TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 501 - 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 501
“I Know What You Did Last Summer”
Written By: Caroline Dries
Directed By: Lance Anderson
Original Airdate: 3 October 2013

In This Episode...

Over the summer break, all Elena did was fuck Damon; Tyler was helping a wolf pack in Appalachia (I still am not sure what that means, but I am sensing that Tyler may be joining The Originals); Bonnie has been dictating texts, emails, and postcards to Jeremy so that her friends and her dad think she is traveling the world; Matt and Rebekah have been screwing their way across Europe, occasionally picking up a pretty young thing to join them; and Stefan has been stuck in that box underwater, dying and coming back to life over and over and over while Silas has been roaming the land, getting strong off blood.

Let’s start with Elena and Caroline, who are moving into their dorm room. As they are toasting their new digs with bags of blood, there is a knock at the door. A mixup in the housing office means that they have a third roommate, Megan. She is a perfectly pleasant girl, but Caroline is instantly suspicious. Elena tries to remind her that they are trying to be normal girls, and the best way to be normal is to act normal. Then Caroline takes a sip of one of Megan’s “protein waters,” discovers it is laced with vervain, and totally freaks out - she thinks Megan is a hunter. Elena calms her down, but she is on edge. The girls go to a party that night, but are surprised that they can’t enter the frat house. “It must be owned by someone,” Elena surmises brilliantly. Megan doesn’t know why the girls don’t enter, and they lamely say they are waiting for a friend. Elena and Caroline decide they have no choice but to go home, and Elena leaves Megan a voicemail, saying Caroline wasn’t feeling well. Moments later, Megan calls back, but she is hysterical, screaming for help. Elena and Caroline are concerned but don’t know what to do: they can hear Megan on the top floor of the house, but have no way to get in. Megan solves that by getting thrown to the ground, dead, clearly a victim of a vampire. Campus security comes by and tells the girls that it was a suicide - Megan had left a note. Caroline stole Megan’s phone so they could delete Elena’s voicemail, and back at the dorm, Elena is flipping through the photos on the phone and finds one that shakes her to her core: it is a recent photo of Megan, smiling... with Elena’s father (her adoptive father, not her biological father).

Back in Mystic Falls, Damon has a visitor: Katherine. She is in bad shape, tired and scared and looking like a wild animal. Damon is eager to get rid of her and offers to turn her back into a vampire, but Katherine is worried that the cure would essentially make her immune to revampirification. She has enemies everywhere, and can’t move fast (“I have blisters!”) and just needs help. For the time being, he lets Katherine stay at the house.

Jeremy is headed back to school, despite the fact that he is supposed to be dead and the school already held a memorial for him. The official story would be that, after the death of his parents and his aunt, he went off the deep end with drugs and alcohol, and spiraled out of control until he set the house on fire and faked his own death. The kids don’t take too kindly to this, and he gets bullied in the hallways. Jeremy beats the hell out of the bullies, ending up in his expulsion from school. Damon compels the principal into making it a three day suspension, then has a strongly-worded sit-down with Jeremy at the Grill. While there, Damon sees “Stefan” enter. He greets his older brother with a hug and a promise that there are no hard feelings. He gives Jeremy a pat on the shoulder, and Jeremy is startled: it made his hunter tattoo tingle, the same way it did when Silas touched him. Jeremy voices his concerns to Damon, who thinks he is being silly, but Bonnie realizes that the spell she placed on Silas must have died with her. Since he can’t out Bonnie as a corpse, Jeremy stands by his “gut feeling” and insists that this is Silas in Stefan clothing.

With a head start on Damon and Jeremy, Silas goes to the Salvatore home and finds Katherine in the tub. They flirt - until Silas tries to kill Katherine. A simple, human punch to the jaw allows her to escape downstairs - right into Damon’s arms. He passes her off to Jeremy, tells him to take her far away and not tell him where so that Silas can’t read his mind. Silas and Damon have a little chat. He explains that when he became immortal, nature had to create a killable doppelganger: Stefan. He assures Damon that his brother is suffering, but will reveal his location - when Damon brings him Katherine. Damon calls Jeremy and tells him to bring Katherine back, a prospect which terrifies her. Jeremy won’t stop the car so she grabs the steering wheel and drives them head-on into a telephone pole. It’s a heinous accident, leaving both passengers in bad shape. The difference is that Katherine is able to limp away. Jeremy is having a difficult time remaining conscious. Damon comes along and forces some blood into him. He is practically crying for fear that Jeremy might be dead. Again. But he wakes up and apologizes for losing Katherine. Damon doesn’t care, he’s just glad Jeremy is okay.

Silas heads back into town, where the mayor is giving a speech at the End of Summer block party. Silas interrupts, and when the mayor won’t hand over the mic, Silas mind-melds him away.  Bonnie is choked with fear as Silas addresses the town without introduction, assuming that they all know who he is - or just not caring if they know who he is. He explains that he spent the summer consuming an insane amount of blood to rebuild his strength, and now he wants to see if it has had the desired effect: he wants to control not just one person at a time, but the whole town. He tells everyone not to make a noise or move a muscle - and they don’t. He grabs the mayor and slices his neck “to get their attention.” Bonnie is in the audience, and she loses her shit when she sees her dad die. Silas needs a favor from the townsfolk: “I am looking for a girl who looks just like your Elena Gilbert.”

Stefan is still in that box. He is hallucinating conversations with Damon, who is trying to convince him to turn his humanity off to make the pain of constantly dying a little more bearable.  Stefan doesn’t want to become that monster again, but his resistance is starting to fade. His hallucination of Damon is replaced by one of Elena, who begs him not to throw away his humanity. “Don’t let go. For me.”

Also: Matt has come home and has a visit from Nadia, the girl he and Rebekah had a threeway with. Nadia stole her earrings and his Gilbert ring, and she is there to flirtatiously return the ring. While he is distracted, a man comes up behind Matt, holds his head still and speaks in tongues. Matt’s eyes turn black and he collapses.

Dig It or Bury It?

Oh Vampire Diaries, how I have missed you. They just pick right back up and throw all sorts of wonderful, devious shit at us. Silas is turning out to be a fun bad guy. I wasn’t crazy about Silas last year, but now that he has settled into one body - and one actor who I like - he is a much more fun villain. 

Damon must really love Elena because he is acting like Jeremy is his own flesh and blood. It’s kind of sweet, but I hope it doesn’t make him soft.

I am enjoying “Vampires Coeds at College” but does anyone get the sense that it is a little too similar Buffy: the College Years? Maybe it is the questionable roommate, but I kept having Buffy flashbacks. 

Fun fact: Silas is not technically a vampire - and he is insulted if you call him one. He is immortal, and he is psychic, and he sustains himself on blood - but he is not a vampire.

Devilishly Charming

After learning that Stefan is actually made in Silas’ image, Damon says: “If I have to hear the word ‘doppelganger’ one more time, I’m going to have to learn how to spell it.”


Caroline and Elena investigate Megan’s murder while Damon enlists in the aid of Sheriff Forbes in finding Stefan.