TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 413 - 'Into the Wild'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 413
“Into the Wild”
Written By: Caroline Dries
Directed By: Michael Allowitz
Original Airdate: 7 February 2013

In This Episode...

Our expedition, consisting of Stefan, Rebekah, Elena, Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Shane, lands off the coast of Nova Scotia, a heavily wooded and desolate region. They begin trekking inland. Shane warns of booby traps. Elena and Rebekah are at each other’s throats. Bonnie photographs every inch of Jeremy’s tattoos. As night falls, someone shoots arrows at Jeremy, and he is tackled. His attacker is attacked and killed; his savior disappears. Shane decides it is safer if they set up camp for the night and do so in a clearing with an adjacent barn-like structure. 

Bonnie is concerned because she wasn’t able to find a spell on Jeremy’s tattoo. Shane assures her it is all in her expression. He also uses this opportunity to point out that using expression can get messy, and if Shane isn’t there to pull Bonnie back, she would die. Damon doesn’t trust him at all and sticks near him. Shane finally reveals what his vested interest in this whole Silas thing is.

Shane had a young son who died in a car accident. His wife, Caitlin, was also a witch - something that infuriates Bonnie when she finds out. Caitlin went a little crazy after the kid died, and tried to use expression to resurrect him. It didn’t work and she lost control and died. This island held a legend of a magical well that, if you put in a drop of your blood, you can see your dead loved ones (of course, it could also be indigenous plants poisoning the water source.) So Shane comes to the island, finds the well (basically a huge hole in the ground) and lowers himself in. He slips and falls hard, cracking his head open - but there is Caitlin. The blood seeping into the ground caused her to appear (either that, or the head trauma) and she insists she has a way for them to be a family again. Caitlin tells Shane that buried deep beneath the well was a witch named Silas, and if he helps him (by releasing him) he will resurrect those who died for him. Bonnie is apparently part of Silas’s bloodline, which is why it has to be her who does the spell, and three massacres are required to draw power off, because the power for the spell does not come from nature.

Damon counts two massacres (Pastor Young’s flock, and the hybrids) - but where is the third? He believes that is why Shane led them out there and immediately ties him up. Shane tries weakly to explain that it isn’t like that, but he never really gets to what it is like. Damon ties him up with the intention of torturing the well’s location out of Shane. Shane believes Damon won’t kill him because it will leave Bonnie unprotected, so he provokes Damon by reminding him that once Elena is human and there is no sire bond, she will have no use for him. Damon clues Shane in: he doesn’t care what happens to Bonnie. He is about to snap Shane’s neck when Elena comes in and stops him. She unties Shane, then goes after Damon. Damon finally admits he doesn’t want Elena to be human, and he doesn’t want to be human either - he can’t imagine anything more miserable.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has been abducted (the timeline in this episode is really messy, so I’m just going to try to hit the important stuff - the order of events doesn’t really matter because it all pretty much happens in the span of two days.) Bonnie will do a locator spell; Shane will keep an eye on her; and Damon will keep an eye on him. That leaves Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena to look for Jeremy. As much as I don’t need the high school drama, it is interesting because in this situation, Rebekah really isn’t the bad guy. She tried to be friends with Elena, and Elena stabbed her in the back (literally.) Yeah, she may have forced Elena off the road, but she was doing it to protect her family - a quality that is praised in Elena. Rebekah reminds her that she had a hand in killing not one but two of her brothers. The cherry on top is when the three of them are in the woods, Elena triggers a booby trap, and Rebekah saves her.

A new night falls, and Jeremy is still missing. Shane has disappeared, and stolen the tombstone from Rebekah’s pack. She initially blames Elena, but Stefan vouches for her. Elena gives her the white ash stake as a sign of trust, which Rebekah accepts hesitantly. The girls, realizing they both want the same thing, form a hesitant truce. Bonnie’s locator spell worked, and she has been following a trail of fire through the forest. What she finds at the end of it is exactly what she was looking for: Jeremy. Jeremy is bound and chained to another witch, whom Shane calls Massok. Shane is there, with the tombstone, and says that Massok led Bonnie there (or, you know, her locator spell actually worked.) Meanwhile, a dejected Damon is wandering the woods alone, when he is attacked. The face is unfamiliar but the tattoos scream “hunter.” The two wrestle, and it ends with Damon’s neck being snapped and the hunter standing ominously over him.

But wait! There is more! Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler is taking great delight in mocking Klaus, who is still trapped in his invisible box in the Gilberts’ living room. Caroline comes to keep him company, but Klaus grabs a nearby floor lamp, impales Caroline on it to drag her into his box and take a big bite out of her neck. He thinks he is punishing Tyler by doing this. Tyler, desperate for Klaus to cure her, offers to allow himself to be under Klaus’s control again. It is a hollow offer and Klaus doesn’t bite. Throughout the episode, Caroline grows worse, and Tyler is at a loss. Finally, he brings Caroline into Klaus’s box, hoping to play on his obvious love for her. He leaves, and Klaus promises he won’t be swayed, because saving Caroline would just be a victory for Tyler. Caroline reasons with him, but like a petulant child, Klaus is firm in his belief that he is pure evil. “I know you love me, and anyone capable of feeling love can be saved.” It is not until Caroline starts to convulse before Klaus realizes she is right, and opens a vein for her. He strokes her hair sweetly while she drinks.

Dig It or Bury It?

Okay, I’m patient. I can sit through the midlife crises in order to get to the shit hitting the fan. After all, part of getting the cure means resurrecting an army of the dead. So I sat through the “mean girl” backstabbing, the “will you still love me” refrains, the “why being a human is better than being a vampire” speeches. I am waiting for a zombie army. Plus, I am fascinated to see how far down the rabbit hole Shane’s insanity goes. Maybe this whole cure thing is a myth, something that his fevered brain came up with after the fall. Or at least, his version of how to get the cure. After all, the cure probably does exist somewhere, somehow, but Shane did have a vision after cracking his skull open....


Shit gets real on the island of lost souls.