TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 513 - 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 513
“Total Eclipse of the Heart”
Written By: Rebecca Sonnenshine & Holly Brix
Directed By: Darren Genet
Original Airdate: 6 February 2014

In This Episode…

Stefan finds Aaron’s body in the trunk of Damon’s car, and Damon in the house, hungover and sleeping in a rock star mess. “So Elena breaks up with you and your first response is to go on a killing spree?” The answer is, obviously, yes. Stefan thinks that Enzo is a bad influence on his brother, so he attacks him while he is burying Aaron. After the tortures he endured at the hands of the Augustines, Enzo isn’t scared. Stefan wants him to leave town.

Damon and Enzo have one more on their kill list: Wes Maxfield. Trouble is, no one can find him. They capture the head of campus security, figuring that she has been colluding with Wes over the dead students. Even when compelled to tell the truth, she has nothing, so Enzo snaps her neck. Their last resort is Bonnie, and they stop her and Jeremy at school. Since both were away last week, they don’t know that Damon and Elena broke up; they just think Damon is being a douche when he says he is there to kidnap Jeremy. Enzo arrives and they realize Damon isn’t joking. Enzo takes Jeremy, and Damon tells Bonnie to find a witch to do a locator spell on Wes.

Caroline has convinced “Elena” to join her at the school’s Bitter Ball - basically an anti-Valentine’s Day dance. Katherine is trying to figure out a way to get Stefan to go with her (even though dates at the Bitter Ball are strictly forbidden). Stefan calls Katherine because he needs to talk, but has to do it in person. Katherine is having a hard time hiding her excitement. As soon as she sees Stefan at the ball, she asks him to dance.  Stefan is worried about Damon, and Katherine goes off about how he changed her, and “I’m not sure I like the person I have become.” She asks Stefan if he likes who she has become, which makes him uncomfortable. He wants to talk about this later - which is just fine for Katherine. But then Caroline interrupts and takes Katherine to the side to speak. She is worried that “Elena” is falling back into bad habits and gently suggests she lay off Salvatores all together. Caroline drops it, so Katherine skips off happily. Caroline goes back to Stefan, and he fills her in on the Damon situation. “Elena” seemed so happy he couldn’t stand to tell her.

Damon and Bonnie show up and fill in Stefan, Caroline, and “Elena” on the Jeremy situation. Katherine scrambles to find the emotion to care about what happens to Jeremy (and even sneaks off to call Nadia and ask if there is any way Elena would let Jeremy die). Bonnie and Damon are there to collect a witch. Earlier in the day, Bonnie caught a bitchy student named Liv spinning her pen in class without touching it. They find her working for the catering company, and after a lot of convincing, Bonnie finally gets Liv to admit she has witch powers and that Bonnie can help her use them. Caroline goes to help, while Stefan comforts “Elena.” She uses her vulnerability to get cuddly with Stefan, then asks his help in saving Jeremy.

Bonnie has a midnight deadline, and Liv is having trouble with the spell. She doesn’t know how to control her power, and Bonnie coaches her through as best she can. Enzo, at the Whitmore house with Jeremy, is getting impatient. Jeremy seems convinced he won’t kill him, but a threat is meaningless without action behind it, so he pulls a plastic bag over Jeremy’s head and suffocates him. Stefan and Katherine bust in, and while the boys fight, Katherine grimaces through CPR until Jeremy is revived. Damon breaks up the fun - the spell worked, they found Wes, and he and Enzo head to Richmond to find him. Stefan tells his brother that if he leaves, don’t plan on coming back; Damon assures him he wasn’t planning on it.

Wes has been continuing his experiments in a far less opulent lab. He has kidnapped Joey, a member of the janitorial staff, and turns him into a vampire. A woman named Sloane slinks into the lab with the offer of money and protection. She informs him that Aaron is dead, but we don’t really find out what she wants from him. Wes turns her down until he finds out that Aaron is dead. So when Enzo and Damon storm the lab, they are confronted by Sloane and a half-dozen travelers who chant, melting their brains. On the way down, Wes injects Damon with something. When he wakes, Wes and the travelers are gone. “If he stuck me with that vampire cannibal poison, we may have a problem,” he informs Enzo. They hear something and upon investigation they discover Joey, still strung up. Damon unchains him - but then his face goes vampy. “What is happening?” Joey asks, concerned. “Karma is happening.” Damon proceeds to feed so violently off Joey that he beheads him.   

Meanwhile, Nadia is hanging around Matt at the Grill so that when Katherine calls, she can compel some info out of him - Matt is basically her Elena “cheat sheet.” Tyler arrives for drinks, and despite warnings from Matt, starts hitting on Nadia. Soon the three of them are doing shots and sharing bad mom stories. When Tyler heads to the bathroom he sees and hears Nadia compel some info out of Matt and becomes concerned. When it is Nadia’s turn to go to the bathroom, Tyler warns Matt and suggests he drink some vervain just in case. Nadia overhears this (when will people learn that everyone in town has supernatural hearing?) and snaps Tyler’s neck. He wakes and finds Matt, who tells him that he was right - Nadia was compelling him. But the story he gives is that Nadia just wanted to vent about Katherine and compelled him because she knows he doesn’t like her. Tyler buys it, but still warns Matt to be careful. Tyler leaves and Matt joins Nadia in the car. He has figured out that Nadia and Katherine figured out a way to put Katherine in Elena’s body, but doesn’t say anything under the threat of death. Nadia doesn’t know what to do with him, but first she needs to get the vervain out of his system.

Dig It or Bury It?

What is going on with these travelers? Are they the new witches? What can they do that witches can’t? It seems like a lazy way to introduce a new supernatural. Just because The Originals has cornered the market on witches doesn’t mean they can’t exist on both shows. 

Overall, this episode was just uninteresting. There was no action, no twists, no shocks. It was just  blah.


Stefan and Katherine go to save Damon. Um, yay?