TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 204 - 'Cherokee Rose'


The Walking Dead Episode 204

"Cherokee Rose"

Written By: Evan Reilly

Directed By: Billy Gierhart

Original Airdate: 6 November 2011

In This Episode...

The rest of our merry men arrive at Hershel's farm and set up camp some distance from the main house. Daryl goes out to search for Sophia. He doesn't find her, but he found an abandoned farmhouse where she likely holed up for some time. Dale discovers a water zombie in one of Hershel's wells, and they nearly lose Glenn in the process of trying to get the zombie out (in hopes of preserving the water - thought there is no way in hell I would drink zombie bathwater). Hershel tells Rick that when they find Sophia, his group must move out. Rick respects that, but believes that if Hershel saw what was out there, as a god-fearing man, Hershel wouldn't send anyone back out on their own. Hershel agrees that if they follow his rules (like no guns on the property) he will consider letting them stay.

Maggie heads into town on horseback to stock up on supplies, and Glenn comes along with her. Lori gives him a list of supplies, and an extra-special, extra-secret item for herself - a pregnancy test (come on, we all saw that coming back in season one). While at the pharmacy, Glenn goes hunting for the test, and is surprised by Maggie. He quickly hides the test and grabs the next closest box - condoms. He stammers, trying to explain them away while just shoving his foot deeper down his throat. "I'll have sex with you," Maggie tells him. "Why?" Glenn asks incredulously. "It's not like our options are vast these days." Glenn doesn't care if it is a pity lay; he'll take it.

That night, Lori sneaks away to a dark corner of the farm and takes her pregnancy test. Positive.

Dig It or Bury It?

There were some interesting scenes interspersed with boring ones. The well zombie was interesting; Glenn getting some was interesting; Lori being knocked up (which was painfully obvious, but will be such a great story point) was interesting. Most of the stuff with Rick was not interesting. As the series continues, I find myself liking him less and less. He's boring. 

Other than Lori's subplot, there wasn't a whole lot going on with tonight's episode. Nothing about it propelled the story forward. It felt like a lot of scenes were just dragged out to fill time. And I'm tired of the survivors debating the existence of a god. It shocks me in that landscape that people (even fictional people) would still believe in a god.

Zombie of the Week

There was only one zombie this week, so he wins it by default, but he is pretty deserving. A zombie got into one of the five wells on Hershel's property. Fat, bloated and wrinkled, it was even more disgusting than most zombies. The consensus was not to shoot it in the head - if there was any chance of that water being clean, it wouldn't be after it was sprayed with zombie head cheese. A canned ham holds no interest to the zombie, so they send Glenn down to loop it with rope. They almost lose Glenn. After a few panicked moments with the zombie grabbing at Glenn's heels, his buddies pulled him out. He did manage to loop the rope around Bloaty McGee, and passes it off to Dale. The group work together to pull the zombie out.

So as the zombie is coming topside, it catches on the edge of the well. Softened by ages in the water, the zombie's distended belly explodes into a mess that is reminiscent of Spaghetti-Os. Bloaty McGee separates from the waist down, sending limbs and intestines and offal into the well. The top half - with spinal column exposed - remains on the ground. T-Dog does the honors of bashing in its skull with a shovel. "Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it." What have we learned from this? That sometimes, the easiest route is the best route. That, and The Walking Dead producers really like half-zombies.


Hershel decides that he doesn't want Rick's crew to stick around longer than necessary, and Glenn notices that "bitches be crazy."