TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 503 - 'Original Sin'



The Vampire Diaries Episode 503
“Original Sin”
Written By: Melinda Hsu Taylor & Rebecca Sonnenshine
Directed By: Jesse Warn
Original Airdate: 17 October 2013

In This Episode...

Elena and Katherine have the same dream: Stefan lurches zombie-like into a bar, takes a bite out of the bartender, then tells her to run. He stumbles outside as the sun is coming up, and without his daylight ring, starts to burn. But this was no dream, more of a premonition. A road trip ensues to find the bar and track down Stefan.

Stefan wakes under the care of a woman who offers him a bag of blood. She is the one who saved him from the lake, and saved him from burning in the sun. She dances around the “who are you?” question for a bit before finally answering: Qetsiyah. The witch who entombed Silas. When Bonnie dropped the veil, she saw the chance to come back to life, so she took it. But Qetsiyah - who now wants to go by Tessa (it is easier to spell) - has her own version of the Silas story. And we get it with flashbacks!

Two thousand years ago, in ancient Greece, Silas courted Qetsiyah. She believed he was her one true love, her soulmate. They were to be married, and as part of their wedding, they would drink her immortality spell so they could be together forever. But on the day of their wedding, which was to be in a garden Qetsiyah built just for Silas, everything started to die. She discovered that Silas took the immortality potion with another and abandoned Qetsiyah. She went looking for him and found him in the forest with her handmaiden, Amara. Amara is the original version of Elena. Nature created doppelgangers when they became immortal to balance things out. But Qetsiyah is a vindictive bitch. She brings Silas a couple of gifts. One is the chalice they were to drink from at their wedding. The other, as a sign of “forgiveness,” is the immortality cure. Silas doesn’t believe that it works, but Qetsiyah has used it already: on Amara. Amara’s heart is in the chalice. Silas didn’t want the “second chance” that was offered to him. Qetsiyah entombed him with the cure, which gave him the choice to live on in misery or die and be with his one true love. Of course, Qetsiyah created the other side as a barrier to prevent him from finding peace, so he was screwed either way.

Qetsiyah tells Stefan that she is making him a new daylight ring, but after Qetsiyah tells her tale and admits to having trust issues, being controlling and paranoid, Stefan realizes that is not the plan. She ties up Stefan in magical vines while she works on her spell, one that she promises will bring down Silas once and for all.

Meanwhile, Elena, Damon, and Katherine make it to the bar and Damon compels and questions the bartender that Stefan took a bite out of. She had never seen the woman who collected Stefan, but she had the truck of a local. The bartender gives him a shot of whiskey, on the house, which he gladly accepts - except it is laced with vervain. Nadia reveals herself, just as Katherine comes in, and she eagerly points to Elena as Katherine. Elena charges Nadia, fighting ensues, and Katherine escapes. Nadia leaves as soon as she realizes Katherine is gone. Elena insists that Damon continue on to find Stefan while she goes for Katherine. Elena finds her double, but she barely beats Nadia there. Nadia snaps Elena’s neck and abducts Katherine.

I think I need to back up a little bit and explain some of the Nadia story. Nadia is a double agent - maybe even a triple agent. Silas needs her to prove her loyalty, and he wants her to do that by bringing him proof that Matt is dead. Nadia suggests she can get info out of him, so Silas tells her she can get the info - then kill him. When Nadia finds Matt, she insists that she is there to keep him safe from Silas. She goes into his head, his eyes turn black, and he is now possessed by Gregor, the companion she killed last week. Gregor is a little grumpy about being killed, but Nadia insists she only did it because Silas was going to. This way, she was able to “hide” him in “the person with the ring” and gain Silas’ trust. She swears she loves him. Gregor wants his body, and Nadia will take him to it, but first he must call Elena as Matt and get the scoop on Katherine.

So Nadia steals Katherine and takes her back to her car - where she finds Silas waiting for her, thanks to technology. “A GPS is more effective than any locator spell.” With Nadia’s job done, Silas mind-controls her into pointing her gun at her heart. Before he can make her pull the trigger, Silas doubles over in pain. Because at this same time, Qetsiyah is working her mojo on Stefan. Damon is there by this time, and after trying to stand up to her, Stefan tells him to stand down - if this is how they can destroy Silas, he is all for it. Of course, for that to happen, Qetsiyah must link Stefan and Silas’ minds. This will counteract Silas’ psychic abilities and he will no longer be able to control people or read their minds, and Qetsiyah can force him into taking the immortality cure. This mind meld causes excruciating pain in both Silas and Stefan. When it is complete, both men are passed out, with tears of blood running down their cheeks.

Damon tries to revive his brother, but he is out cold. Qetsiyah suggests that if he wants a happily ever after with Elena, they should leave town. The universe has spent the last 2000 years trying to get the doppelgangers to fall in love and be soulmates; it’s not going to stop now. According to Qetsiyah, Damon and Elena’s relationship is doomed. Damon is annoyed and tries to kill her, but he is no match for the ancient witch, and is tossed aside. When he wakes, Qetsiyah is gone and Elena is rushing in, ignoring Damon and going straight for Stefan.

Against her will, Katherine is staying with Nadia. Silas calls. Nadia calls him a betrayer; Silas will still kill her if she doesn’t hold up her end of the deal. Katherine finally gets to the point. She grabs the phone and insists Silas tell her what is going on. The immortality cure still exists - in Katherine’s blood.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Elena keeps vigil over the still-unconscious Stefan. Damon has gotten really good at the honesty thing, tells Elena about what Qetsiyah told him about the doppelgangers, and tells Elena he won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of building a future together - because Elena is his life. Awwww. Before they can kiss on it, Stefan wakes. Elena is very concerned and turns her attention to Stefan. Stefan seems fine, except for one thing: “I have no idea who you people are.”

Dig It or Bury It?

Amnesia? Really? That is where we are going with this whole thing? I was so into it the story until Stefan woke up and said, “I’m sorry, I have no idea who you people are.” Amnesia is one of the laziest storytelling tricks. I understand that it is going to be used to have Stefan and Elena fall in love all over again, thereby undermining Elena and Damon’s relationship and restoring the balance... but seriously? Do we have to go down this path?

Also, the “We need Katherine’s blood” thing is dangerously close to the “we need Elena’s blood”   storyline from season two. One cures vampirism; the other created hybrids. Close enough. But why does Silas still want the cure? Does he not know about the veil between the worlds? Or is he just hoping to weaponize Katherine’s blood against other vampires?


Stefan falls for Elena and tries to woo her. In other words, next week will be hell for me.