TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 506 - 'Handle With Care'


the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 506
“Handle With Care”
Written By: Caroline Dries and Holly Brix
Directed By: Jeffrey Hunt
Original Airdate: 7 November 2013

In This Episode...

Silas is now a witch and he is excited to die. He seems poised to keep his promise: he will bring Bonnie back before killing himself. Or as he kills himself - I don’t know how it works. But first he must find and destroy the anchor so that the supernatural purgatory falls. Naturally Tessa doesn’t want the anchor destroyed, and for the past 2000 years she has left it in the possession of the Travelers, who also don’t want Silas to be reunited with Amara. She won’t reveal why, but the Travelers keep the anchor moving and she doesn’t know where it is. Silas was able to get enough out of Tessa’s mind to know that the anchor is in a warehouse in New Jersey. He also casts a spell on her cabin which won’t let anyone or anything leave until sundown.

Silas takes Damon and an (angry) Jeremy with him to the warehouse.  Elena is offended to be told this is “men only,” so when she calls to check on Stefan and gets Tessa instead, who hints that they had sex, Elena gets jealous and goes over there to check on him. This is part of Tessa’s plan: lure Elena into the cabin so she would be stuck there with them, then brain-melt Elena and call Damon. She wants Damon to kill Silas before sundown or she will kill Elena. Damon never puts anything before Elena, so he pulls Jeremy aside and lets him know the plan has changed: Silas has to die, with or without the anchor. Jeremy is pissed, but Bonnie insists it is okay.

Damon goes back into the warehouse but rather than ambush Silas, he is ambushed by a pair of Travelers whose chant negates the effects of Damon’s daylight ring. First of all, I don’t know where those Travelers came from; and second, I don’t know what the point of this scene is. I guess they are there to transport the anchor and thought they would practice some witchcraft before heading off? Whatever, doesn’t matter - Damon kills them quickly. He calls Tessa back, trying to get info on the anchor. She won’t tell him, but gives him enough hints that it doesn’t take long to figure out: it has been around for 2000 years, and Silas will not be able to destroy it.

It is Amara.

Tessa never killed Amara. She is the anchor. Silas opens a person-sized crate and is astonished to find Amara inside. Unlike Silas, who was desiccated and shrivelly when he was was found, Amara looks like a perfect, peaceful statue. He grabs one of the dead Travelers, slits his wrist, and forces the blood to Amara’s lips. She comes back to life and is stunned to see Silas. They go outside and embrace. Silas tries to explain what happened, and when Amara finds out he took the cure, she stabs him with a piece of glass and drinks him dry. Damon finds Amara alone, out of sorts, talking to voices in her head, and mortal. 

Back at the cabin, Stefan distracts Tessa with some flirty cooking. She goes to make a phone call and Stefan whispers to Elena’s supersonic ears, “I don’t hate you. I will protect you.” Tessa rejoins him in the kitchen, and Stefan stabs her deep in the gut with a knife, grabs Elena, and the two make a break for it. (Sundown. Spell lifted.) Stefan takes Elena home, and Elena is surprised that, despite his amnesia, he is still the same Stefan. “You didn’t seem like you deserved to die,” he says simply. Stefan goes to bed in his own room, something which Damon marvels at. But then in the next scene, Tessa is with Stefan (I think) and giving him back all of his memories, reminding him of all the horrible things he has done. Either that is Stefan, or she is reprogramming Silas.

Switching gears, Caroline is surprised to discover that her roommate is now Katherine. Katherine needs a place to crash (and Elena’s meal card - she is voraciously hungry) and she will help Caroline with her Dr. Maxfield problem. Caroline agrees - hesitantly. The girls visit Dr. Maxfield in his lab and knock him out with a syringe of something-or-other. He wakes, tied to a chair, with the girls draining his blood. Caroline explains that they just need to drain him of his vervain-tainted blood so that she can compel him into forgetting that she and Elena are vampires. Katherine (Maxfield still thinks she is Elena) threatens him with a scalpel, and he admits that, right now, there is a tea going on at Whitmore House for the secret society to suss out potential new members. He promises that Elena couldn’t enter because the threshold is super-spelled with anti-vampire witchcraft. Katherine smiles - good thing she is not a vampire anymore. Diane Freeman is shocked to see Elena Gilbert strut into the tea without any problems

While Katherine plays Elena at tea, Caroline compels some truth out of Maxfield. The society is called the Augustine Society. He isn’t clear on the specifics, but I think that they are a vampire-hunting society. The tea is their new member mixer: most of of the new members are legacies; some are chosen for extraordinary talents. Maxfield was chosen because he is “brilliant.” He covered up Megan’s death because she was killed by the Augustine vampire. Before Caroline can find out why the Augustines have a vampire, Diane knocks on the door. Caroline quickly compels Maxfield to forget and disappears. She is there to tell Maxfield that he is wrong - Elena can’t be a vampire.

Also: Katherine suspects she is dying. At the beginning of the episode she discovers a thick streak of white running through her hair, and at the tea, one of her teeth falls out. She seeks help from Maxfield. “I think I’m dying.” 

Dig It or Bury It?

Aaaargh! There are too many Elenas! I wonder if actress Nina Dobrev gets triple pay for playing three characters.

Devilishly Charming

Damon introduces Elena to the first incarnation of the doppelganger: “Elena, meet Crazy Pants. Crazy Pants, meet Elena.”


Stefan’s memory returns, and Bonnie can touch Amara.