TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 420 - 'The Originals'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 420
“The Originals”
Written By: Julie Plec
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 25 April 2013

In This Episode...

Hayley is down in New Orleans looking for word on her family. Jane Ann Devereux, the witch Katherine suggests Klaus go find, marks a map, sending Hayley into the bayou where she promises all her questions will be answered. With her sister’s help, Jane Ann does a spell that strands Hayley in the bayou and eventually causes her to collapse. Sister Sophie and a dozen of their friends collect Hayley.

Klaus rolls into the French Quarter and starts asking about Jane Ann. He chats up some witches, and they are all too terrified to help. They know who Klaus is, but they are afraid of the vampire Marcel. He rules New Orleans. Klaus locates Marcel, who turns out to have been sired by Klaus. Klaus found him as a scrappy orphan living in slavery, took him under his wing, and eventually turned him. He shared the secrets of daywalking with his “inner circle.” He rules all things magic in this town. It is a town run by vampires. The locals accept them and look the other way. The witches, who once terrorized the vampires, are now terrified of Marcel. They abide by his rules - which include absolutely no magic. He knows that Jane Ann did that spell on Hayley - and kills her in front of Klaus and dozens of vampires. Klaus is pissed - he needed to talk to her. Marcel seems pretty convinced that he can help him with anything that Jane Ann could have told him.

Klaus finds Sophie, but also finds that Marcel’s men have been following him. Sophie is too terrified to talk to him. She goes out back to pray for her dead sister’s soul, and the goons attack her. Elijah shows up, in town unbeknownst to Klaus, and saves Sophie. Elijah surprises Klaus. Klaus is like a petulant toddler, but Elijah convinces him to follow him to the cemetery. Sophie is there, and some of her friends bring Hayley in. Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’s child. She was “kidnapped” so that the Devereux girls could be sure. Klaus may be half vampire, and vampires cannot procreate, but he was born werewolf and werewolves can procreate. So there ya go. Klaus continues his temper tantrum, claiming he doesn’t care about the baby, or whether or not it and Hayley live or die. Klaus thinks this is a trick and wonders what a baby would get him? Power? Elijah says families can provide power, and he offers to stay with Klaus in New Orleans, to rebuild their family and regain their power.

Returning to the bar where Marcus holds court, Klaus confronts him about what it is he holds over the witches. Marcel doesn’t want to speak about his business. This doesn’t sit well with Klaus. Klaus built this town, but now Marcus runs it. He has rules, and those who break his rules will be killed. Klaus considers this, turns, and takes a big bite out of one of Marcus’s vampires. “I’ve broken your rule and I can’t be killed. Who has the power now?” Finally! Klaus was such a pussy up to this point. 

Out on the street, Klaus chats with a woman as they watch an artist paint. Her insights into the painting cause Klaus’s eyes to fill with tears. He sits on a bench and eventually Elijah joins him. Klaus has decided to stay. He and Elijah will regain control of the city they built, and rebuild their family legacy. The next morning, Klaus visits Marcus and offers his blood to cure the vamp he attacked, as a sign of good faith. Marcus is happy to hear Klaus has decided to stay.

Elijah heads back to Mystic Falls. He expects Rebekah to move to New Orleans with them - a second chance at a family. Rebekah likes the life she has there and refuses to leave. Katherine next tries to make Elijah stay - she wants to start their life together. Blood is thicker, and Elijah says goodbye.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode is a little bit sloppy - backdoor pilots always are. But I think this is going to work out well. Klaus needs a change of scenery. He is no longer the most evil villain Mystic Falls has ever seen. He has done good deeds for almost everyone in town, and I think the only thing that scares people about him is the immortal thing. Klaus needs a new town to shake up; a new group of people to terrify. That said, I am a little concerned that they are going to make Klaus a pussy in The Originals. I guess most people would call it being an “anti-hero.” But seriously, it took 45 minutes before Klaus finally showed he was a badass in tonight’s episode. What’s more, we saw him cry! What the fuck? Is fatherhood changing him already? Speaking of... really? He’s going to be a father? You can’t tell me that in 1,000+ years, he never had sex with a werewolf? I actually totally accept the rationale behind Klaus being able to procreate. But how could he just now be figuring this out? 


Next week we get back to Vampire Diaries business and the Salvatores begin the torture of Elena. I can’t wait.