TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 202 - 'Bloodletting'


The Walking Dead Episode 202


Written By: Glen Mazarra

Directed By: Ernest Dickerson

Original Airdate: 23 October 2011

In This Episode...

Carl is alive - but barely. Otis, the man who shot him accidentally, directs them to Hershel's farm. Once he is assured that Carl was not bit, he sets to work saving Carl's life. The buck slowed down the bullet, but it broke up inside Carl, leaving at least six pieces scattered within the boy. Luckily Rick is the same blood type as Carl, because he needs a transfusion. Rick wants Lori there, but Shane tells him that he can't leave Carl. Hershel can't do anything more with the equipment he has on hand. The nearest place he can think of for supplies is the high school, which was set up as an emergency center when the zombie plague began. Otis - once an EMT - heads out with Shane to collect supplies. They find the high school to still be overrun with zombies. The guys distract the walkers with flares and make it into the medical trailer. Supplies gathered, they make a break for it and the walkers become runners. They make it into the high school and pull the metal security gate. But those bolts are awfully loose....

Lori is concerned when she hears a gunshot in distance, but Daryl keeps her calm. Of course, the calm is broken when Maggie, Hershel's daughter, rides up on a horse to collect Lori. She gives the others directions to get to the farm, and speeds off. At the farmhouse, Lori is an absolute wreck and doesn't have any faith that Hershel can save her son - Hershel is a veterinarian. 

Meanwhile, Dale and T-Dog are still at the RV. T-Dog now has a severe blood infection from the cut on his arm so the pair search further for some kind of antibiotics. He is fevered and starting to get irrational. T-Dog wants to leave with Dale before the others get back. With Dale in his sixties and T-Dog the only black guy in the group, he thinks the rest of the group sees them and weak and dispensable. The search party returns to the RV. Carol refuses to leave with Sophia. Glen will go ahead to the farm and the others will wait one more day for Sophia, then leave supplies and directions for her.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a very weak episode - especially considering the great opener last week. Not so much weak as obnoxious. The vast majority of the episode was Rick desperate for Lori and trying to leave to find her. Shane spends an absurd amount of time trying to convince Rick to stay put, and not once does he volunteer to go find Lori. It is more than halfway through the episode before Maggie finally takes it upon herself to go find Lori. Then, when Lori does get there, she questions every move Hershel makes in an attempt to save her son. Sure, Hershel is a vet, but he still has considerably more medical experience than Lori does, or anyone else that Lori knows. Look, you're nervous, he's your only son. But seriously, what other choice do you have?

Wisdom of the Walking Dead

Rick is in utter shock when Carl gets shot. With all they have been through, staving off disease, fighting off zombie attacks, and hunting down basic human necessities, "You don't expect to be shot." T-Dog has a similar reaction, completely separate from Rick: "Isn't that the way. The world is going to hell and I get done in by a cut on my arm."

Zombie of the Week

I enjoyed the irony of the zombie walking around in a FEMA jacket.


Daryl opens up to Andrea as they continue the search for Sophia, and Shane tries desperately to leave the school in one, human piece.