TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 417 - 'Because the Night'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 417
“Because the Night”
Written By: Brian Young & Charlie Charbonneau
Directed By: Garreth Stover
Original Airdate: 21 March 2013

In This Episode...

Damon and Elena are out in New York, in Damon’s old stomping grounds (he was a NY punk - is anyone surprised by this?) Damon tells her that he just wants her to have fun, but he has an ulterior motive - find the cure. Will, the vampire he killed last week, owned an underground club called Billy’s (“The Factory was too clean; CBGBs was too high profile”). In the 1970s, Damon would kill people on the street and steal their IDs for Will; in return, Will let him feed in his club.  Will had a repeat customer, a 5’7” brunette. Damon is pretty sure that is Katherine, and he is there to search Will’s records.

So Damon and Elena are hanging out at Billy’s and Rebekah shows up. The three decide to party - drinking and dancing. Elena gets hungry and feeds on disillusioned punk on the dance floor. Damon joins her, then turns over his spot to Rebekah. While the girls feed, he sneaks into Will’s office and finds Katherine’s file. Elena goes looking for Damon and lures him up to the roof with a bottle of booze. She tries to seduce him - something Damon initially resists, but gives in to - until he realizes that she is just trying to steal Katherine’s last known address. Rebekah shows up, snaps her neck, and the two girls leave. They have found a mutual interest: keeping the cure away from the Salvatores. They won’t stop until they force the cure down Elena’s gullet, and Rebekah actually wants the cure. So now they are working together.

Shit ain’t so hot in Mystic Falls, either. Silas tells Bonnie that he has taken on Shane’s form in the hopes of earning her trust. It works because he convinces her to convene the dozen for the last massacre. According to a book Caroline finds in Shane’s office, the expression triangle requires a massacre of humans, a massacre of demons (the hybrids) and a massacre of witches. Silas assures Bonnie that the witches she kills will be brought back when the gates of hell open up. This works on her, and she tells her father to call her mom and get some witches.

Bonnie meets up with a witch named Asia in the forest. She brought 11 additional witches and thinks they are there to cleanse Bonnie of the expression that plagues her. Of course, she has really brought them there to join them together and kill them. Caroline, Klaus, and Stefan have triangulated two possible locations for the witch massacre and split up. Stefan finds them first but Asia uses her power - intensified by being linked to the other 11 witches - to throw Stefan away. He tells her that Bonnie is working with Silas, which scares Asia. She determines that the only way to stop it is to kill Bonnie. Caroline and Klaus meet Stefan and debate the options. The boys are basically going to let Asia kill Bonnie - they are in too deep and in this scenario, someone has to die. Caroline can’t watch her best friend die, so she throws herself at Asia, stabbing her with the knife marked for Bonnie. Asia dies, the other 11 witches die, and now the only thing Silas needs to open the gates of hell is the cure.

Morning comes. Caroline starts to realize the gravity of her actions.  She turns to Klaus for comfort but he has been insulted one too many times and rebuffs her. Before he can feel bad about scaring her away, Silas shows up with an ultimatum: you get me the cure, or I kill you. Klaus isn’t scared, even after Silas reveals he has the white ash stake. Silas leaves, but pops up behind Klaus and stabs him with the stake. He assures Klaus he is not trying to kill him; just leaving something to remember him by. Silas breaks the stake off in Klaus’s chest and walks away, leaving Klaus alive - but wishing he weren’t.

Dig It or Bury It?

Things are finally ramping up. Everything up to the last few minutes was kind of treading the line between “showing promise” and “eyeroll.” The witch massacre was awesome - someone should show it to the producers of The Secret Circle and tell them that this is what they should have been going for - but then it got less awesome when Bonnie lost her memory and Stefan had to fill her in. But that last scene with Silas and Klaus was pretty badass. 

Flashback to the Future

In 1977, Lexi finds Damon in NYC. Stefan sent her there to try to get him to flip his switch. They spend six months together, with Lexi trying to get Damon to open up about Katherine. He finally admits it is not Katherine he is hung up on - it is Lexi. His emotions flipped back on subtly, and can’t deny it anymore. They have sex on the roof of the club. Lexi oversleeps and doesn’t wake until the sun scorches her flesh. She runs for the door, only to discover it is barricaded shut. Damon set the whole thing up, just to screw with her.


Damon and Stefan team up to find the cure, while Elena and Rebekah form an unholy alliance