TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 421 - 'She's Come Undone'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 421
“She’s Come Undone”
Written By: Michael Narducci & Rebecca Sonnenshine
Directed By: Darnell Martin
Original Airdate: 2 May 2013

In This Episode...

Stefan and Damon are in the process of breaking Elena. Stefan doesn’t like to call it torture; he prefers “intervention.” Caroline doesn’t like this approach and tries one more time to be nice to Elena. elena responds with insults to Caroline about how her boyfriends always leave her and how her mom thinks she is a monster. Caroline snaps her neck to shut her up and tells Stefan to do whatever he wants.

The boys start by sending Damon into Elena’s mind to try to make her nostalgic and provoke an emotional response. Strike one. Next, they remove her daylight ring and taunt her with rays of sunshine. She burns, they put her out, over and over. She breaks free and throws open the drapes wide, igniting her whole body on fire. The boys tackle her from either end to extinguish her, proving to Elena that they wouldn’t actually let her die. Strike two. Realizing that they need someone similarly sociopathic, they enlist Katherine to come help. She reaches her hand into Elena’s chest and toys with her heart - but leaves it in place. (“Your boyfriends said I can’t kill you.”) She realizes that Elena wouldn’t last a week as a vampire without Stefan and Damon fawning over her, so she puts Elena back in her dungeon - but doesn’t lock it. Foul tip.

So Elena escapes and she is hungry. Damon and Stefan are pissed. Step up your game, guys! Well, they do. Elena is stumbling through the woods and a truck approaches. She plays the damsel in distress, but sees it is Matt. He tries to bring out the nostalgia in Elena, but it doesn’t work - she bites him. Yet she doesn’t drain him. He is weak, yes, but he is still alive - and she won’t take more until he stands up and holds his own. This is when the Salvatores whoosh in. Stefan grabs Elena while Damon grabs Matt. He threatens to kill Matt if Elena doesn’t turn her humanity back on. She scoffs, says Damon is bluffing - but he’s not. He snaps Matt’s neck and lets him drop. That is what Elena needed. She is in shock, and crying. Damon doubles-down and reminds her of sweet childhood memories of the two of them. Then he reveals that Matt is wearing Jeremy’s immunity ring. Elena collapses over Matt, crying. “That weight lifting? That is joy.” It all comes rushing back, and Elena babbles incoherently about all the horrible things she is now feeling bad for. Stefan instructs her to focus on just one emotion, and go with that one. This calms her down, but only a little bit. The emotion she has chosen to focus on is rage - rage at Katherine, who is behind every tragedy that has befallen her. Elena is determined to kill her.

Caroline is trying to take her mind off the Elena torture. Klaus appears to help her take her mind off things. But he soon reveals himself to be Silas, and he is trying to beat Bonnie’s location out of her. Klaus/Silas stakes Caroline and leaves her in the forest. When she wakes that night, the stake is gone and Matt finds her. But of course, this is Silas as well - he skips past the niceties and jumps right to “Where’s Bonnie?” Silas clearly does not understand subtlety. She tries to run; Silas-as-Klaus pushes her down the stairs. She finally makes it into her car and rushes home, calling her mom on the way. “Don’t open the door for anyone, not even me,” she insists. Caroline has a key; mom won’t need to open the door.

Caroline gets home and is relieved to find her mom safe - but she suddenly realizes she has no way of knowing whether or not this is her mom or Silas. She calls her mom’s cell phone; mom answers it, and Caroline is appeased. Bonnie finally shows up - Caroline had been calling frantically all day - but Caroline is worried that she is Silas. Since Silas has already revealed himself to Bonnie, she can block him from mindfucking her, so she can see that Silas is actually inside the house, disguised as Caroline’s mom. While Bonnie and Silas argue, Caroline runs to her mom in the other room and desperately tries to force mom to drink her blood. She can’t, so she draws blood and plunges it, Pulp Fiction-style into her mom’s chest. It takes a little longer than normal, but the sheriff wakes.

Bonnie has some problems of her own. She agreed to help Silas lift the veil between the worlds. The plan is to do that in two days, during the full moon. Bonnie has her own reasons for agreeing to help Silas (I have to assume it has to do with bringing Jeremy and Grams back) but she needs Silas’s headstone. It is full of her ancestor’s blood, which gives her the power that the full moon would have given her - but no waiting. She meets with Katherine and makes a deal: give me the headstone, and I will make Katsia grant you true immortality, like Silas had. Katherine is in.

Also: Rebekah reveals to Matt that ever since he convinced her to save April at the prom, she has realized she wants to be a better person - and she has been doing her damnedest to make it happen. (It also doesn’t hurt that her family has left her and she literally has no one.)

Dig It or Bury It?

The torture wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped. It was negated by the Salvatores whining about how difficult this plan was for them. Klaus is really much better at the torture thing. The scene where Damon snaps Matt’s neck, that was powerful. Of course Matt was wearing Jeremy’s ring, but the timing was beautiful, and it was really effective. I am actually surprised that Caroline’s mom survived but frankly, it’s good that she did. This show has too many orphans.

I am lukewarm about the renewed interest in killing Katherine. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. But with Klaus getting his own show, they need a new “big bad.”


Graduation nears. Hospital patients are being drained of blood - Silas is stocking up.