TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 412 - 'A View to a Kill'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 412
“A View to a Kill”
Written By: Rebecca Sonnenshine
Directed By: Brad Turner
Original Airdate: 31 January 2013

In This Episode...

Let’s start with Elena. She is under house arrest with Jeremy and Matt because Kol and Klaus can’t enter. Elena calls Bonnie (who is setting up the Decades Dance) and tells her that she wants Jeremy to kill Kol. While on the phone she tries to wash her hands - and discovers it burns. Bonnie calls her dad, who has put vervain in the water and informs her that the Decades Dance has been canceled, a town curfew has been instituted, and Bonnie is expected home for a “family meeting.” In the hall, Kol attacks her. Bonnie wigs out, uses her witch expression to crush Kol’s throat - and cause a few lockers to explode, too. She runs, more frightened of her own power than the attack.

Elena’s plan is to call Kol over to the house, then have Bonnie weaken him while Jeremy kills him. She will have Matt dagger Rebekah for fear of retaliation. She calls Stefan to fill him in (he is standoffish until she says this is to protect Jeremy) and ask him to get one of the daggers from Rebekah. Stefan is hesitant to do it - after sleeping with Rebekah and spending some actual time with her, he has become fond of her. But he agrees.

Elena calls Kol, who is on her porch in a split second. Jeremy reluctantly invites him in, but only after Kol promises to let Jeremy leave. He keeps his word, and Jeremy bolts to find Bonnie and make sure Matt has the dagger. Naturally, there are problems: Matt can’t find the dagger in Rebekah’s home (Rebekah has it on her and she and Stefan are on date, making their own Decades Dance - the decade is the 1980s) and Jeremy can’t get ahold of Bonnie because her dad has taken her phone and her car keys. So Elena stalls Kol with alcohol and small talk. She tells Kol that she has no alliance with Klaus, and she would give up the cure for the promise of her brother’s safety. He is vaguely suspicious but promises to “take it under advisement.”

Bonnie’s dad has chosen the perfect time to go parental. And the “family meeting” really will be a family affair: Abby has returned. Jeremy shows up, too, but Abby doesn’t want her daughter to have anything to do with the Gilberts. Jeremy tries to stake Abby, but Bonnie calms him down and sends him home, promising to be right behind. Her parents try to “intervention” Bonnie, and she admits she is trying to find a cure for her mother’s vampirism. “I’m not the one who needs to be saved,” Abby says before drugging her daughter. With Bonnie unconscious, she starts mixing up a potion that will keep Bonnie knocked out until she can gather some witches to come over and clean her brain of the garbage Shane filled it with. But the drugs didn’t have that strong of an effect on Bonnie; she hears this plan and mind-crushes her mother’s hand. “I don’t belong to the spirits anymore.” She storms out.

Jeremy returns home and finds his sister alone, but the doorbell rings almost immediately. Thinking it is Bonnie, Elena opens the door and finds Kol, and he has decided not to accept her truce. It is adorable the way she thinks slamming the door in his face will magically make him go away. She disappears upstairs, and Kol gives chase. She and Jeremy ambush him and throw everything in their arsenal at him. It slows him down, but not by much. He stakes Elena to the wall and drags Jeremy downstairs, where he ties him down in the kitchen. Since he doesn’t know which arm is the hunter’s arm, he will cut them both off. Elena finally frees herself and tackles Kol before he can make the first cut. Jeremy sprays Kol with vervain water from the sink, and it slows him down long enough that Jeremy can stake him. Kol is set ablaze and dies. For realsies. Two down, only three Originals left (which might make a potential spin-off a little weak.) Unfortunately, Klaus witnessed the whole thing - and is enraged. He threatens all sorts of terrible things and tries to get into the house, but can’t. Before he can burn the house down, Bonnie shows up and gives him a jolt of witchcraft while screaming at Jeremy to invite him in. He does so, and Bonnie traps him in an invisible cell in the Gilbert living room. They get out of there in a hurry (Jeremy is sure to take the stake) and go to the Salvatore mansion.

During this time, Stefan had spent the entire night with Rebekah at the otherwise-abandoned 1980s dance. She had spent all of the 1980s in a box, so he gave her a crash course on The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, and The Princess Bride. They danced to The Cure (naturally) and Rebekah found Bon Jovi to be some of the least objectionable music of the decade. Stefan catches sight of the dagger in her leg warmer, so he teaches her The Breakfast Club slide and insists she take off her shoes. She figures out what he is getting at and gives him the dagger. She finally admits that the reason she wants the cure is so she can become a real girl. She wants to go to school dances and the mall and get married and have babies. Stefan takes the dagger, but tucks it away and takes her home.

Jeremy is waiting impatiently for the rest of his hunter’s mark to appear. Damon, now free of Kol’s compulsion, comes up from the cellar and embraces Elena. Perfect timing - Stefan has just come home. He admits that Rebekah was not daggered. Without going into detail (though Damon was sure to spill the beans about Stefan and Rebekah sleeping together, which pissed off Elena) Stefan said that he trusts Rebekah, which makes Elena seethe. The brothers start bickering  about girls and sire bonds and the usual. Damon punches Stefan, but before he can return the favor, Jeremy starts hulking out - literally. He tears his shirt open and lets out an anguished scream. Kol’s bloodlines must have finally died off, for the tattoo creeps up his arm and across his chest. Everyone can see it now.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a great episode - best of the season so far. And yes, it is largely because there wasn’t any smoochy-smoochy garbage. The 80s flashback definitely didn’t hurt (I actually had one of those clip-on furry koalas), and I like that this was an “intrigue” episode. Lots of plotting, lots of backstabbing, and a little bit of action made this a fun episode.

Dear Diary

No one writes in a diary tonight, but after Damon finds out about Stefan’s tryst with Rebekah (from Klaus, who walked in on them post-coital) Damon says: “Looks like you ripped a page out of my revenge sex handbook.” He actually seems a bit proud of his little brother.


The Vampire Diaries hits the road in search of Silas’s resting ground. Bonnie’s trap will only hold Klaus for two or three days max, so they better have the cure soon or, as Jeremy says, they may as well join Katherine in hiding because Klaus will kill every one of them.