TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 502 - 'True Lies'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 502
“True Lies”
Written By: Brian Young
Directed By: Joshua Butler
Original Airdate: 10 October 2013

In This Episode...

Katherine flags down a car for help. The woman is one of Silas’ mind control zombies, and she tries to grab her. Katherine knocks her out but is surprised at how much it hurts to do that as a human. Then Matt happens along with a rifle. He and Jeremy tie up Katherine and drive out of town. When they stop for gas, Jeremy takes pity on her and unties her so she can go to the bathroom. Matt goes inside to buy some medicine for Katherine’s sinus infection, and the clerk recognizes her through the window. Katherine tries to run but Jeremy catches her while Matt neutralizes the clerk. The three of them continue out of town, but the clerk sends a text to Silas.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the Megan mystery, Elena obtains her death certificate, which ruled her death to be suicide. Since the medical examiner completely ignored the bloody bite marks on her neck, Elena assumes he is in on the conspiracy. Luckily the doctor, Wesley Maxfield, teaches a microbiology class at school and Elena enrolls herself and Caroline. Dr. Maxfield turns out to be cute but creepy (he reminds students that, while they are at tonight’s bonfire, remember that bonfires began as a way to dispose of the dead en masse, and to think of the smell of burning flesh as they get drunk) and then kicks them out of class because they are freshmen.

As Elena is relating this to Damon over the phone, she is surprised by “Stefan.” He wastes no time in compelling her, and Elena hangs up on Damon before he can warn her that that is not Stefan. Silas tells Elena that Jeremy got expelled from school, then had a fight with Damon and ran away, and Elena flips out. He gets the text from the gas station clerk and asks if there is anyplace along route nine that Jeremy would go to. Elena remembers a campsite they used to go to. Damon rushes to the university and enlists in Caroline’s help to find Elena and Silas.

At the bonfire, Jesse helps Elena with the keg and offers to tell her about Dr. Maxfield. They go to collect more firewood, and he says that there are rumors that Maxfield belongs to a “secret society” on campus that meets a few times a week. He happens to be holding a big, pointy piece of firewood at the time, so when Damon and Caroline find the pair, Damon knocks him out. While Caroline stays behind to help Jesse, Elena and Damon head back to her room. Damon wants to apologize; Elena just wants to rip his clothes off and have sex. He gives in (who is he to say no?) but soon Elena is forcing a bottle of vervain water down his throat. As Damon chokes on it, she ties him to the chair. All Elena remembers is that she was told to get Damon alone, weaken him, and kill him. She forces more vervain water into him, and this time Damon spits a mouthful of it back at her. This snaps Elena out of her trance long enough for Damon to update Elena on the Silas / Stefan doppelganger situation. “If that is Silas, then where is Stefan?” Damon doesn’t want to say while she has that “murderous look” in her eyes, and she becomes enraged again. Damon recognizes that Silas has made Elena’s anger a trigger and begs her to calm down. She can’t on her own, so she stakes herself in the leg, straight through, and tries to focus on the pain while Damon gives her the full run-down. This just brings up the rage again, and in what may be the worst bout of PMS in history, Elena turns on the gas and tries to set the room on fire. Remembering what Caroline said about Elena having a “feeling” in the pit of her stomach about Stefan, Damon convinces her to focus on that feeling, describing it, turning he anger to worry. This does the trick.

Meanwhile, at the campground, Jeremy and Katherine are around the fire while Matt goes to chop more wood. Silas catches him by surprise and tells him he cannot scream or speak. “Yeah I can,” Matt says, and screams a warning to Jeremy and Katherine, who run. Silas is concerned that he can’t get into Matt’s head, so he takes a peek. Someone is already in there. Matt is now useless to him, and he snaps Matt’s neck. (He’s got the Gilbert ring.) Matt wakes, but Jeremy and Katherine run right by him. Bonnie is there, and Matt now knows that Bonnie is dead. Of course, as soon as he reconnects with his body and returns to life, he will forget, but for a time, he can chat with Bonnie and even give her a comforting hug.

On the other side of the veil, Jeremy puts Katherine in the truck and tells her to drive. He is going to go back for Matt. Katherine tells him the only way she has survived is by never looking back. “That’s why people treat you like an object, not a person,” he retorts and heads back for Matt. Matt still hasn’t returned to his body, but Silas is hiding in the shadows. When he sees that Jeremy doesn’t cry over his dead friend, he realizes that Matt isn’t really dead-dead. Jeremy goads Silas, reminding him that since he is a hunter, Silas’ supernatural powers have no effect on him and they fight hand-to-hand. “You forget that I am immortal,” Silas says while Jeremy has him in a headlock. He takes a huge pole or stick or something, and impales himself on it, right through into Jeremy. It is just a flesh wound, but it is enough to slow Jeremy down. Shots ring out and Silas is hit - Katherine has come to Jeremy’s rescue with the rifle. Matt finds his way back to his body, wakes up, and the trio drive off - without Katherine tied up.Aw, they’re buddies now.

Silas returns to the gas station and compels the clerk to fill a Big Gulp cup with his blood. Nadia and her mate - the guy who did something weird to Matt last week - are there. They are gypsies, or “travelers” as they prefer to be known. The weird thing the guy did to Matt was take over his body so he can spy on Silas. Killing Matt knocked the guy back into his own body. The guy (I don’t know his name, but it doesn’t matter) wants Silas back in his tomb, but Nadia kills him. She has her own agenda. One that clearly does not involve entombing Silas - at least not any time soon.

Elena is heading back to Mystic Falls to help Damon and Liz in their search for Stefan. Before she leaves, Dr. Maxfield stops her. He is way less creepy than he was in class, and he recognizes Elena as Greyson Gilbert’s daughter. She knows that he forged Megan’s death certificate. He wants to talk to her, but she says she has other things on her plate. He tells her to stop by when she returns. She and Damon start smooching but are interrupted by a call from Liz. They hurry back to Mystic Falls. The search team found the safe in which Stefan had been stuffed, but it wasn’t in the quarry - it was in the forest, a few miles away. Liz didn’t open it because she knew Stefan would be hungry - real hungry - so she saved the honor for Damon. Damon cracks open the safe - but Stefan is not in there. A bloodless corpse with its throat ripped out is inside. Liz was right: Stefan was hungry, and he still is.

Dig It or Bury It?

How does this show manage to be so consistently awesome? Craziness happens, and not only is it totally believable in this setting, you just want more. I love that we are in the fifth season and the show rarely feels repetitive... and we are only two episodes in to the season, but it feels like we never left. It has a great momentum this season. I like Elena better with Damon than with Stefan - it’s a more “adult” relationship. And Katherine is fun as a human.

Here is my question for tonight’s episode. If Jeremy can see Bonnie, why can’t he see Matt when he died? Is it just that Matt is in a separate “waiting room” kind of thing, and Bonnie can navigate between the waiting room and real death? Is death with the Gilbert ring not a real death?

Devilishly Charming

There were a lot of funny lines tonight:

Silas: “I don’t get why she likes you.” Damon: “You’ve never had sex with me.”

Caroline (in a towel, fresh from the shower, when Damon bursts in): “Damon! Oh my god! Knock!” Damon: “Caroline! No one cares! Get over it!”

Caroline, when she walks in on Elena and Damon after Elena tried to kill him: “I think we need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit.”


Stefan is free, but now he is Ripper Stefan. I am more interested in how he got out. I guess that hapless man found the safe, thought it might contain treasure, and became Stefan’s supper.