TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 422 - 'The Walking Dead'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 422
“The Walking Dead”
Written By: Brian Young & Caroline Dries
Directed By: Rob Hardy
Original Airdate: 9 May 2013

In This Episode...

Bonnie has bound Katherine to her so she can’t stray away and start killing people while Bonnie works her magic. She goes to each massacre site to get things warmed up before heading underground, into the caves, to start the spell from the dead center of the expression triangle. Bonnie’s plan is to drop enough of the veil to allow her to talk to Katsia so she can find out how to stop Silas, and to ask her about making Katherine truly immortal (but I don’t think she ever actually intended to go through with it).

Elena has channeled all her emotions into rage, and is obsessed with killing Katherine. This doesn’t really make her less of a bitch than when she turned off her emotions; it just makes her less likely to kill innocents. Katherine hears someone coming, and Bonnie gives her some “slack” on the bond so she can go investigate. Katherine finds Elena - with a death wish - and the two fight. Unbeknownst to Elena, every bit of damage she deals against Katherine affects Bonnie as well. Stefan and Caroline have been looking for Bonnie and Katherine. They find Bonnie, realize what is going on, and Caroline stays with Bonnie while Stefan breaks up the doppelganger fight. Elena is furious until Stefan explains to her that Bonnie and Katherine are linked. Then she is just angry.

Before she was interrupted by searing pain and phantom wounds, Bonnie succeeded in dropping the veil - or rather, pushing it to the side a bit. Basically the veil has been dropped within the triangle of expression. And all our old favorites return. Alaric greets Damon in the school hallways and proves he isn’t Silas by revealing the secret of locker 42 - filled with booze. Kol surprises Rebekah and Matt at the Grill. Since Jeremy is already dead, he wants to kill the next best thing: Elena. Rebekah refuses to help, and he stabs Matt in the shoulder with a broken bottle. When Rebekah goes looking for a first aid kit, she hears something and discovers Caroline in the storage room, cutting her wrists obsessively. But wait! There is another Caroline in the caves! Which is which? The one trying to cut off her hand is the real Caroline; Bonnie is stuck with Silas.

Silas switches between Caroline, Stefan, and his deformed face for awhile, really freaking Bonnie out. She thought he couldn’t get in her head anymore, but that is just what he wanted her to think. He intends to haunt her until she drops the veil completely and he can take the cure and pass peacefully to the other side. This plan is cut short when he hears Damon approaching. Silas makes Bonnie barely able to breathe then meets Damon as Alaric. Damon had just left Alaric at the school - no way this could be the real Alaric. While Damon subdues Silas, Grams visits Bonnie and assures her that the inability to breathe was all an illusion. She meets up with Damon and Silas. Since she doesn’t know how to kill Silas, she can stop him. Using her expression, Bonnie makes Silas’ blood clot and turns his bones and muscle to stone. This isn’t permanent - a drop of blood and Silas will come back to life - but at least it stops him for the time being. 

Elena’s wall of rage is starting to crack, and her other emotions are leaking through. She goes to Jeremy’s grave and cries. She has decided she doesn’t want to live anymore. So when Kol attacks her, she doesn’t put up much of a fight. She tells him to just kill her already, but before he can, Kol is attacked with a stake. It is Jeremy. He is finally back, and he has a crossbow. Stefan shows up and snaps Kol’s neck to keep him at bay for a bit. The reunion between Elena and Jeremy is actually quite heartwarming. Damon and Bonnie join them, and Bonnie is both stunned and thrilled to see Jeremy. Everyone decides that Elena and Jeremy need this time together the most. Bonnie has to go put the veil back, but she promises to give them as much time as she can. Stefan goes to the Grill and sits with Caroline. He is a bit maudlin because he was hoping someone would come back for him. And then she is there: Lexi. Damon gets the calcified Silas and, with Alaric’s help, hoist him into the trunk. They share a drink, then Alaric hands Damon something he got off the dead man: the cure. “Use it to get the girl.” Rebekah and Matt are out for a walk and they see the power restored to the town. They are hopeful that this means the veil is back up - but a hulking figure in the distance tells them otherwise. This is Rebekah’s ex, Alexander, the hunter.

Bonnie returns to the center of the expression triangle. Grams wants her to put the veil back up, but Bonnie explains that was never the plan - she has to first find a way to keep Jeremy there, and if that means leaving the veil down, so be it. Grams is scared as Bonnie summons up enough power to cause her veins to turn black. She is channeling dark magic, and chants until she collapses. When she finally comes to, Grams apologizes. “The spell was too much,” she explains. Bonnie looks down - she is dead, and the veil is down.

Dig It or Bury It?

This could have been the season finale. It would have been a great season finale. But we still have one more episode left. In anyone else’s hands, that could be a bad sign, but I trust The Vampire Diaries. I think the finale will be truly epic.

Back to this episode... this was great. Just great. Everything I want out of an episode of TVD. There was violence, there was betrayal, there was insanity, there was magic, and there were visits from old friends. I have to admit, Bonnie’s death left me a little gobsmacked. It was such a perfect way to end the season... but we still have another episode! So now the veil will have to stay down longer. Can Bonnie perform magic as a dead witch? If she can’t, then the veil will stay down forever - she is the last of the Bennet witches. I’m glad we have Alaric back - it’s not Matt Davis’s fault that Cult was terrible. I still don’t entirely understand how his ring made him a supernatural, but I guess once you have died and come back, that is a pretty supernatural thing.

I am so excited for the season finale.

Devilishly Charming

Early on in the episode, when Bonnie is dragging her to all the massacre sites, they end their tour of horror on the site of the witch massacre. She is explaining how 12 witches were killed on this spot. “Thirteen if you don’t get to the point,” snaps a bored Katherine.


Next week is the season finale, and the kids graduate high school. Clearly they never watched Buffy, otherwise they would know to stay home and have the school mail them their diplomas.