TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 203 - 'Save the Last One'


The Walking Dead Episode 203

"Save the Last One"

Written By: Scott M. Gimple

Directed By: Phil Abraham

Original Airdate: 20 October 2011

In This Episode...

Carl is getting worse, and Shane and Otis aren't back yet. Lori and Rick may have to decide whether or not to allow Hershel to operate on Carl without the respirator. It is extremely dangerous, but it may be that or let him die. Lori wonders to Rick if Carl wouldn't be better off dead.

Shane and Otis are fighting a losing battle at the high school. They are outnumbered and outmatched. The guys separate at one point, with Otis distracting the zombies by running to the locker room, while Shane heads towards a small window located near the ceiling. They meet up again outside, but worse for wear: Shane injures himself when falling out the window, and Otis is just too out of shape. In the end, only Shane makes it back to the car. On the upside, he makes it back to Hershel's farm with the supplies just as Hershel is about to cut open Carl. Carl's operation is a success, but Shane is wracked with guilt. Through flashbacks, we see what really happened at the high school: both Shane and Otis were fighting a losing battle. Shane shot Otis in the leg so that he would be food for the zombies, distracting them long enough for him to get away. Otis didn't go down without a fight, and even took a clump of Shane's hair with him. Back at Hershel's, Shane shaves his head in an attempt to assuage his guilt.

Also: Andrea and Daryl bond over an evening scouting trip for Sophia. When they return, Dale gives Andrea her gun back and asks for her to forgive him. She's trying. And Glenn and T-Dog make it to the farm.

Dig It or Bury It?

Lori was a little hysterical tonight. I guess that is to be expected, with her son near death, but it felt like it went on forever. But I was intrigued by her debate with Rick over whether or not Carl would be better off dead. It is a very provocative subject, and the kind of topic that I have never heard brought up in film or television.

It was an odd format this week. It felt like the zombie scenes were really intense; but the in-between stuff was really slow. There were a few scenes that seemed pointless. For example, Dale leaves Carol as lookout while he heads down the road a bit. He doesn't say why, we don't see where he goes, and he doesn't come back with anything.

Zombie of the Week

Andrea and Daryl come across a hanging zombie in the woods. He didn't start out as a zombie. As evidenced by a nearby suicide note, the guy decided to hang himself when the apocalypse hit. Obviously he should have shot himself because the zombies used his dangling corpse as a chew toy. The man became a zombie, and the flesh has been stripped off his legs. Now he is just a zombie pinata, forever trapped in that tree.

Kill of the Week

As Shane is about to drop from the second story gym window, a zombie grabs him. Shane punches the zombie, but that does nothing, so he shoots the walker in the head. Zombie explodes, Shane drops down, fun is had by all (viewers, that is).


With Carl on the mend, the survivors have begun to outstay their welcome. Hershel wants them gone.