TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 505 - 'Monster's Ball'


the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 505
“Monster’s Ball”
Written By: Sonny Postiglione
Directed By: Kellie Cyrus
Original Airdate: 31 October 2013

In This Episode...

Hey guess what? We are no longer in high school... but we still have school dances. Great. This dance is a costume ball to celebrate some historical collection that the college got. All the usual suspects are there: Caroline and Tyler and Bonnie and Clyde; Elena and Damon are Anne Boleyn and Henry the 8th; Stefan is James Dean; and Tessa is Cleopatra. 

Damon had devised a plan, fact checked with Bonnie via Jeremy, and agreed to by Silas: Damon wants to use Silas’s death as a way to bring back Bonnie. Bonnie is not okay with this because she fears the consequences, but they are going to forge ahead. Silas agrees when Damon comes to him with the proposal, but he needs something from Damon. Silas wants Damon to kill Stefan. Not permanent stake-through-the-heart death, but neck-snapping sleepy-time death. This will sever the bond between Silas and Stefan’s brains, allowing Silas to read thoughts and compel people. Tessa had to anchor the other side to something ancient; in order to bring down supernatural purgatory, he must find the anchor and destroy it. Hence needing to read Tessa’s mind.

This all goes down at the ball. Damon takes Stefan aside and snaps his neck. Silas goes into the party, dressed as Stefan, and flirts with Tessa. The two dance, and Silas reveals who he is. He quickly compels Tessa to tell him about the anchor. She doesn’t know where it is - the travelers hid it and move it around frequently. She needs it too, and that is why she is at the party. The school got a very powerful talisman as part of their new collection, and Tessa needs it to perform a locator spell on the anchor. Satisfied, Silas compels her into forgetting their conversation. As Tessa leaves, Silas gets the brain pain again. Stefan is waking up. Damon holds up his end of the bargain and snaps Stefan’s neck again.

Tessa finds the talisman in a back room and starts chanting. Silas-as-Stefan comes in, and his brain pain is back. Downstairs, Damon checks on Stefan, who appears to still be unconscious - but this is a ruse, and when Damon leans in close, Stefan snaps his neck. “How does it feel brother?” Tessa still thinks this is Stefan and is concerned about him - until the real Stefan walks in. He clarifies who is who, punches Silas in the face, and takes his ring back. He informs Tessa that Silas lied to her and was working with Damon. He leaves, and Tessa turns her rage to Silas. She isn’t going to kill him; she is going to break his heart like he did to her. Well not exactly like he did. Tessa reaches into Silas’s chest and crushes his heart. If it can’t pump blood, his veins will dry up and he will desiccate and rot. Damon and Elena find Silas in this state, and Damon has to inform Elena why it is not good that Silas is no longer a threat.

Nadia finally reveals to Katherine what she wants from her: revenge. Katherine killed her mother in Paris in 1645, and Nadia became a vampire in order to seek revenge. Katherine quickly figures out that Nadia is lying and stakes her with a wooden cane, but it is a torture-stake - the cane only grazed her heart. Nadia finally admits the truth. Katherine did kill Nadia’s mother - because Katherine IS Nadia’s mother. Katherine asks where Nadia was in 1498. Nadia was eight; she doesn’t remember where she was. That was the year Katherine escaped her tormentors and returned to Bulgaria to find her daughter. She searched every town and village in the country, but could not find her daughter. Nadia softens when she learns of her mother’s earnest search for her. I still don’t 100% believe that Nadia wants to be BFFs with her mom, but it is enough for now.

Damon and Elena have brought Silas’s body back home to figure out what to do with them. Damon had called Katherine, and she barges in, annoyed - until she sees Silas, no longer a threat. Then she becomes all smiles - until Damon grabs her and bites her. Katherine begs for her life as he forces her neck down to Silas’s mouth. As blood drains into him, his color returns, his strength returns, and he sucks with gusto. It isn’t long before Katherine is sucked dry and drops to the floor. Damon and Elena stare, with a “now what?” sense about them. But Katherine opens her eyes and sits up. “Am I in hell?”

Also: Elena meets a student named Aaron, who was an old friend of Megan’s. Aaron is a tough nut to crack, so Elena corners him and compels him into talking. Everyone around him always dies, so he is suffering from a serious case of survivor’s guilt. Elena backs off. We learn that Aaron has a sizable trust fund, and Dr. Maxfield is his guardian and conservator. Maxfield suggests Elena drop out of school and go back to Mystic Falls. There are people who are watching her and her friends, asking questions she probably doesn’t want to answer. And yes, he still has Jesse in his lab, studying him like a rat. And Tyler tells Caroline that he is not going to start school. Instead, he wants to find Klaus and get his revenge for his mother’s murder. Caroline begs him to love her more than he hates him, but Tyler can’t. So they are officially broken up. We’ll see you on Tuesdays, Tyler!

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode got off to a slow start, but it picked up.

First, Katherine’s daughter. Never saw that one coming. Then I thought they really killed Katherine because, you know, that happens a lot on this show. But then she woke up! What was that all about? Did the cure not work - did it have an expiration date on it? Silas could simply be healed because he had blood - he may not actually be mortal. Did Nadia re-vampirize Katherine? There must have been some sort of “fail safe” built into the cure... I don’t know, I’m sure we will get answers next week. I’m impatient. 


Katherine moves in with Caroline (and Elena...? Is she still going to school?); Damon works with Silas; and Tessa and Stefan are getting chummy.