drunk. Klaus drowns her in the nearby fountain.

So the whole “cure” thing. Shane claims that Silas (the witch who planned on an immortality spell for him and his girlfriend, until his best friend got jealous and killed her, leaving Silas buried, alive and immortal) holds the cure - it was buried with him. Essentially it is a cure for immortality, blood being the life force that, I guess, keeps all immortals alive. Shane knows where Silas is buried, he just needs Jeremy’s full hunter’s mark to appear so he can have the spell to unearth Silas. Shane does not trust Damon with the location of Silas’s grave, and Shane swears he is just in it for Silas’s sake.

Stefan feels bad about just letting Klaus get led to the slaughter. While he was ransacking Klaus’s home, looking for the sword, he found love letters from Klaus’s former companions/victims. When asked about them, Klaus says they are no different than when Stefan, in his ripper state, would write the names of his victims on the wall. This sticks with him, for later, back at the Salvatore home with Caroline, he admits to her that there is really no difference between Klaus and them. They have all done bad things; the only thing that makes them “better” than Klaus is that they have family they can trust. Caroline agrees, then accidentally-on-purpose asks if Damon has said anything about where Elena has been all day. Stefan finally, finally, finally puts together that Damon didn’t yet break his sire bond with Elena, and the answer to the question “How together are they?” is one that does not need to be verbalized. Stefan freaks out a little bit.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked this one. Not too sappy. The sire bond thing is still annoying, and the “resolution” is a little insulting. It’s like they are trying to say that Elena would never be such a slut as to sleep with Damon were she not under his spell. I don’t want to sound all femi-nazi, but it is insulting to think that Elena isn’t allowed to change of her own volition. I expect more from you Julie Plec. I really do. Not a ton of action, but what there was was a bloody good time (pun intended.) There was a lot of overly complicated scheming that involved a lot of backstabbing, which is what I think The Vampire Diaries is the best at.

I like that Stefan finally drew the correlation that Klaus isn’t necessarily any “worse” than anyone else - they have all done horrible things. I always found it hard to see Klaus as the “big bad” beyond the fact that there was literally no way to kill him. The only reason that Klaus has a higher body count is because he has lived for thousands of years longer than Stefan.

Devilishly Charming

This is the wrong kind of funny, but Stefan’s “temper tantrum” at the end was just embarrassing. First, how naive is Stefan to believe that Elena and Damon hadn’t slept together? Second, “How together are they?” Are we in junior high? Does he need Caroline to draw him a picture?

Blood Lust

There is something so beautiful about scenes of slaughter and carnage set to Christmas music. Maybe it is just the juxtaposition between peace and misery. Klaus’s slaughter of his hybrids in the woods was magnificently gory and beautifully choreographed.


I think Silas is either related to Hayley, or Shane thinks he can bring his dead wife and child back from the dead.