TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 411 - 'Catch Me If You Can'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 411
“Catch Me If You Can”
Written By: Brian Young & Michael Narducci
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 24 January 2013

In This Episode...

Jeremy does not want to kill the vampires Klaus just made, so he ups the ante: Klaus compels the newbie vamps to give Jeremy a two minute head start, then they start attacking Matt. Jeremy and Matt run back to the lake house to hide while Damon reluctantly holds them off. Elena happens across the boys and helps them get to the house. Dawn breaks, and Damon returns with tough love: Jeremy is going to have to kill the vamps before the sun goes down. Matt and Elena head back to Mystic Falls while Damon and Jeremy return to the bar where the newbie vampires are likely to be nesting. Upon arriving, something doesn’t seem right to Damon. All is quiet. They follow blood trails into the store room and discover all the vampires dead and piled up. Kol appears, and Jeremy quickly disappears. He doesn’t want the cure to be found because in doing so, Silas would be resurrected and followers have said that his rising would bring about the end of the world. Kol would do anything to prevent that from happening. So he compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Damon doesn’t want to kill him (it is safe to say that if he did, his chances of getting laid drop to 0%) but he can’t help himself, and follows Jeremy back to Mystic Falls.

Back home, Damon tells Elena what is going on. Poor stupid Elena believes that Damon can just will himself to break the compulsion. It doesn’t work like that. Jeremy hides out in the tunnels, despite Damon yelling at him to seek safe harbor. Jeremy has delusions of grandeur that he is going to kill Damon, so he cuts himself so Damon can follow the scent of fresh blood. Jeremy does manage to shoot Damon a few times, but he is not a great shot. He finally lands a bullet in Damon’s head, which naturally doesn’t kill him but it does knock him out for a bit. Jeremy cut himself too deep and is slowing down. Stefan shows up and snaps Damon’s neck. Elena had called him, begging for help, but he is still angry. At the last minute he decided he should help, but only because he still wants the cure. Since there is no way to break the compulsion unless Kol is dead, Stefan drains his brother of blood to weaken him, then locks him in the cellar. He refuses to allow Elena to see him for fear that “the sire bond” will make her release him.

Elena and Jeremy are “safe” at home when Klaus comes around. He believes that, while Damon is compelled, Jeremy would be safest in his care. Jeremy refuses. Elena comes up with a plan that will let Jeremy keep his mark without killing dozens of “innocent” vampires: kill Kol. Then everyone in his bloodline will die, which should give him enough kill credits to get his full mark (and apparently if you don’t have a direct hand in killing, it somehow absolves him.)

During all this, Stefan and Rebekah have been spending a lot of time together. Shane gave away an important piece of the cure when he revealed that he had Silas’s tombstone. She sends Sheriff Forbes to pick him up (more on that later) so she and Stefan will have plenty of time to dig through his office. They spend half the day in there, but cannot find the headstone. Someone sneaks into the office, and the two hide. The stranger collects the headstone from a secret cubby, but Rebekah stops him and tries to torture information out of him. He kills himself rather than give anything away. It is about this time that Stefan gets the call from Elena, and he goes to help despite himself. A combination of a day’s worth of hardcore flirting with Rebekah, mixed with more selfish “I’m sorries” from Elena, sends Stefan to bed with Rebekah.

Sheriff Forbes, on word from April and Rebekah, bring Shane in for questioning in the deaths of the pastor and his followers. Bonnie is furious that he is a suspect - until Shane admits that he did coerce the pastor to murder his flock. So she is pissed, and Shane keeps trying to justify it: the pastor was depressed; it was ritualistic; they will all be resurrected by Silas anyway. This certainly doesn’t help his case, and Bonnie tells him he is crazy. He starts talking smack about her Grams, and Bonnie loses control. Her powers cause Shane’s hand to crumple in horrible directions, and when her dad comes in, she fills the doorway with fire. Shane talks her down, and she storms away. Shane tells her dad that with his guidance, he could make her into the most powerful witch in the world, but without him - he could be a time bomb. This doesn’t sit well with dad, who thinks she needs help. Like rehab-help.

Dig It or Bury It?

Finally, this was probably the first episode of the season that wasn’t dripping in treacle and mushy romance crap. So that is a huge plus. However, Elena is getting more obnoxious by the episode. I was always impressed with how strong and competent she was as a character. She rarely waited for someone else to save her ass; she saved her own. But since becoming a vampire, she has become more whiny and needy and dependent on the menfolk.

Dear Diary

So here is an example of how obnoxious Elena has become. She is mad that Stefan has buddied up with Rebekah because Rebekah tried to kill her. Stefan points out that Damon has tried multiple times to kill Jeremy. “No one is perfect.” Elena is hurt, and thinks that Stefan is hurt, that this isn’t him. “You’ve just never seen me when I wasn’t in love with you.” Bazinga.

Myths Revamped

Kol can’t kill Jeremy himself because of the hunter’s curse. If he did, Jeremy would haunt him for 100 years. So the logical thing is, of course, to make Damon do the dirty work.

Devilishly Charming

When the intruder comes in to steal Silas’s headstone, Rebekah thinks it was likely he was compelled. “You think it was my bastard brother or yours?”


It’s more of the same: Klaus trying to selfishly befriend the Salvatores; Elena is still trying to get Stefan to do her bidding; Kol is crazy (if it’s not one Original, it’s another); and of course, this is all set around the high school’s Decades Dance. I think it is about time they stop holding dances. And pageants. And balls. 

Do these kids still go to high school?