TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 507 - 'Death and the Maiden'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 507
“Death and the Maiden”
Written By: Rebecca Sonnenshine
Directed By: Leslie Libman
Original Airdate: 14 November 2013

In This Episode...

Silas no longer wants to help Damon and the others bring back Bonnie. He just wants to kill Amara, bring down the veil, and kill himself so they can enjoy death together. When Bonnie accompanies Jeremy to deliver a sandwich to Amara, she is shocked to discover that Amara can see and hear her - even touch her. That’s when the idea forms: What if Bonnie took Amara’s place as the anchor? The anchor has to have a foot in both this life and the afterlife. Sounds like a perfect job for Bonnie. Of course, they would need a witch to do the switch, and there is only one witch powerful enough to pull off this spell.

Against his better judgement, Damon goes to Tessa and is surprised to find she is amenable to the idea. After all, if Bonnie is the anchor, the veil stays up, so Silas the witch will stay on this side of the veil while Amara the human goes on to... wherever humans go when they die in The Vampire Diaries (and no, not just to another CW show). One problem: Tessa needs to tap into a reservoir of power. Luckily doppelgangers are oozing power, and Mystic Falls is lousy with doppelgangers right now. Katherine is the only one who will need some convincing, but she just got some bad news from Dr. Maxfield. There is nothing “wrong” with her, she is just aging and since she has been alive for 500 years, she is aging at an accelerated pace. Maxfield gives her just a few months to live. Tessa agrees to work up a cure for Katherine’s aging after they bring Bonnie back.

Tessa and the three Elenas gather around Bonnie’s grimoire. She slices each doppelganger’s palm and lets it bleed onto the book while she chants. A wind storm whips up, and the power goes out. Silas is back. In all the chaos, Amara and Tessa have gone missing. Tessa is with Silas in another room. They face off and have witchy temper-tantrums, force-throwing knick-knacks at one another. Silas impales Tessa with a fireplace poker and gets a call from Stefan. He has Amara and if Silas doesn’t find them in 10 minutes, he will leave with her and keep her alive forever. Silas leaves, and Elena finds Tessa, who has given in and is ready for death. Elena won’t let that happen - she needs to finish the spell.

Obviously, Stefan has abducted Amara as a way to lure Silas to him. He is still haunted by his three months in the safe and believes that the only way to move past it is to kill Silas. Silas finds his beloved and the two have a heartfelt moment, with Amara begging him to kill her and Silas desperately trying to do it.  Stefan appears, throws his doppelganger against a tree and threatens to choke him to death. Silas comes back at him with his witchy brain bomb and Stefan drops. Silas is distracted by Amara, almost free of her binds, so Stefan uses this opportunity to grab his discarded knife and stab Silas. Just like that, Silas is dead. Amara doubles over, screaming, then grabs the knife and plunges it into her own chest, just as Damon finds the scene. He flips and desperately tries to save Amara. She spits up his vampire blood, and the wound is too severe to be adequately staunched. 

Tessa is still chanting, trying to finish the spell, but things don’t look good, so Jeremy says his final goodbyes to Bonnie. They exchange “I love yous” then reach for each other instinctually. The spell worked. Bonnie is corporeal. Jeremy can hold her. Caroline and Elena come into the room, and they can see her. Joyous tears and fierce hugs ensue. 

Katherine is ready for her cure, but Tessa has changed her mind. Altering life spans is what started this whole mess. She is done - like, done-done. She has slit her wrists and bleeds out quickly onto the rug. Before she crosses over, Tessa has time to say goodbye to Bonnie, and warn her that from now on, whenever a supernatural dies, they will pass through her. She will feel it, and it will “hurt like a bitch.” Tessa disappears, and Bonnie doubles over in excruciating pain. (When Amara does it earlier, it is not the pain of watching Silas die - it is the pain of feeling him move through her.)

When Katherine shows up at Caroline’s dorm room, she is reminded that, with Bonnie back, there is no longer room for her. Just as well - she only has a few months to live. Nadia shows up. She is going to Prague and wants Katherine to come with her, maybe take a trip to the family home of Bulgaria. Katherine turns icy (which, for Katherine, is really fucking cold) and says she can’t be there for her, and this is the last she will see of her. Katherine doesn’t want any of this mother/daughter bonding crap. Caroline is shocked to learn of Nadia’s relation to Katherine.

Stefan buries Silas’s corpse in the woods, and tries to bury his trauma with him. “No,” he groans suddenly. “It’s supposed to be over.” He collapses in pain (or maybe a panic attack).

When it is all over, Silas is dead; Amara is dead; Tessa is dead; Bonnie is alive. Stefan has his memory back (in case you couldn’t tell). Elena and Damon are still good (shockingly). So I guess the new bad guy is going to be the university vampire?

Dig It or Bury It?

I feel like this is something new for The Vampire Diaries. Everything worked out for the crew. Sure, Bonnie now feels all supernatural deaths, but you knew she wasn’t going to get off scot-free. But the plan worked. Bonnie is alive, all the villains (Tessa, Silas, and - to a lesser extent - Amara) are dead. They didn’t take anyone with them. Katherine didn’t get her cure, but she is no worse off. Stefan is still fucked up, but it takes normal people decades of therapy and huge amounts of psychotropic drugs to get past. Nothing dastardly happened to Elena, Damon, Caroline, or Jeremy. There is always next week, but for now, I think we can call this a happy ending.

Devilishly Charming

When Tessa tells Damon that doppelgangers could offer her enough power to switch the anchors, Damon is only too eager to help. “You want doppelganger blood? I’ve got doppelgangers coming out of my ears!”


Stefan can’t move on (Ripper-ville?) and Bonnie has to learn to live with her new... affliction. Plus, she has a really cute new haircut.